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New Version of the Ginetta G55 GT4 for AC Available for Download

Bzyq has released the next update for his ever-improving Ginetta G55 GT4 mod for Assetto Corsa.

Bzyq has released the next update for his ever-improving Ginetta G55 GT4 mod for Assetto Corsa.

The new version comes with lots of physics and AI improvements, as well as other changes as listed below.


  • Auto Gear Box now works ( and made it better in this version) quicker up and down shifting
  • Driver 3d with hands now fixed
  • Gear ratios now match the top speed of the car (top speed is 150mph)
  • Cars Weight corrected
  • Tyre Temps now match how you drive. they are now adpative. I can;t explain, just watch them in the tyre app, cold, hot, depending on how you drive.
  • Tyre Wear sorted, i think
  • AI are fast, very fast and gear changing is sorted
  • Rear brake lights are brighter ( but you need PP filter to see them, AC, not me is the reason why)
  • Updated Bonnet Cam
  • Updated Bumper Cam
  • Updated Dash Cam
  • Updated Sounds
  • Brake Fade has been added
  • Updated FFB
  • Fuel warning light been fixed
  • Paddle shift animation added (although no paddles as of yet)
  • LH Driver view changed from 7 to 6 and reduced to 150. Tested.

[boxdownload]Download Ginetta G55 GT4 for Assetto Corsa Here[/boxdownload]
  • Patrik Marek

    very cool!

    btw. I’d recommend for these vids, that people put a short showroom footage ahead , so that people can really look at the updates

    this car was quite nice in AC and GT4 series is imo more fun then GT3

    • Race Nut

      I do like the GT4 series overall; AC could do with more GT4 cars IMO. I’ve heard that the Ginetta is too fast for the other cars in the class (AC) though.

      • Patrik Marek

        I’m hoping to do at least one myself, although I have 3 in my list

      • Race Nut

        Nice, I look forward to it Patrik. 🙂

  • pupsbubi

    Why does he not the stock GT 4 tyres?

  • Chillisteak

    How does this compare to the other GT4 cars in games? evenly matched? Any other GT4 mods recommended?

    • Dab o’ Oppo

      I put it up back to back to back on Barca GP hotlapping against the Cayman GT4 CS – the newest Kunos official GT4 car, and the Evora GTC – which annihilates the other GT4 class cars. Unfortunately the Ginetta outpaced the rocket ship Evora by 1 sec and had 3 sec/lap on the Cayman. The Ginetta was about midpack of my GT3 hotlap times on that track.

      • Patrik Marek

        Cayman GT4 isn’t GT4 series designation , but model designation .. same like the “ordinary” GT3 Cup, isn’t GT3 spec, but coming from GT3 model

        Car I would compare to is Maserrarti GT4

      • Dab o’ Oppo

        Fair enough. AC’s “GT4” class is a mashup of “close-ish to GT4” specs so I just went with the fastest and newest cars in that group (at least I left out the hilariously mis-categorized BMW). I’ll hotlap the Maserati on Barca next time I’m on AC and report back.

      • Dab o’ Oppo

        Ok here are my “GT4” AC-definition class times on Barcelona GP. Please note I’m a slow terrible driver and do not pretend otherwise. For the purpose of this test I left the setups at default settings and gave each car 2 clean laps.

        Porsche: 1:59.748
        Maserati: 1:59.287
        Lotus: 1:57.555
        Ginetta: 1:56.700
        Mercedes AMG GT3: 1:56.010

  • svdb

    The car is being updated by Fordman now, Bzyq no longer is involved AFAIK.

  • m0ck

    stated top speed 150mph and we see in the video 170mph? excellent.

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