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New Preview Videos Show Improved Group C Mod for rFactor 2

Two new preview videos show off an upcoming physics update to Mak Corp’s Group C mod for rFactor 2.

Back in July, Mak Corp released a new version of their expanding Group C mod for rFactor 2.

Until then, the team has been anything but lazy, working on a new version that will come with improved physics for the Porsche and Mazda cars as both have received a new suspension geometry among other changes.

Until the new version is out, you can watch two preview videos of the new physics below. The current version of the mod is available for download here.

  • HammerX

    Sweet can’t wait to try it out! Thanks.

  • Daniel Gomez

    Hey, that’s me driving the Lenox Mazda 😀
    Didn’t know there were papparazzis at the track XD

  • anonymouse

    Too bad everybody goes on a frenzy whenever Group C and/or GTP are mentioned, but never bother with anything other than 787B and 962C.

    I wish people unique cars and not always the same two over and over.

    • pupsbubi

      Still better than nothing

    • gc

      Or a few cars from the same year.

      I know Damian is working to the best of his abilities but it’s also a matter of getting support from other members of the team to 1) fix/update current cars 2) “give” him a XJR-12 model to go with the physics he created for them 3) get more info on the cars to be better represented in performance

    • Justin Schmidt

      virtua lm gtpc for rf1 buddy.

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