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New rFactor 2 Roadmap Update Reveals Zandvoort

Studio 397 have released a new roadmap update for their rFactor 2 title.

The update gives us insight on what’s happening behind the scenes ever since the studio released a first beta version of the Direct X11 equipped rFactor 2 version.

The new update has also been used to reveal a brand new track addition as the studio has shown off first previews of Zandvoort in rFactor 2 which you can find below as well.

A lot has happened since our last roadmap update, with the release of the DX11 engine where we entered an “open beta” phase that saw frequent updates and a lot of feedback from our community. First of all, we would like to thank you all for that! We feel we are moving towards a stable release in a few more weeks, after which our focus will shift towards the completion of our new UI. We will also provide you with some updates soon on how to interact with the screen from plugin code in DX11.

On top of the significant code changes, we also decided to give our existing content an update. A lot of cars and tracks have already been released, with a few more still to come. Tiger Moth and the classic Belgium track are being finished as we speak for example. Some tracks are taking a bit longer as we need to fix a few of our older shaders.

Physics Updates

For our cars, we not only want to do updates to the graphics to make them look better under DX11 and DX9, but also update their physics. The biggest updates are related to our Contact Patch Model (CPM) which will give the F2 and Marussia F1 car new rubber. We are also looking at doing the same for the Civic and will probably do a few others.


In previous updates you’ve already seen some shots of the Radical in-game and we are currently working hard on completing the sound, physics and tyres for the car and get the package in the hands of our testers. Realistically we are looking at a release in June for this car.

In other news, we now go left with the USF2000 oval package upgrade. Recently we got our hands on some good hard data on the oval package run by the USF2000 series – the resulting upgrade package we’ve developed makes for a more challenging open wheel oval experience. The added adjustments, being in line with the real world data add the proper baseline asymmetry needed, making the car better suited to the sustained wheel-to-wheel and ‘in the draft’ oval action. Additionally, the provided asymmetrical setup is a great starting point for those daunted by having to make an oval setup, it should be well balanced out of the box for a wide range of ovals – so don’t be afraid to just jump in start racing. You should see this update early next week.

Keep an eye out on our social media for a few other announcements on the car front!

  • ImageArtSigns .

    I would have to say Studio 397 are very good at communicating about the updates etc and I am enjoying the DX11 look and feel so far…keep up the great work

  • Chris Payne

    I’m looking forward to this. I really hope we may see an Historic version too

    • fernando sobroza

      I’m looking forward to an Historic version too. it Will be a lot more immersive when driving the historic 60’s cars Brabham Spark and EVE.

  • 2tyred

    If they make 50/60s Zandvoort then I’ll be interested 😉

    • wajdi nujeidat

      Its an early beta!

      • Richard Hessels

        More like a late alpha.

    • Richard Hessels

      You can choose the amount of postFX yourself. You don’t like bloom or DOF just turn it off.

  • Olivier Maas

    Is it just me, or is this track also based on the versions we know from AC and Simraceway? Nevertheless they should remove those Red Bull stuff around the track. I see the new logo (not totally right how it looks above start/finish), so I hope they give us a good 2017 look and feel.

    • Richard Hessels

      The logo above start finish was right till about a week ago. It changed 3 times last year. Those red bull objects are there with big events.

      • Olivier Maas

        yeah I’ve been there last weekend and a regular visitor. Let’s hope they take a look at the latest footage. Those Red Bull stuff, there was one/were some RB tents at the dunes. It makes no sense to include the one at the pit entry. But let’s see what they make from it.

      • Richard Hessels

        At least a lot better than the official AC version or the crappy Raceroom version. Those look like fantasy track at some angles. When you know the track well that is.

      • Olivier Maas

        Yeah I know, both versions are off at several points.

  • AussieStig

    When I visited the marquee at Zandvoort, I tried a two lap race and found studio 397’s efforts quite polished for an un-released version of the circuit.

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