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netKar Pro – Trento Bondone Previews

netKar Pro – Trento Bondone Previews

Kunos Simulazioni has released new previews of the upcoming new version of their netKar Pro simulation, showing us the brand new Trento Bondone hillclimb track.

The Italian track can be seen both in dry and rain conditions, the wet weather system is the reason Kunos had to postpone the announced Christmas release for some final fine-tuning on the rain effects.

The first beta of the new version including the rain mode, Trento Bondone and the Osella hillclimb prototype will be available in a few days. Sim racers who haven’t tried netKarΒ Pro yet will be able to get started for 14,90€.

  • Nismo

    The blocky shadows really don’t do these justice, i can’t seem to get rid of them whatever i do in NetKar, seems to be an engine bug. But this is gonna be brilliant even with the lego shadows

  • stabiz

    That looks pretty good.

  • Ricoo

    14.90€ for nKPro is a gift. πŸ™‚

    All that great content for the price of only one track of another wellknown title. πŸ™‚

  • O11

    The foliage looks figgin’ lush.

  • CAR

    I think it’s 19.90 but still fantastic value πŸ™‚

  • markusmatthias

    wow, ……….no more words

  • some guy

    better than sex

  • ales

    so still a virgin ha?

  • Yoshimura.GP.EVO.1

    +1 lol hehe

  • CAR

    Oh right, 14.90 will be the new price, it’s amazing how the cost of nKPro keeps going down as they add more content πŸ™‚

  • Live2Race

    The cost of laser scanning one iRacing track is more than a years budget for Netkar.   Way to compare apples and oranges. 

  • Bob

    All that lazer crap is great if your a real driver practicing, i’m not, so close enough is fine for me. You compare sims with sims, not with coffee or oil changes. So go race your oranges then! pfft

  • stabiz

    Lazer crap, hehe! Wow.

  • Ricoo

    iRacing tracks are great, but this price for nKPro is just amazing. Really no excuse for not purchasing this great sim.

  • prentf1

    Absolutely awesome! nKPro is really getting better than better!

  • migf1

    I strongly believe that Stefano Casillo is a really gifted coder! Once he focuses on something he delivers outstanding stuff!

    Back in the days when LFS was a top-dog, I used to critisize nKPro for its many bugs, which ultimately were ruining the whole experience (online mostly, but offline too). I even gave up on trying it form time to time (I was struggling to pursade myself to get an overall positive sum (pros-cons) because I was seeing the huge potential this sim had).

    After a very-very long period of time, during which Stefano actually abandoned nKPro (which did not die mostly due to Jaap Wwagenvoort’s admirable efforts) he came back, and boy what a come back was that!

    I think Stefano finally decided to make nKPro what he was always dreaming it to be. Having finished other projects of his, he seems to have really focused on nKPro’s progress for quite some time now, with astonishing resluts in my opinion. Since version 1.1 the progress curve of nKPro is simply amazing. For me it’s now by far the best racing simulator I’ve ever tried (that translates into almost any sim released from the early ’90s till today, except iRacing which I haven’t tried for my own reasons).

    There’s still room for lots of improvements of course (mostly on netcode, collision model and support) but the physics, the force-feedback and the overall feeling of driving is already top notch! The same goes for graphics and sounds (although one must fiddle with his gfx card driver in order to remove the annoying shimmering and aliasing). Providing the upcoming weather system in version 1.3 will be even minimally descent, €14,90 is a ridiculous price for such a fine simulator. €19,90 for version 1.1/1.2 was already ridiculously low anyway!

    As soon as the weather system is fine tuned, it is my hope (and wish) that Stefano will decide to start re-working the netcode and implementing online support utilites and/or frameworks (such as monitoring tools, online stats, etc). In my opinion, something like that would give a tremendeous boost to the popularity of the sim, since among other things it would unleash the creation of a hell lot of online leagues.

    I know Stefano has already said that using web services requires building the sim around such a philosophy from the very begining, and nKPro is not built like that. However, I still hope he’ll find a way to come around, perhaps in nKPro 2 (whenever that is due).

    All in all, huge thumbs up from me to Stefano and nKPro! I’m anxiously waiting to try the new content and the weather system of course!

  • Live2Race

    Migf1, I couldn’t agree more.    I’ve been with iRacing since the beta days and the only thing it has over Netkar is laser scanned tracks.   Stefano’s physics are second to none.

    I really wish iRacing would do the right thing and make Stefano an offer.   I know Stefano is a big fan of Dave Kaemmer’s work, so I know Stefano would accept.   

    I am really looking forward to this next release, but I’d really like to see Stefano focus more on the online aspect.    If you build it they will come!!

  • John Davidson

    Kunos would never join iracing…I hope not anyways.  Kunos puts out the best physics and does this because he loves sim racing not because they are billionaires who want more and more money like iracing.  Kunos also allows track modding which is a huge bonus.  It’s a shame this sim isn’t more popular. 

  • CAR

    The problem’s that on its own nKPro doesn’t make enough money, so that’s why in the past Kunos has had to work for another company (BRD), and work on other projects (FVA & that driving school software for example).  At the moment though he’s fully focused on nKPro πŸ™‚

    Oh, and if Kunos did join iRacing that would probably be it for me sim-racing wise, as I can’t afford their subscription model.

  • John Davidson

    I”m the same as you CAR.  I don’t want to spend that kind of cash on a sim, and especially since it’s pay to play.  Kunos has said on driving before that netkar does not pay the bills and yes he has to do other stuff to make money and keep netkar going.  I’m really looking forward to the shelby.  Just can’t wait.  Unfortunately I didn’t see it in the new screen shots so I have my doubts that it will make it in the next release. 

  • migf1

    I think for the shake of the big picture, Stefano should stick with nKPro. Pluralism is a good thing for us (customers), it keeps devs alerted and prices on affordabe levels.

    Other than that, it’s my understanidng that if Stefano wanted to work for a big company he would have already done it, since if I’m not mistaken he already had a fair amount of chances to do so. I beleive it’s his choice to do things his own way.

  • CAR

    He said something about nearly becoming an ISI employee.  I think the Shelby will be included in the next release, there have been (internal) servers up running the car, over the past month and in recent days.

  • The Biff

    For your dollar netkar is the best sim out there PERIOD in my opinion.  Hopefully this site takes it out of the other sim catagory and makes a netkar catagory.  Netkar deserves it. 

  • Live2Race

    I really wish this article didn’t say it will be released “in a few days.”    After watching the hillclimb video and reading this article, I’m itching for this new build.   I’ve heard (just rumor) that the beta will be released around the sixth of Jan. 

  • The Biff

    Kunos only has 3 employees so it will be out when it’s out…lol.  I don’t think it will be a lfs volkswagon debacle.  πŸ˜›

  • szelljr

    Christmas release……… jun 17??????????

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