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Need for Speed Shift – New Screenshots

Need for Speed Shift – New Screenshots

Hungarian Sim World has a batch of brand-new screenshots, showing us more of Slightly Mad Studios’ upcoming Need for Speed Shift title for the PC and various consoles.

Even though the title is advertised as being a simulation, many sim racers don’t expect them to deliver what’s promised as EA’s involvement in the title makes a real simulation somewhat unlikely.

The new sreens confirm that this title is more likely to be like RACE Driver Grid as they don’t scream simulation right away. Even though realish looking cars like racing versions of the Corvette C6, the Pagani Zonda or the Audi A4 can be seen, the majority of tracks in these shots are fictional downtown street-circuits.

While the simulation aspect is still in somewhat of a doubt, it’s safe to say that there will be no shortage of eye-candy as the graphical quality looks excellent so far.

Screenshots taken down due to violated embargo date. Proper high-resolution screens will be available at the beginning of next month!


  • Mark

    [quote]The new sreens confirm that this title is more likely to be like RACE Driver Grid as they don’t scream simulation right away[/quote]

    Im realy curious how you can make that up out a few screenshots Montoya :question:

    But it indeed looks 😎

  • Montoya

    Well, from my point of view, a simulation must include real cars and tracks.

    Racing in downtown London or Paris simply isn’t realistic and games which include suchs tracks are rarely simulations.

  • trebor901

    and from the looks of it, it will still have the tuning element there, but with making it to look like a racing car, even though all the cars in those screenshots apart from the Corvette and Zonda, fail miserably.

    The reason i say this is because the Porsche still has a road going interior 😐

  • Mr. A

    The game looks good, but the quality and resolution of those images are horrible. 😐

  • Mark

    @Montoya; Not saying it will or will not be a sim, but
    [quote]Well, from my point of view, a simulation must include real cars and tracks.[/quote]
    Would mean LFS, EVO, NKpro no sim, include non RL tracks and cars :question:

    You see were I’m getting, just let’s see what it in the end turns out to be if we have some more info?



  • Siggs

    It looks pretty an all, but my thing is that all the cars (with teh possible exception of the Zonda) are race specced, yet all the interiors are street specced. :question:

  • stabiz

    Mark, how can you be optimistic after they hailed GRID as realistic, and even paid a Le Mans driver to lie about it?

  • Mark

    Stabiz, who did?

    Cannot believe anyone at SMS sad that.

    I do not expect it to be as hardcore as iRacing/nKPro, but more in the line what they previously released, or should I say worked on.

    You know the saying, hope dies at last πŸ˜‰

  • kill4f00d

    If I ever play this so called “sim”, the first thing I will do is disable the headache inducing motion blur.

  • hypertek

    i remember when need for speed prostreet came out and they claimed it was close to realistic *it wasnt too bad, but they added wannabe storyline ,and it got borring fast, i had bought the pc version btw*.

  • zudthespud

    It can’t be as arcadey as GRID, but what i’m loking at is that DTM spec Audi… If there is customisation on the scale of the last few NFS games i will love this game. I just hope they don’t use the stupid EA nation system for online, which i think they will sadly.

  • Jack_NL

    if its a Sim (or an option for it) – thumbs up!!

    just another arcade racer – the finger!!

  • Jack_NL

    Grid looks very nice but thats all

  • ScHiRoCk

    waaauuuw, tiny little screenshots… Can’t see shit on them…

    Just hope its a sim and that EA will leave the developers alone instead of telling them how to do their work!

  • wizza

    I am very doubtfull tht this will be a full or even part sim but hey who knows they might suprise us all.And those screenies aint the best no blame on robs part tho>

  • RKipker

    “a simulation must include real cars and tracks”

    I disagree, that a true sim must have Real Cars and real tracks, simply because I for one enjoy the fantasy track in rF and GTR2 as much as the real tracks, don’t you guy’s? A good fantasy track, one that resembles a real track, like Mixta (by Tantra), great fantasy track.

    Real cars, no, but must resemble real cars, like the EVO… BMG or whatever the Merc is. However again must be done to resemble the real life feel. SO I agree it should feel as real as possible, but I for one could care less if it’s actual. This only forces the development team/publisher to put out $$$$GB$$$$ for a/many license(s) vs. game development time.

    Now, with that eing said, sure I would prefer all to be real, as I’m sure that is more to what Montoya / everyone really wants. But…. Bottom line = $$$$$!

    I think Blimey/SMS held out as long as they could trying to make it as a real Sim development team, and I applaud them for it. However, though I think they will do all they can to appease the Sim Raceing Community, we must also accept that Business is Business and that the owners of SMS have to make business decisions, and sometimes….

    Success = Compromise!

  • Vkt

    looks like this is another ARCADE for teenagers with too much suggar on blood πŸ˜†

  • JimmyB

    Looks like the London street track that was mentioned and Brands Hatch to me. The screens of Brands look like they’ve been taken at different times too. (24-hr day/night cycles?)

    The screens are really crappy quality though. Is it just me or is there absolutely no anti-aliasing? 360/PS3 version maybe?

  • phil23

    I’m surprised there is so little positivity about this title!!

    I think we can assume we wont be getting a Simbin title here with authenticity as the driving force, but EA don’t just make arcade games. They take their sport titles very seriously and they were the publishers of 2 of the most important “Racing Sims” we’ve had (Sports Car GT and F1 99-02).

    I’m going to keep my mind open with this one and actually wait for my chance to try it before I pass judgment.

    The potential of EA’s weight in the gaming market and Blimey’s Sim background could be an amazing combination.

    The use of the “Need For Speed” franchise is a good way to possibly introduce gamers to more indepth titles as it’s a recognised name.

  • JAGUAR1977

    Firstly, I don’t know anyone who expected GRID to be a simulation, at least by the time more details had been revealed and the release was a month or two away.

    Secondly, why wouldn’t EA wish to make a sim, even if it’s ‘sim lite’, afterall the previous aracade NFS titles have been huge commercial and critical flops, while the sim like Gran Turismo series (particularly GT5P), have been multi million sellers.

    No wonder the PC sim community is dwindling with the attitudes knocking around, few will even try GT5P, let alone give a chance Simbin and Blimey’s console titles, despite them almost single handidly propping up PC sim racing for the last decade.

    You also see a title like Supercar Challenge, the developers are listening to the sim community and trying to appeal to the GTR, GT Legends, rFactor communities, but once again, some won’t even entertain a console sim. Even Codemasters, yes Codemasters, have indicated they are looking to appeal to the hardcore sim audience with a realistic F1 title, while still appealing to the casual audience with driving aids. Let’s face it, every rFactor sim can been driven using a pad by a casual gamer if enough driving aids are used.

    So much for supporting sim racing, it seems that’s not the case if the titles aren’t on the PC.

  • Brad

    Montoya – These pics are contraband pics. I don’t know if EA sent you an email, but I got a message from the PR guy from EA Canada saying that these were not supposed to be released till March…so they need to be taken down asap.

  • Montoya

    Ughh, my mail software classified the EA mail as spam :sd:

    Thanks for the heads up πŸ˜€

  • Jack_NL

    just lets hope its gonna be a good game.

    wasn’t Sports Car GT and F1 99/02 not from the same developers as rFactor??

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