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Need for Speed Shift – New Preview Material

Need for Speed Shift – New Preview Material

New preview material of Need for Speed Shift has been released as new screenshots of EA’s upcoming racer have surfaced on

The screenshots show some unseen-before cars, including the BMW 1 Series & the BMW M3 E92.

Furthermore, a new producer interview has been released, giving away a first hint of the game’s demo version that will be released this summer. The interview also includes some new video footage of Shift playing in the background.

Developed by Slightly Mad Studios (former Blimey! Games) and distributed by EA, Need for Speed Shift is expected to be released in September 2009 for the PC and all major consoles.

Screenshots via Worthplaying

  • Siggs

    I spy a McLaren F1 in what appears to be a more arcade mode. Any idea what the track is?

  • mikem

    NFS: SHIFT video:

    Well, on these videos the cars have all assist on plus the racing line. The top video is from the PS3 version and at Brands Hatch and the second is from the 360 version featuring a fictional Japanese location. Clearly you can see the cars seem to move closer to what you would see in GTR2 than you would in GRID.

  • xilix

    Thank you for posting that screener video Mikem. If that video was indeed with all assists on I can see that the handling would probably in most respects be not too shabby. The thing I still can’t understand is why Ian Bell is making such *wild* claims about it. I guess he’s drinking his own koolaid, which is what a lot of developers seem to be doing these days, but I think a lot of us hardcore guys would’ve been a little less harsh on him if he’d have been a little more humble about his claims of what Shift will provide in terms of realism.

    Because, I mean, come on man, “most realistic sim ever developed” *is* going quite far don’t you think?

    Either way, it doesn’t look too shabby, and I stand, for now, slightly corrected…. but I still think the wild claims are undue. I think maybe the claims are more for the console peoples benefit than our own.

  • Sensekhmet

    Wow, it sure feels good to read such a moderated post from you, xilix. And agree with you 100%.

  • Dillyracer

    Actually, from the footage I think SHIFT’s handling seems better than that of GRID.

    If they have a solid lineup of cars and tracks, this could be a pretty good arcade/sim game.

  • Serg Funke

    the haedmovements are too heavy und the blur in the cockpit is strange. and the view outside the car i doesnt like.

  • Mark

    xilix: The thing I still can’t understand is why Ian Bell is making such *wild* claims about it.

    Let’s put this hypothetical question to you. Blimey brings out a game, physics done by Eero (RBR) and few others and Ian claims it is the most advanced engine out there. Would you have bought in to that statement ?

    EA bought an almost finished engine and game from those guys. Of course in the remaining months of development the emphasis will (maybe/probably) lie more on the gameplay element of the game, but I still think/hope that underneath that layer of EA, there’s a very nice driving game/sim.

    Like I said earlier when the screenshots were released, let’s wait until there’s a demo out before actually judging the game/sim 😉

    Oh and it does look very good in motion 😎 :ooo:

  • ScHiRoCk

    I hope it will be a sim or semi-sim, but because EA makes it i do not get my hopes up high!

  • logos

    Well, taking into consideration that EA has published some of the finest sims in the market, from Sports Car GT (1998) to F1 Challenge ’99-’02 (2003) – all 4 or 5 titles developed by ISI – I am sure they can do it again. :happy:

  • yakshemash

    Guys, this is not Shift. Some mistek happend here. Mr.Admin fix it please 😉

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