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Need for Speed Shift – Video Interview

Need for Speed Shift – Video Interview

Here’s a video on Need for Speed Shift that I missed out on. Released earlier this month, the video features an interview with EA’s Patrick Soderlund who explains some of the title’s planned features.

Developed by Slightly Mad Studios (former Blimey! Games) and distributed by EA, Need for Speed Shift is expected to be released in Q4 2009 for the PC and all major consoles. Unlike most Need for Speed titles, the developers keep on promising to deliver a very realistic simulation despite the title’s somewhat arcadish look.

  • xilix

    Ian Bell said that this is “the most realistic simulation ever made”. I mean come on dude. Seriously, do you really expect us to believe that this game is going to be the most realistic simulation EVER? Has Ian ever played iRacing?

    What he said about sims being too hard on the limit is totally right, everything he said about how real cars just aren’t that hard to drive, is correct, BUT, at the same time, that doesn’t mean you can just make the cars easier to handle and say your sim is the most realistic. If Ian ends up being right about this, then what? It’s not like Shift is a moddable game, or even multi-player.

    We’ll see when it comes out. The people who already did hands on reviews said this “felt like in between Forza nd PGR”, so I’m almost positive Ian is full of shit and just trying to stick it to Simbin that much more, which if that’s the case, then I say good for them. Simbin are snobby, arrogant bastards now.

  • xilix

    And another thing, head movement base oin G-forces is an OLD technique! They need to stop talking about it like it’s something new. SMS just migrated that idea over from the ISI sims.

  • ermax18

    Bla bla bla. What a useless interview. I love it, “what happens when you get over taken”. Om, your position changes?

  • F1Racer

    Hmmm not too bad.
    I think no matter how sim or arcade this turns out to be, its gonna be a blast to drive. The graphics look slick and the car models seem very nice indeed, especially the cockpits.

  • Sensekhmet

    Jesus Christ xilix, just shut up. Do you copy & paste your posts? Because they all seem to be the same.

  • lovretta

    So what if they advertise this as most realistic? It’s marketing. Every car manufacturer says his car is the best. Best comfort best handling best price….

    But read what they say once more – “the most realisitc DRIVING simulation” – they say “DRIVING” instead of “VEHICLE”.
    That means something. It doesn’t have to have the uber physics engine to be best driving simulation. Even gran turismo is advertised as “most realistic driving simualtor”.
    Not VEHICLE.

    Eventually, one day it will be released and we will see what it has turn out to be. If it’s ANY good in SIMRACER’s perspective, then it’s one more title for US to enjoy or HAVE FUN. If it isn’t, so what? Nothing. Life continues, and as it was before with nfs series – we never counted on them, we would continue to do so and thats it. We will still have our good old titles.

  • Uff

    This interview is almost one month old: let’s wait for something new. 😉

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