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New Assetto Corsa Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 3.0 Video Trailer

The release of Assetto Corsa’s first Porsche DLC pack is now just two days away and Kunos Simulazioni continues to build anticipation with a new video trailer, showing off the 911 Carrera RSR 3.0.

The release of Assetto Corsa’s first Porsche DLC pack is now just two days away and Kunos Simulazioni continues to build anticipation with a new video trailer, showing off the 911 Carrera RSR 3.0.

The first pack will be one of three Porsche DLC offerings, each coming with 7 cars. The pack includes a healthy mix of both current and historic street & racing machinery, ranging from the legendary Porsche 917/30 to the modern-day 918 Spyder.

Porsche Pack Vol 1 Car List

  • 911 Carrera S
  • 935 Moby Dick
  • 918 Spyder
  • Cayman GT4 Clubsport
  • 718 Cayman S
  • 917/30
  • 911 Carrera RSR 3.0 1974

The pack will be available starting October 25, selling for 6,99€. Alternatively, players will have the option to buy a season pass for 15€ that will include all three packs, resulting in a 27% reduction.

The PC version of the pack will be available first as the console versions have to complete the usual approval process, causing them to be released slightly after.

  • Michael F. A.

    When can I buy the Porsche Season Pass? Can’t find it on Steam.

    • FataL

      Soon soon 😀

    • noroardanto

      Should be release on 25th


      We live in a time where information never been so
      easy to find yet theres more questions than ever.

      • Rlee

        We also live in a time of aholes and their smart *ss comments.

      • Ross Siggers

        To be fair, the release date is literally at the end of the trailer, as well as actually written in the article. Sometimes There really isn’t much of an excuse for a question like this!

      • Paul Maguire

        So what date?

    • Agony

      25 October my friend

  • Traumahound

    It will be just in time for my days off and much-needed, newly-arrived video card; the universe is a pretty fine place this week.

  • Tom Coombs

    Crossing my fingers for a 944 of some description. Maybe an S2 or 951 with a race modified version for cup racing.

  • dd101

    Thanks to nVidia and ATI we have realistic visuals and almost ready-to-use 3d-engines (there will be little difference between sims soon). 3D scanners will do their job for cars and tracks too, so difference will be in “art” (textures.. ISI anyone?) and optimisations.
    Physical engines getting closer, to a point majority are having fun in either sim and often choose one by difference in other subjects.
    Sounds – that’s where most games far from what we should get at this time of progress. Some “magicians” here and there done it really good (GTR/iR), but in general evoluiton is a decade behind 3d. nVidia and AMD might be lucky to push their latest AudoVR and TrueAudioNext APIs. DirectX12 has enough of features, but still motors, wind, doppler effects – there is no good “audio engine” availalbe to all developers.
    What do you think?

    • MC

      I think people go on about sounds far too much. You shouldn’t think oh that’s awful (like with Gran Turismo), and it’s nice when they’re done well like in Forza or Raceroom, but I can think of many things I’d rather see developed in AC.

    • GamerMuscle

      There are a couple of engines and sound is getting more important with VR in terms of doing “photorealistic” sound and binaural sound.

      The problem is the only way to do it properly is as complex as a good/convincing tire model.

      Just think it took years before common instruments could be synthesised to a basic level. And even now it often makes more sense and sounds better to use samples that are stretched and combined with elements of synthesis to get something good.

      In the end for racing simulators the current methods work pretty well just requires lots of time and talent combined with subjective choices as to what sort of sound the sim is going for.

      I think it’s good to keep demanding more, sound is often not as appreciated as other things yet it has a huge impact on feel and satisfaction of driving.

      AC is using an audio engine available to all developers that has a whole host of features.

      • 5hitm4k3r666

        I got to say though, that besides the fact that the Fmod sound engine is available to everyone, I don’t like the sound in AC in general, especialy from the cockpit all cars have a digital vibe to them. The external sound is better, as cars can be heard over further distances, but on the other hand it sounds as if the cars were driving in a noise-damped hall. It’s pretty wierd. When I check other Fmod sounds, they all have this digitalism to them.

      • tentonted

        yep, sounds suck. No way around it, the above video just proves it. That Porsche sound is far of from RL, as no soul or nuances that the real car has. Can this be done convincingly, Yes! look at Dirt Rally. Each car sounds very unique. Doppler stretching doesn’t exist (I hate hearing that more than anything). What we have now, is not far off from my Commodore 64.

        Personally, I think FMod is junk, the games that I have heard done with WWise is far better. I am sure the recordings are very well captured, the execution is just miserable.

        Car graphics are among the best in the industry.

      • GamerMuscle

        Some of the cars in dirt sound increasable, not only in tune and grunty. But you can hear that metallic note come through almost brass instrement quality.

      • GamerMuscle

        Yah for me there are only a handful of cars in AC that sound nice.

        AMS and R3E for the most part has much more impact full, connecting sound.

        Sound I think is a huge part of immersion and sense of speed, I do think each update and DLC The sound in AC has gotten better.

    • Roger Wallentin

      I agree sounds are becoming the weakest part im most sims.

      Sounds in AC are a bit mixed, big difference is sound modelling inside and outside of the car. Few cars really sound very good from inside (e.g. the new RSR Porsche and Carrera S), some exterior sounds are REALLY benchmark good though, like again the Carrera S and 718 Cayman S (depth, resonance, front and rear facing sounds, crackles and really good environmental and doppler effects).

      Overall I think the sounds in AC are 7/10 in average with low into 4/10 (Panamera Turbo interior) and highs into 8.5/10 (911 RSR).

      No sim is at 9/10 in average so far in my opinion.

      The Porches in iRacing are some of the best I heard in a sim as a reference which would be a 9/10.

      pCars has some highlights as well like the Ford Capri. R3E some great sounds but they are not as dynamic in nature for some reason but sound good at peak.

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