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Need for Speed Shift Community Patch 1.05 – Released

Need for Speed Shift Community Patch 1.05 – Released

Matt2380 has released a new version of his Need for Speed Shift community patch package that improve Slightly Mad Studios’ popular title to the liking of the sim racing community.


– Workaround for the brake bias being applied incorrectly by game UI. It unfortunately disables the slider but does allow the game to use the default value
– Reduced input lag and add damper/friction to wheel FFB
– New controller profiles to change wheel ffb (also fix bug in DFGT pedals settings)
– Disabled grip reduction on Karrussel (banked corner at Nordschleife)
– Reduced volume of tyre squeal
– Enable reverse driving to double available tracks (for hotlapping and multiplayer with friends)
– Disabled intro movies
– Unlocked pre-order bonus cars
– Reduced speed blur so you can still read dials at high speed
*** New since last version (1.031):
– Added JDougNY’s R34 Skyline and Impreza WRX STI brake disc glow fixes
– Corrected “balktorque” typo in drivetrain upgrades to “baulktorque” to fix drivetrain not upgrading properly
– Corrected uneven ride height settings for Audi R8LMS, Aston Martin DB9
– Corrected typo in Honda S2000 rear right spring range
– Corrected uneven Corvette Z06 front right spring setting
– Added “qualifying” fix to make faster AI drivers start at the front of the grid to reduce first corner pileups
– Corrected syntax error in global track LOD file
– Corrected upgrades to force inclusion of stage 4 turbo upgrades in Works conversions
– Changed statistics files for Historic (patch 1.02/DLC1) cars to correctly reflect stage 2 and stage 3 turbo upgrades
– Corrected error where AI DLC1 (patch 1.02/DLC1) cars would not produce engine sounds in unpacked games

The patch works both with unpacked and packed versions of Shift, make sure to use it with a freshly-installed 1.02 version.

Download Need for Speed Shift Community Patch 1.05 Here

  • djotefsoup

    Thanks for posting the news – slight typo though!  This is the Unofficial Community patch, Overhaul is a different thing 🙂

    There will however be a new overhaul sometime soon.

  • Montoya

    Thanks, corrected!

  • matt2380

    Oops, it seems there’s still actually a paragraph there describing the Overhaul mod.

    This Community patch is a separate mod for a separate audience. It is aimed to address bugs without adjusting the original feel of the game.

    The Overhaul mod is much more extensive and tries to push Shift more towards the sim crowd. (And also contains the bug fixes from the community patch).

    Djotefsoup has taken up the reigns for both mods. He’ll be guiding them onwards from this point.

  • Tom C

    Can I use this in combination with mods like Overhaul and/or Sharp Tire Mod then?

  • djotefsoup

    About 2/3rds of the fix list above is already in Overhaul, if you wish to merge it into another existing mod (ZZS, GTMod, Sharp, etc), there is a guide to which files are related to which changes in the main mod readme file.  You can use WinMerge or another similar program to highlight what has changed between your mod’s files vs UCP 1.05’s files vs stock game.  

    The other 1/3rd or so of new fixes will be included in the next Overhaul.  

    The 2 main goals for updating this mod was to add a few new bug fixes the community had discovered since June, for people who enjoyed the stock game but not the bugs, and to aid development of other mods by providing a separated bugfix-only patch, rather than burying the bugfixes under several hundred other changes in other files.

  • Emre Yilmaz

    The famous banked Corner of the Nordschleife is written Karussell !

    All these Mods sound interesting. Maybe I should give Shift a try.

  • Oggy

    Overhaul = Converting the game back to it’s former sim state
    Community patch = retaining the feel of the vanilla game while fixing bugs EA has not.

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