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Need for Speed Shift – Damage Mod Released

Need for Speed Shift – Damage Mod Released

Following first available mod that adjust Need for Speed Shift’s AI agression and grip levels, YodaStar has released the first mod that tweaks Shift’s damage system.

The mod will enable gearbox, engine and tire damage for enhanched realism. Furthermore, sharp objects will now play a part on car impacts and tires can fall off.

The release includes both loose files and a repacked archive, make sure to check out the included readme before installing.

Download Need for Speed Shift Damage Mod Here

  • Mr. A

    just wow… I can’t believe all the stuff already being modded for this game. I wonder how this game will be in a few months time compared to now.

  • Howie47

    I think there maybe a problem. Only tested one race. But in the replay it showed a different car then what I was driving? Will try one more time before reverting back.

  • BSR-WiX

    in a few months time we all might be driving different versions and tweaks, and all discussions will make no sense 🙂

  • Mr. A

    haha yeah, unfortunately you’re probably right about that… 😆

  • kill4f00d

    Um.. this should have been part of the original game. I blame the guy with the most money. Yeah, that’s you EA. I don’t tihnk it’s the fault of SMS.

  • Howie47

    Tested four races. (the wrong car in replay) was a fluke. One race my Nissan’s engine died on last of four laps. Steering goes progressivly worse with each hit. I’d say it’s an improvment.

  • Jos

    so, what happens when you join online with all the modify-ing?

  • Sommergemüse
  • Dillyracer

    Concept’s good, but it’s too sensitive.

    Slightest contact screws the steering up.

  • Sommergemüse

    New Version 3 on my Blog 🙂

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