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New rFactor Shaders by – Preview

New rFactor Shaders by – Preview

While the whole rFactor community is buzzing about the features of the upcoming rFactor 2 graphics engine, some people are not done pushing the limits of the current gMotor 2 environment. have released some very impressive previews, showing some newly-made shaders at work that add new effects to ISI’s trusted graphics engine.

The new shaders bring new graphic effects regarding glass reflections, headlight beams, window & tarmac reflections and more. Below are some previews for you to check out the impressive results, also included is a preview video showing off custom pixel shaders for road, sky & trees at Spa Francorchamps. aren’t the first to introduce new shaders to rFactor as some1 has already brought us new light flare & car body shaders while Endurancers’ upcoming Endurance Series SP1 will introduce a new fresnel shader technology to make rFactor look better than ever before.

  • Carbonfibre

    It’s like looking into the future…

  • Gerdoner

    The lights in the last picture look a bit weird… but the video looks absolutely great… hard to believe it’s rF 1

  • Turkey :D

    Will it work with GTR2?

  • Ross Siggers

    Tbh there are far more impressive previews out there, it looks especially good on tintop cars. The only thing I don’t like is the tarmac texture, the closeups look great, but while driving, teh road seems too bright to me

  • frigopie

    it is a little weird but i think in a more bumpy modeled track it would look better

  • Lmt Moddinggroup


  • Wesley

    Incredible to see, only the downside is it is coming a bit too late to actually make sense with rF2 coming.

  • DeDios

    i don’t like too much lights but…fifth screen looks great! 🙂 Asphalt seems to be too much shiny.

  • Bjorn

    A little too late indeed, Weslet

  • weischschon

    Incredible work.


    Looking at 2007-era graphics is looking into the future? You must be from 2006.


    Did you spot the deer?

  • MS

    The trees and woods are looking very realistic, but honestly, who really needs this? I want very realistic (laser scanned) tracks and physics!

  • coolMCcool

    tracks and physics are allready very good and realistic. what is wrong to bring the graphics on the same realistic level?

  • Pyronick

    Am I to only one to think it looks brilliant?

    Asphalt concrete is actually shiny as it’s basically bitumen, although only visible when looking at it from sharp angles when the sun is low.

  • jonelsorel

    The headlights halo is cut at the bottom. The shaders look refreshing, but unfortunately a little too late for rfactor 1, as these guys at have been selfish enoguh not to share their icecream with others.

  • ales

    probably whit new 3dsimed where you can use custom shaders now. i didnt test it yet but im sure most of them should work good.

  • Hoover

    Love the endurance night racing shots… great stuff! 

  • Pe11e

    I downloaded the shaderpack, installed it in rfactor folder, but I can’t see any difference. I don’t know how to activate it. 🙁

  • Ernie

    It’s not that easy. Modders must first implement these shaders into their mods or tracks.

  • Pe11e

    Ok, thanks. I thought “if it’s on rfactorcentral, then it’s easy to install” 🙂

  • MaXyM

    As one of SRPL development team (but not shader’s author) I want to clarify some things.
    1. We are working on the shaders and methods to implement it into track and cars for about 18 months. Most of them are ready, but ussualy needs some tweaking using helper textures to get correct results (for example amount of reflection). Sometimes it is hard to balance efect betwean eyecandy and real look. We are still learning. Some shaders are realy new – for example trees one.

    2. Currently shaders are used in our own mods (or mods we are using in our league). We modify CART FActor mod files and sent them to the author. It’s up to you he will release the mod with our modification.

    3. To satisfy requirements for CART factor release, shader pack has been published on rfactorcentral for public, non commercial use

    4. night headlights flares are cut on bottom – it is limitation of rFactor engine which doesn’t allow to control sorting order of objects. In result vertex shader doen’t know if polygon is dawn before some object or so makes impossible to safely move flare object away from source car avoiding effect cutting. And remember – those all are attempts and wip effect versions. More important is, that such flares are very good visible in mirrors even at day.

    5. Enduracers wasn’t introduce new shaders. We talked with them offering trade off for some 3d models. We offered ready to use shaders (not only for body  but also for cocpit, glass, rims, tyres and other ones)  and got answer that ‘shaders are not modding and brings nothing to rfactor scene. So they are not interested’. After about 5 months they released own mod with quite simplified shader effects comparing to ours. Ours simulate not only fresnel’s effect but also sky and sun reflection.
    Finaly it is important to know that first custom shader released on rf scene was head lights flare in Toyota Supra mod.

    best regards

  • MaXyM

    And don’t worry about future. Experience collected on rf1 shaders may be easly re-used on rF2 platform. And probably will be, because looks like ISI doesn’t want to write realistic shaders. Those probably will be on the same level as in rF1.
    As I wrote on ISIforums, reflecting/diffuse sky and sun colors on objects is most important way to get 3d scene looking realistic. Means non wear out (like in iRacing), and non colorfull like in most rF mods

    best regards

  • Vince Klortho

    The first custom shaders that I saw in rfactor came with courses by TheLonely and those were released before the Supra.

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