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Need for Speed Shift – Prototype Le Mans Mod Released

Need for Speed Shift – Prototype Le Mans Mod Released

Nemesis28021982 has released his Prototype Le Mans Mod for Need for Speed Shift, bringing several popular LMPs to Slightly Mad Studios’ title.

The mod includes some of the most iconic Le Mans racers from the past 12 years, including the Toyota GT One, the Audi R8 and more as listed below.

Car List

Audi R8
Dome S101
Peugot 908 HDI FAP

Download Need for Speed Shift Prototype Le Mans Mod Here

  • Denis P.

    For some those screenshots reminded me of Zunguri F1. Definitely something wrong with perspective there.

  • Ricoo

    Nice cars. If only Shift had realistic physics… 🙁

  • sommergemuese

    looks like 16:9 Streched to 4:3 Pictures oO

  • mike88

    converted from Forza 3?

  • Marcel Penzkofer

    I want them for rFactor, not for Shift =/.

  • Tensor

    Just use the Endurance Series mod for rFacor

  • Dave

    Lol the Toyota reminds me of a Daytona Prototype in those stretched pictures! xD

  • Eddie J

    These cars is so needed i GTR Evo! D:

  • Marcel Penzkofer

    I do race with Endurance Series but I want THESE cars from a more glorious LMGT1 era, not any boring  Creations or Zyteks. As for big Sportstcar-Mods, it’s said noone seems to be interested in bringing us all of them… or none. I love Endurance Series, but the selection of cars is sometimes a bit stupid when you consider which cars would have been more interesting to be added with SP1.

  • yeahwhatever

    e.racers chose really the best of the best cars when it comes to sportscar racing, in terms of participated cars, nothing beats alms/lms 2008-09 season, the cars were just awesome and beutiful and the battles very fun to watch. btw vlm junior team is already working on some ancient-prototype mod and there was a topic on nogrip forum about another mod in wip made by tico420

  • Dave

    I agree!

    But I still wish there would be a Ferrari 333SP with high quality physics, modeling and sounds (Enduracers level) for rF!

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