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netKar Pro 1.3 Final – Released

netKar Pro 1.3 Final – Released

After months of careful beta testing and tweaking, Kunos Simulazioni has released the final 1.3 version of their netKar Pro simulation.

The final version of version 1.3 comes with improved multiplayer code, a better collision model and a brand new Vintage Replica GT car with semi-slick tires alongside the changes listed below.


-New GUI icons and organization
-Password is now automatically recovered from last session

-New setup behavior (use nkpro.ini USE_OLD_STYLE=1 to go back to the previous behavior)
-Keyboard and GamePad quick selection keys moved to SHIFT+K and SHIFT+P
-Added g meter readings on the control overlay
-Mirrors are now using full shading scene

-Added “non linear” brake settings for professional pedalboards
-Added hand brake on wheel button settings
-Improved tyre model slip model
-Improved differential math model
-New collision detection and response system

-Improved collision detection
-Improved collision response
-Improved lobby protocol
-Added “Reset”, “Next”, “Restart” on vote
-Improved network protocol, packets are smaller and delivered with a different strategy
-New prediction system for remote cars’ rotation
-Added overlay to signal low quality in client-server connection
-New protocol for client to server lobby connection avoiding MTU block by some routers

Additional Contents
-GT Vintage “Replica”

Sim racers who haven’t tried netKar Pro yet can download a demo version on the netKar website, the full version is available for 14,90€. The update is of course free for existing netKar Pro customers.

  • Ricoo

    With this new improved multiplayer nKPRO can become one of the best sim for online races and that for only 14.9 €!

  • F1Racer

    Im getting some probs with this version.  Sometimes on add-on tracks I cant get the cars out of the pits.  They sorta half-heartedly rev up, pop it into gear and the car goes nowhere.

    Also Ive had error messages popping up on a couple of occasions.

  • Quint

    Anyone know if the horrible clipping using Eyefinity etc via 3 screens has been fixed yet ( particularly in the demo single seater)  ? . Will buy if so ..

  • spacekiller

    New Vintage Replica just rocks!! 🙂  This game is really worth its price, infact it is really bargain. 

    Btw. No problems with new build so far.

  • derSlom

    check that you have auto-clutch enabled in setup?

  • Monk

    Thanks to everyone that contributed realeasing this new version of NKP
    See you on track soon!

  • F1Racer

    yeah it is enabled.

  • sandboxgod

    Wow nkPro still appears to be the best looking PC sim.  good work here and congrats to the team for this nice looking work. 

  • Gniewko Ostrowski

    that’s why u have demo and having the chance to try it out.

  • Norbi Wo

    If anyone is interested in buying netkar pro for 2/3 (10 euro) of the price msg me, i can make ebay auction 🙂

  • Ricoo

    If someone is interested by nKPRo, please buy it from Kunos to support them. Otherwise you can warez it, the result is the same.

  • Norbi Wo

    Cracked 1.3 version if any exists, allows to play online?

  • rusty

    no problems with eyefinity here

  • Justin ForzaBarça D’Cruze

    I had similar problems so I just downloaded the full install again from the NKP site and installed to a new folder. Havent had any issues after copying the addon tracks over to the new folder.

  • Justin ForzaBarça D’Cruze

    Vintage is awesome although I do wish the gear ratios were adjustable, they’re unneccesarily long.
    Still, the handling is sweet and it sounds the biz too so I’m knit-picking.

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