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Need for Speed Shift – E3 Video Trailer

Need for Speed Shift – E3 Video Trailer

The E3 gaming expo is about to start and to promote the upcoming title, Electronic Arts has released a new video trailer of Need for Speed Shift.

The trailer shows us an action-packed road race, involving several BMWs, a Porsche, a Ford GT and several other cars. Unlike the first teaser, this one shows a little more than just crashes as we get to check out several highly-detailed cockpits and good sounds. The video also reveals a new car as a Lamborghini can be seen running in the pack.

Developed by Slightly Mad Studios (former Blimey! Games) and distributed by EA, Need for Speed Shift is expected to be released in September 2009 for the PC and all major consoles. A demo of Shift has been announced to be available this summer.

  • Siggs

    Very nice. lots of bumping, but I guess that stringed the story of the trailer along. Nice to see the Reventon, a couple of nice incar shots, some ubdersteer, oversteer, but braking looks mighty powerful?

  • stabiz

    Like the sounds …

  • f0xx

    It seems the game is being played with the difficult setting, the driving looks more realistic than the others, the little adjustments when handling etc…

    Looks promising ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jin24

    รคhm sry again only crashing ??? :haha:

  • navalhawkeye

    It seems the game is being played with the difficult setting, the driving looks more realistic than the others, the little adjustments when handling etcโ€ฆ
    Looks promising ๐Ÿ™‚

    I was actually going to say the exact opposite. To me, it looked like the cars were very ‘edgy’, like they would be with all the aids on. Had way too much turn in capability, etc.

  • JimmyB

    I realise EA don’t want to completely alienate the fans who’ve bought a bajillion NFS titles over the years, but the emphasis on crashing is slightly…tiring. :tongue:

    Still, it’s nice to a Lamborghini, there was an Mercedes-McLaren SLR in there too. I’m just eager to try out the demo at this point.

  • MrcL

    Heeeey, reminds me of rFactor pubs ๐Ÿ˜†
    I hope they just wanted to create some “wow” rather than really express the game’s attitude. As above, looks promising for an nfs title. I can only hope it’ll be as addictive as NSF5 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • ermax18

    That video sucked. It was like watching MTV were you’ll have an epileptic seizure if you watch it to long. That video was to chopped up to make any real call on realism. Perfect video for the main stream E3 audience though.

  • Uff

    Good video: no dance music, but engine sounds. That’s the way to go!
    Can’t wait to test the game: on the 6th and 7th of June there will be an Italian videogames’ expo and I’ll work there with Shift (people will try to make the fastest lap in orded to win a G25). I’m really curious to put my hands on it!

  • Howie47

    You can watch it in 720p on youtube. It’s looking very good to me. Hope the cars are, “edgy”, as that is how they behave when watching racing on TV. Not just constantly sliding all over the place and never retaining any grip or line. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • dabe

    Love the fact there was no cheesey music! BIG KUDOS to EA (YES EA!). Let the cars be the soundtrack. And tbh you can’t make a call about gameplay from that trailer, its been speed-up for sure.

    Also little suspect that alot of the overtakes were of the variety of ‘diving down the inside’ not really good driving!

    Overall tho, trailers made me even more excited for it!

  • JimmyB

    ^ Yeah, why do they speed it up like that? I noticed the same thing in that teaser trailer a while back. The little gameplay footage we’ve seen looked fine. I’m sure they’re trying to make it seem it exciting for the trailer but it just looks silly to me.

    Also, if they’re the real sounds we’ll hear in the game…then… :happy:

  • f0xx

    Lol these trailers so far, have been manipulated, we need some high quality gameplay, not those cam videos…

    EA please show us a a HQ gameplay with hard difficulty ON ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Skillcoil

    Woooow!!!!! Jeremy: THE SOUND IS JUUST ASTONISHIIIIING I THINK NFS SHIFT IS SWEEEEEEDISH OH MY HEAD JUST EXPLOODED !! lol seriously SMS is really good at making those music engines (I mean engine sound). remember .. dont get to stressed abt this video cuz EA made this video to attract new NFS Fans (Underground) but surly it will kick ASS!! /cheers EA finally a NFS with no music. the SLR sound is scary while lambo sound is too aggresive

  • six.degrees

    Looks like it could be a lot of fun at the very least. If those are the ingame sounds I’ll be stunned though :tongue:

  • Jos

    the sounds sound kinda edited in, if not, this will be awesome!

  • xilix

    EA has always had insanely good engine sounds for their NFS franchise. It’s the one thing that they had that was head and shoulders above anyone else out there, so it won’t surprise me if the engine sounds are good.

    These trailers aren’t anywhere near useful for us as the unedited gameplay screenings that show people just driving the game for a few laps. Those screenings alone were proof enough that the physics are going to be on the decent side. I believe this will be a fun game, but unless it’s moddable, it’ll fall into the shadows for us sim junkies as soon as RF2 and other next generation simulations hit shelves and mods start flowing for them.

    Either way, I think that EA is hyping this game on an almost obsessive level. It’s a little silly if you ask me, but the more peeks we can get the better, I suppose.

  • fpol

    Wow…if any demo could drive away a serious simmer – that one would be it!

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