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netKar Pro – Community Update

netKar Pro – Community Update

After quite a long while with no updates, Jaap Wagenvoort has posted a new community update regarding netKar Pro version 1.0.3 in their official forum – enough reason for me to post the first ever news item on nK Pro (thanks to tezuka_18 for tipping me off!)

1.0.3 will include plenty of changes, below are the most notable improvements:

  • Improved online performance when racing with a full 15 car grid
  • Removal of join lag
  • Highly improved physics
  • Load and save setups directly from the cockpit
  • Doom-mode to walk the track and watch the racing action from various perspectives
  • Improved replay mode

1.0.3 will not include any new content or larger online grids (15 cars maximum) but is aimed to improve the netKar simulation overall. The new version is in the process of beta testing right now and will be released quite soon, free for all netKar Pro owners.

  • Gerdoner

    IMHO netKar has top noth physics, nice gfx…. but horrible multiplayer performance. I still do one or two offline laps when, so I’m looking forward to test the new patch and maybe have the first problem-free online race (years after the first release 😕 )

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