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Need for Speed Shift – HD Mod 1.0 Released

Need for Speed Shift – HD Mod 1.0 Released

Even though the release of Need for Speed Shift 2 is quickly closing in, modders are still busy tweaking the first installment of Slightly Mad Studio’s Shift franchise to their liking. djotefsoup has now released the HD Mod 1.0 for Shift, equipping the title with various graphical improvements such as high-resolution textures and new shaders.

The mod comes with four main components, all of which can be installed individually:

i) Add Community Skins – removes all stock 1024×1024 resolution skins (excluding those used to mark Rivals in Career mode) and replaces them with high quality skins collected from community skinners. Cars without community skins receive a greater range of default paintschemes (typically double the original number) and most community skins are 2x or 4x the resolution of the stock Shift skins.

ii) Increase Simultaneous Car Models – increases the number of simultaneous car models allowed on the track at once. The default in Shift is 5 unique car models. If the game can match more cars (by their performance class range, upgrade levels, game difficulty level etc) to your car level, you will see a lot more unique car models on the track at a time.

iii) Install PCGH Shaders – installs a new set of graphics shaders from Beetleatwar1977’s PCGH mod. These shaders operate on more on-screen objects at a higher precision level.

iv) Tune Tyre Smoke – installs RDK10’s Tuned Tire Smokes mod. This will increase the number of smoke particles possible onscreen, changes the smoke texture, and makes several changes governing when tyre smoke will appear.

The improved graphics put a higher strain on the system though so If the stock version of Shift isn’t running smoothly on your computer, this mod isn’t for you.

The HD mod requires an unpacked version of Shift to be installed, detailed documentation can be found at the download link below.

Download Need for Speed Shift HD Mod 1.0 Here

  • djotefsoup

    Thanks montoya!

    Some great skinners have contributed work to the mod already, but there are still a number of skinners (particularly contributors from late 2009/early 2010) who seem to have dropped off the face of the earth I would love to get in contact with.  Anyone who uploaded a skin to RaceDepartment or NoGrip at some point probably has a PM requesting permission to use their skins waiting for them 🙂  

  • TurkeyXD

    Thinking about dusting off my Shift disk.. I bet it looks better than the upcoming Shift 2 with this mod. lol.

  • TurkeyXD

    Thinking about dusting off my Shift disk and installing this mod and a whole bunch of others.. I bet it’ll look and drive better than the upcoming Shift 2. lol

  • Carbonfibre

    I don’t know why SMS couldn’t do this with the textures to begin with, it’s look so much better. They must have had it this high quality at some point in the production stage.

    Nothing is stopping SMS from including higher than what is supported on those anaemic consoles for the PC version of shift, it’s too easy not to at least give the PC version the high resolution textures that had to be crippled. – or Shift 2 will end up exactly the same. The performance gap is now a giant chasm, it’s ridiculous what they are making the xbox do, no wonder they fail so often.

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