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New Project CARS 2 Trailer Confirms Release Date

Slightly Mad Studios have officially confirmed the release date of their much-anticipated Project CARS 2 title via a brand new 4K video trailer, right in time for the E3 expo.

Slightly Mad Studios have officially confirmed the release date of their much-anticipated Project CARS 2 title via a brand new 4K video trailer, right in time for the E3 expo.

The trailer reveals that Project CARS 2 will hit she shelves worldwide on September 22, roughly three and a half months from now.

The video trailer is packed with content, showing the recently-revealed Porsches, Ferraris (!) as well as lots of other on and off road content in action.

Project CARS 2 will bring 180 cars and 60 tracks to the PC, Playstation 4 & Xbox One.

Powered by the studios’ Live Track 3.0 technology that allows dynamic surface conditions and the title’s comprehensive dynamic weather engine, Project CARS 2 is able to simulate racing in any weather & season, including heavy winter weather & snow.

Aside from graphics & sound improvements, Project CARS 2 comes with refined physics featuring the title’s cutting-edge tire model and improved AI as well as brand-new gamepad controls & FFB improvements. The new version comes with robust eSports & online capabilities including Online Championship mode, driver rating as well as race directing & broadcast controls.

Project CARS 2 is due to be released in late 2017, the title can be pre-ordered here.

  • Glen Orpheus

    if the game plays half as good as the trailer does then we won’t need any other sim, as much as i would love that i won’t hold my breath 🙂

    • HardRock

      No matter how good a sim is, it’s always worth picking up others, for two main reasons in my mind:

      1) No sim will have all the content you may want, since dev teams focus on different things, have different preferences and limited resources of course.

      2) Simracing in the grand scheme of things is still small, niche market, compared to gaming as a whole, so supporting the devs who stick with it is really important. That doesn’t mean that you should stuff you don’t like of course, but personally I try to pick up most content for all the major sims, even though I won’t ever have the time to play all seriously.

      • Paulo Martins

        I guess to each their own. I consider rF2, R3E and AC not worth anyone’s money at release. They then improved and became worth with time, the last 2 more recently what makes me think if it’s worth to spend money on them or just wait PC2 that has a big chance of being better than all 3.

      • Glen Orpheus

        i have to agree Hardrock,
        i purchase almost all racing sims and some arcade for good measure too, but with all the above truth you speak we could have the best sim in the world but the worst player base, such as the wreckers that just put people off etc.
        anyhow i don’t think current tech can give us the perfect sim, we’ll have to wait a few years still i think, but I’m still loving the journey we are all on together (“,)

      • RKipker

        AGREED…. I have them all, play/played them all and have enjoyed most…LOL!

        Car Racing Games such as FM are just as enjoyable and exciting at times than rF2, and R3E. I could not imagine only playing rF2 and iRacing….. Because I’m such a serious SIM Racer only. That said, hats off to all the gamers like me who have played racing games since Apex on the Xbox…. And NASCAR on the PC through today with game we all enjoy.

        GTR2 is still my all time favorite game and I still play it today.

        Play them all… After the games are basically the cheapest part of being a gamer.

    • Leynad

      Many of us likely thought the same before pCars 1 was released. SMS did always great with marketing and trailers, but this time there is no unbiased information at all regarding pCars 2.

      • Race Nut

        It’s going to be like Dirt 4 in that we have to rely on word of mouth from those we trust within the community in that sense. Some of us have be brave enough (okay, maybe crazy enough) to take the plunge I guess. 🙂

      • Leynad

        I couldn’t read any criticism about pCars 2 yet. Did I miss something? This Canadian SMS-employee with this rassist blog about Sim-Racing and killing jews is just spreading misinformation like always.

      • Race Nut

        I’ve heard some very good things about PC2 and the content and features seem very good so I follow progress with interest. I just meant that the results are to be determined and we shouldn’t rely on marketing alone. Some sources – like the you you mention are automatically disqualified for obvious reasons. 😉

        It’s the Sim-racer reviews I value; ideally, the ones with fair and honest judgement, without apparent bias or motive. Sorting out the good ones takes time and patience, and I mean Sim-racers and Sims. That’s why I haven’t written off D4 just yet; I see the potential.

      • Leynad

        Sounds convincing regarding pCars 2 and hope they fix this too much grip in the rain, which they add with some update. Dirt 4 went the other way and rain can be quite some more than a bit more understeer like in DR and pCars 1. And they did it like in pCars 2. More water and less grip on lower ground. I’m in level 26 now and Dark Souls starts around 18:)

      • pez2k

        It’s much stricter with NDAs than the first game because the IP is now known so it’s not as urgent to get the news out there. I suspect that not leaking the big-name licensing deals like Porsche was another big factor.

        I’ve played pCARS 2 off and on during development, and I think it’s better than the first one – I don’t post about it much though as I’m limited on detail and positivity about SMS games often seems to be like preaching to a brick wall!

      • Race Nut

        True, being involved in WMD comes with caveats – not caviar, as many believe. 🙂

  • svenvangent

    If the landmines invisibly walls grinding of steering wheel crash to main screen collish whille online and so on are solved on PS4 I’m still prepared to by the game.
    Between all these bug it was a funny arcadish game .
    Not gonna pre order it or bye it on launch day that for sure , just have to find some one in the community who is honestly enough to tell how the game will play , certainly not some one from you tube who get the game before release to give a review but way to scare to tell the truth of one of the big site who speaks a lot about racing games you know them …..

  • Ferrari312

    I hope it has a more robust replay monitor with vcr controls etc ala iRacing for online. I still find it ridiculous that if you crash out of an online race, you can’t go to the monitor and replay what happened. Even GPL had that. I’m hopeful when they talk about “race directing and broadcast controls”.

    Also, it would be nice to have the ability to easily restart an online race via voting or admin controls.

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