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netKar Pro – New Modding Car Coming Up

First previews of a brand new modding car for netKar Pro.

It looks like modding of Kunos Simulazioni’s netKar Pro simulation is starting to kick into higher gear.

Following the release of their Imola 2011 track for the simulation, the Radiator Springs Racing Team is taking the next step and is now working on a brand new car for the title.

Below are first sneak previews of the new car, covered up in the garage. Praised by many for its physics and force feedback, more modding content could put netKar Pro on the radar of plenty of sim racers who haven’t been by attracted by the stock content so far.

  • Ricoo

    Great news. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Ferrari 458?

  • Konrad Czaczyk

    Its a Lambo of some sort…. Gallardo GT3? The wing is a bit low though….. Maybe el Diablo?

    • Anonymous

      If its a Diablo, i’m on my way to buy Netkar Pro ASAP.

  • Vaggelis Theodoridis
  • Nicolas Grignon

    time to finally buy Netkar…

  • Justin ForzaBarça Cruze

    Supercar of some sort, and 7 gears so cant be old…….other than that wouldnt have a clue 🙂

    In any case another road car can only be a good thing. The abarth is great fun but slow, while the vintage (and to a lesser extent the replica) drive like whales. Albeit very realistic whales, I dont think the Daytona was renouned for great handling…..

    Btw brilliant job on Imola, compares very well to the pCARS version 🙂

  • Nicolas Grignon

    from the spoiler on the screen below, it’s the

    Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera ( 2011 )

  • Anonymous

    Looks a bit more like Diablo than Gallardo but if it’s 7 gears then it cannot be neither of them. Actually front of it has an overhang in the middle just like Lexus LFA and the rear wing fits BUT the cabin is too close to the front it seems and not enough curve in the front, thanks to that it looks like Diablo to me.
    Lexus LFA with the wing:
    and overhang better seen:
    Diablo SV which fit’s nearly perfectly BUT the wing does not as it’s too flat:
    Diablo SV from the profile shows how similar the front gradient is to the photo and that it fits:

    Well that’s what I’ve seen in this picture but probably I’m wrong so don’t mind me 😉

  • Marco Conti

    That’s a beautiful blanket. Just the other day I was racing the Fiat 500 and suddenly it downed on me:”Boy, I wish I had a blanket instead”. 
    With luck soon we can have a pillow, a mattress and even a whole bedroom set.

    I Kid RS. I was actually wondering why we had so many tracks and no one attempted a car. NKpro really needs a few GT cars and maybe a couple of prototypes. 

  • Marco Conti

    My guess is the Ferrari from FVA. It has 7 gears. I am not sure the lambo has 7 as well. I’ll take either but if it’s the FVA Ferrari I love the handling of that car. Whatever it is I hope it handles as well.

  • Nicolas Grignon

    Guys, read the post from, Vaguelis below… there is an image of the back of the car… DEFINITLY A LAMBO GALLARDO… and Supperleggera as sudggested by the specific spoiler.

  • Grzybiarz Wkurwiony

     How’s that possible? I thought netKar is locked for creating modded cars.

    • Luke Maple

      This is what i heard too? I think if they opened it up like they have with the circuits lately they would attract a huge new fan base that the sim deserves!

      • Nicolas Grignon

        indeed, with the actual lineup, this simulator is WAY too underused: give us MODS!!! lambos, Ferrari, Porsche…  and netkar pro will live FOREVER! 😉

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