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netKar Pro’s Formula KS2 at Mugello – Preview Video

netKar Pro’s Formula KS2 at Mugello – Preview Video

Below is a new joint-preview video of two upcoming additions to netKar Pro, showing the brand new Formula KS2 open-wheeler on Radiator Springs Racing’s Mugello that is due to be released very soon.

The KS2 first surfaced in a preview video some days ago, exact specs on the car aren’t available but it seems to be the most powerful openwheeler for netKar Pro yet.

Located near Florence, the current 15-corner layout of the Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello was opened in 1974. The track hosts annual rounds of the MotoGP and DTM touring car series and is used as a Formula One testing venue, mainly by the Scuderia Ferrari.

  • Nanny

    amazing car, amazing lap, simulation and the steering wheel looks so real, you can read all the information without get distracted. really impresive!

  • adrian

    Wonder how does this compare to FVA? 

  • moschum

    what is this cars equivalent in real life? ks2 = ?

  • spliff

    looks impressive! i think i need to give netkar another try. 🙂

  • spliff

    give me some (old) roadcars! hehe

  • Ricoo

    KS2 is a Formula GP2, a car with 580 HP. 🙂

  • lance

    Not a fan of the massive specular on the tires. Very nice otherwise.

  • moschum

    this looks Absolutely sensational. 
    the car looks planted and weighty, reactive but not skippy and crap like iracing, the way the car drives through the corners it looks like you can drive it just like real life, really leaning on them in the corners, like theres actual rubber gripping.

    hope iracings new tyre model brings it up to scratch with this. 

  • Requiem84

    Looks like the car is not oversteery at all. You would expect some power oversteer with those 580 ponies trampling underneath your right foot.

    Or would it be a pretty understeery setup maybe?

  • adrian

    good driving perhaps?

  • Culmone67

    Textures, technical suggestions, graphical composition of the environment:
    Giovanni Culmone

  • Radiator Springs Racing Team

    Believe me, you will change your idea once you will try it!
    This car is a pure beast. You feel those 580 HP a lot. You always need to be gentle on the throttle, especially on the first gears. As you can see from the video, you can’t also start pushing from the first lap. You need to wait to have tyres on correct temperatures, otherwise is very easy to spin. Same if you will collect some dirt going off track. Speaking of which, dirty tyres are really nice to see also. Lovely dirty effect on the rubber disappearing after a while. You can clearly feel the difference of grip level. Very realistic. Just as all other nKPRO cars, tyres are really well implemented.
    The car react very well to the setup adjustment. You have plenty of parameters to modify to turn your car the car the way you want.
    We have been really impressed from this new car so far. Although it’s just a first beta, it’s already very convincing. Wonderful to drive and very addictive.

    We have no doubt about what is gonna be the next car to use for our next championship!

  • Sigmatc24

    You should really try the demo. Very decent physics. the car in the demo is handling well.

    Plenty of setup parameters.

    And you can also play online.

  • Justin ForzaBarça D’Cruze

    Looks great, NKP needs more power 😎
    These things look so fast, amazing to think F1 cars are 10 secs faster still…

  • migf1

    This is gonna be a blast! Both tha car and the track look like brilliant additiions to a brilliant sim!

  • vik15

    Looks very nice and natural color and contrast wise. Even a car surface having a simple static reflection looks very good. The only thing that spoils the picture is tires. And a ground surface needs a bit more of lighting and shadows.  

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