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Need for Speed Shift – Street Racing In Prague

Need for Speed Shift – Street Racing In Prague

When you think of street racing, stuff like Fast and the Furious comes to mind but some Czech guys took a different approach. Using a giant projector, two vehicles and lots of creativity, they played some rounds of Need for Speed Shift – Using some of the city’s biggest buildings as projection space.

Buildings used include the Prague Castle, the Czech Ministry of Interior Affairs, the National Opera and others. Check out the video below to see this open-air session of Shift in action.

  • Rasmus

    Hahaha. How cool is that!! Very creative. Would’ve been fun to play! 😀

    I wonder what they get charged for, if anything. I don’t think there is a law against such things, hehe.

    Imagine if they had put on a porn flick instead… :tongue:

  • ScHiRoCk

    The title is deceiving.

    Thought they were really street racing, but no just a projector °_°

  • Bjorn

    That is so awesome. Good thinking!


    smells of media stunt to me

  • F1Racer

    smells of media stunt to me

    So what if it is ? 😉 Do you expect companies never to do that despite they’ve been doing it for decades. It wouldn’t be the first one in the world and that is how companies work btw. Come ooooon, no need to be so cynical.

    erm.. so yeah having the car and cockpit that big. Kinda takes away the realism doesn’t it ? hehe
    Cool though. This could start a trend of people playing games on big buildings while evading capture 🙂 A whole new angle on illegal (sim) racing 🙂 Nice.

  • captain_underpants

    I must be a publicity stunt. It certainly features the same shitty driving we saw in all the other promotional videos.

  • paupau

    that’s smart advertising 🙄 , and if it isn’t, its still smart advert

  • idlejimbo

    If it’s not a media stunt, then those guys are breaching copyright!! 😮

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