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Need for Speed Shift Overhaul Mod – Released

Need for Speed Shift Overhaul Mod – Released

Matt2380, creator of the Need for Speed Shift Community Patch 1.03 has put together a new package of mods that improve Slightly Mad Studios’ popular title to the liking of the sim racing community.

The Overhaul Mod comes with lots of changes affecting pretty much every aspect of the title, including graphics, physics, audio and AI. You can find the full list of features below:


Car handling and FFB:
– fixed brake bias bug
– adjusted tyre grip
– adjusted centre of gravity of cars
– removed wheel input lag
– added adjustable damper/friction to wheel
– “cleaner” forcefeedback
– new controller profiles
– minimised gear change delay
– disabled grip reduction on Karrussel (banked corner at Nordschleife)
– added “Mod Drift fix handling” by Acrobatracer

– choose from:
1) “Remove arms and match in-game wheel rotation with your wheel”
2) “Remove arms & remove wheel”
3) “Keep arms and keep default rotation”
– removed visual wheel shake
– removed speed field of view (FOV) camera effect
– removed speedshake camera effect
– reduced speed blur
– reduced blur when crashing
– removed greyscale when crashing
– removed low-res dirt “splotches” during race
– removed onscreen start lights
– added “Real Smoke” mod by billycreek
– replaced loading screen
– disabled intro movies
– replaced “spaceship” garage floor texture with polished marble (see pic below)
– added “Tv Cameras Replay – Now Perfect” mod by ferrarinews and Tone71

– reduced volume of tyre squeal
– removed replay music

– cleaner, less aggressive, less likely to ram into your side
– grip adjusted to suit player grip in Overhaul mod
– corrected grid positions in quick race (faster cars at front, but player still at rear)

– all tuning options available on all purchased cars
– enabled reverse driving to double available tracks (for hotlapping and multiplayer with friends – doesn’t work with AI)

The mod is available for both the packed and unpacked versions of Shift. The mod requires the official 1.02 patch for Need for Speed Shift to be installed and is aimed at drivers using a wheel using the Pro mode.

Important: Do not install the Community Patch 1.03 after this mod, the 1.03 patch is not required!

Download Need for Speed Shift Overaul Mod (Packed Version) Here

Download Need for Speed Shift Overhaul Mod (Unpacked Version) Here

  • gniewko

    Something is wrong with this mod, when I brake, the front moves higher and I get a feeling like I was accelerating not braking…this is really annoying, please FIX IT! Thank you in advance as I do not want to reinstall the game.

  • Carlitos_F1

    Question for the NFS Shift fans out there: I find this game very attractive but I’m definitely into simracing rather than arcadey racers. With all these mods installed, does NFS Sdhift really feel like GTR2, Rfactor and similar sims? Or this game is just not for me?

  • drowsy

    This sounds like a fix to all of the problems I had with the game (including that terrible camera). Will give it a try later!

  • matt2380

    gniweko, it sounds like you may have made an error during installation. Maybe have another look at the readme and try again.

  • NitroStar

    I’m wondering if there is a way to install NFS Shift twice on the same PC so I would not “mess up” my original install in case there is problems or how to back up my profile (for sure) to reinstall original and then restore it the way it is now. Would love to try this out

  • F1Racer

    just go into your Shift main folder and zip it all up to somewhere else.  Then you have a backup copy of it in case you need to put it all back. 

  • NitroStar

    Sounds good. So I would need to zip up the “NFS SHIFT” folder under “My Documents” also, correct? That’s where my profile folder is, right? I ask this because I’m not sure if this profile folders holds ALL of my profile or is there some still some information in the main game folder?

  • F1Racer

    ah yes, do that too if this mod changes any of your profile data.  I assumed it only changed game files but just in case its safer to back up the profile too as it only takes a couple of seconds to create another zip file for your profile.

  • NitroStar

    I’ll let yall know how it goes….. 😀

  • Uff

    You can also create a second folder called “NFS Mod” (or whatever you like) and copy there all the files from your original Shift folder. THen you just need to create a shortcut to the new exe and you’re done. 😉

  • NitroStar

    So both “installs” will use the same profile folder under “My Documents” then? Sounds great. I’ll try that first. I’ll backup my profile folder just in case.

  • sci

    Yes it’s good as, sellout should put it on her top sim car list.

  • sci

    at the top.

  • matt2380

    Carlitos_F1, I think it’s helpful to keep in mind that most of the cars in Shift are road cars rather than the track cars we are used to sim games.

    You may not enjoy all the road cars in Shift (like you won’t enjoy all mods for rFactor), however, it’s very likely that you will really enjoy the track cars in Shift, ie, Porsche GT3 RSR, BMW GT2, Aston DBR9 and the DLC pack cars such as Ferrari F50 GT, F430 GTC and BMW M1 Procar (which have been convereted from Xbox).

  • Carlitos_F1

    M1 Procar you say??? Wow!!!!! I wanna drive that car in that graphic engine, for sure, I love the Rfactor version… By the way, are tracks and mods (proper mods with new cars) being released for NFS already?

  • qawaza

    Nice to see that moders still trying to fix this game. I tried it & still makes me giddy out the way the car handles. I just dont get it why it handles like a boat despite the overhaul. Infact i dont feel much difference at all. I guess it fun for  occasional trashing out but it still left me with a sour after taste. tks anyway Matt2380.

  • Headsoup

    Search in either google or at for a tool called JGSME, it lets you install mods into Shift and automatically backs up the files, then you can just remove them again with the tool.  It also tells you if one mod will overwrite files already changed by a previous mod.   Very handy tool!
    Get JGSME here:

  • sci

    I have this mod setup with 900 degrees rotation, exactly how the instructions say and, just testing the sti around the ring, doesn’t feel like a boat to me, i’ve never felt anything like it actually. Maybe it’s not as good for the track car’s.

  • sci

    Or maybe you are slightly retarded?.

  • sci

    I just took the f430 for a spin oh yes it’s awesome, Thank you all the modders.

  • qawaza

    hey that is not nice calling me that 🙂 . Well anyway i driven the real R35 GT-R round sepang before so belive me i can tell figure out pretty much how car shoud handles..

  • sci

    I’ve driven a skoda and a lada, they handle some what like cars, i think?.

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