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netKar Pro – Mugello Comparison Video

netKar Pro – Mugello Comparison Video

Radiator Springs Racing has released a new preview video of their Mugello track project for netKar Pro, putting preview footage of the new track side by side with footage of a real lap on the Italian track.

Located near Florence, the current 15-corner layout of the Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello was opened in 1974. The track hosts annual rounds of the MotoGP and DTM touring car series and is used as a Formula One testing venue, mainly by the Scuderia Ferrari.

  • Lincoln Miner

    Love Mugello and at the end of the day if you have fun driving it, that may be all that matters, but wow is that missing a lot of trackside objects. And in spots the elevation, camber and turn radius of the track iteself are wrong. In places the rumble strips are just missing or in the wrong spots as well. This could use a bit more polish.

    You don’t need laser scanning like iRacing or some of the select rFactor tracks to get laser scanned to enjoy racing on a track, but man this sure shows how far off a non-laser acanned track can be. Don’t know if they nailed the small bumps in different spots on the track either, but it’s impossible to nail the little bumps and camber changes, track ruts etc without laser scanning.

    I love Netkar and appreciate mod tracks by the community, but the amount of work to get a track right is a ton. This one isn’t there yet, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be fun to race on. It’s just not laser scanned accurate.

  • Tomas

    Did you notice the ‘WIP’ and ‘preview’ by chance ? But agreed, it ain’t quite there yet. What laser-scanning costs in cool cash, must instead be spend in LOTS of man-hours 😎

  • felipe

    in another note going the opposite way of iRacing the colors are just to strong quite unreal when you compared to the real track which is almost dead in colors just like iRacing tracks!

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