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Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed – Producer Interview

Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed – Producer Interview has released an interesting video interview with Shift 2 Unleashed Executive Producer Marcus Nilsson.

Aside from talking about some of the title’s features, Nilson also addresses the criticism of the first Shift installment from the sim racing community. Furthermore, Nilsson comments on the new elite handling model and the new physics engine, promising a title that will be more of a simulation “than anything else out there.”

The video also includes several new screenshots of the FIA GT1 cars racing at Spa at night, make sure to watch in HD mode and turn to full screen to enjoy them!

Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed will include the 2010 FIA GT1 World Championship & GT3 European Championship among lots of other racing content, the second Shift is due to be released in Spring 2011.

  • Wesley

     “than anything else out there.”

    Wow great, what an dissapointment this is, I suddenly dont expect a good game anymore with such talk. Like it is ever going to beat iRacing or rF2 on physics

  • Dillyracer

    Can I lend that crystal ball you used for rF2?

  • zer0ryd3r


  • Turkey :D

    Not convinced.. I’ll try the demo first.

  • Mr. A

    The next thing I want to know (assuming for a moment that the elite physics are really good) is if they are going to implement more simulation like game modes. I really want proper race weekends, free practice and so on, and not just these 2-3 lap races.

  • 07wtcc

    ferraris, porsches, zondas?

  • polishboy808

    5:24 Bathurst?

  • holy_sword

    how to market a racing game 101

    1. lots of talk about physic
    2. glossy still picture of exotic cars
    3. A youtube account
    5. Get posted on

    If anyone buys this game who bought shift is a sucker for sure, or crazy collector of crap

  • Independent Nigerian car maker

    At least they hate GT5 😀 @ 02:00

  • Ross Siggers

    hmm, Bathhurst….   Also, that last couple of shots of the Nissans at the end….shopped’, I have no idea, but they were DAMN SEXAY!!! ;D

  • Tensor

    Too much talking.
    Moving pictures with sound, pl0x!

  • Blacker

    I agree with Turkey, I’m not convinced either and especially with anything EA is attached to, I will never be convinced until I actually play the game.

    EA for me has never been like Simbin or hell even the EnduRacers. Anything Simbin puts out, until further notice, I buy before trying. Anything the Enduracers put out I’m excited about… Even more so because I don’t have to buy it 🙂 .

    For me, still too much bloom effect, graphically does look nice, but also looks overdone. Personally, I still think anyone expecting this to be a simulation is only kidding themselves — EA can’t produce a simulation, no matter who they partner with or work with. EA is about one thing, the bottom line. Bottom line for most sim racers — Is it a simulation? Bottom line for EA — How much money are we gonna make on the product.

    For this reason, I’ve always believed the producers of rFactor are much more interested in making a simulation rather than their bottom line. Just my humble opinion, take it as you will.

  • F1Racer

    EA are not game producers, they are publishers.

  • On a rant ;)

    ähmm am ähm amm umm……

    quite annoying. Learn to speak !!

  • Think Again

    Very true.

    Especially your point with to much bloom effect. Unfortunately it`s true for most games. Even iRacing uses too much, but only on their cars (watch carefully from cockpit)

  • Uff

    Or maybe has different taste from yours and enjoy what he has instead of always criticize what it’s not there.

  • BSR-WiX

    I liked the look of SHIFT, but for me it will never be a Gran Turismo. I cant point my finger at it, but GT is about the only non SIM game that keeps my interest.( n GT5 i was impressed with the physics i must say ) Its been like that for years. I hope this version of Shift improves on the SHIFT1 version, that looked superb, but could not hold my interest for long. i noticed the same in my friends circle.
    I dont go wild about the SIM statements in preview video´s either. We all know this market is aimed at another kind of audience. Never the less i am exited to see what they can do with it.
    Now lets see Simbin can maybe produce us a GTR3.

  • Carbonfibre

    Why is DICE talking… was that a typo?! Get the hell back to Sweden and work on BF3 dammit! Gah, wtf seriously.

  • doggod

    Waiting on the demo
    Hoping for
    GT1 championship will full grid of cars and all GT1 seasons tracks
    Fixed input for steering wheel users
    An end to ai from bumper cars at the fairground
    Wondering about 140 cars ? is a car counted only once or is it like when a track has a couple of different layouts its counted more than once. 
    Intrested in hearing about all the other stuff that makes up a sim apart from physics ,
    eg pitstops , qualification , points system etc
    And online is it still p2p or do we get dedicated servers

    From the vid , I would like to know exactly what Marcus Nilsson personal definition of a sim is.

  • Big Ron

    Now they have to beat GT5 in physics…we will see what they can make happen.

  • mike88

    here we go again a page straight from codemasters physics better then anything out there lmao

    unless they release PC demo this game is pass plus the limit of 16 cars makes this pure junk.

  • YO


  • Free2game

    Well this isn’t being developed by Codemasters though. It’s the same people who did GTR2, it’s completely possible if EA let them do it.

  • Guffzan

    I’d rather listen DICE than your ignorant-idiotic comments

  • phil23

    I agree, very important as I don’t like the arcade format of Shifts career.

  • phil23

    They did Sports Car GT and F1 Season 99-02 and that’s where Simbin and most of the modding community really started to grow. They will do “Sim” once they feel assured it will sell. Shift got sales and hopefully new interest from those not familiar with “Sim-like” racers and hopefully they allow SMS off the leash a bit with this one.

  • Craig

    Sorry but i don’t believe a word he says about the physics.

    Not after last time.

  • vik15

     Would be interesting to see some actual graphics from the game. Not all those promo pictures that blur everything to deceive us.  I am no more sold after GT5 and the first Shift either.

  • F1Racer

    ISI did those 2 I believe.

  • qawaza

    Another useless interview…

  • RKipker

    Wow, I disagree, completely!

    I think the man was very frank and very honest about what they are trying to do!  This is a bold approach.  If this game just improves on the FFB (so I can feel the road) and AI (being more race realistic) than it will be for me a Fantastic Game!  Add the additional tracks and the additional cars at their quality level in Cockpit (2nd to None IMHO) Shift Unleashed will be a very good game!

  • RKipker

    I dont think he meant iRacing… I think they do not consider iRacing a Competitor… since thay are a subscription game!  Just my opinion as there direct competition… I think they called them out… GT5 and FM3

  • RKipker

    Agreed… GT5 physics are very good once you get the right car!  Like the AMG SLS or the GT-R 500!

    However, I agree with the comments he stated in the interview… Cause I don’t want to drive a F$%^ing VW Kublewagon with 22hp on a race circuit even if it is a Historic Relic !  That doesn’t do it for me… at all!

    GT5 offers a Premium Kublewagon with 22 hp!  A Premium Mitsubishi i-MiEV and a Premium Toyota Vitz!!!!  Not to mention many other totally SH$ThicLes… I made up that word… 😀

    And they neglect to offer quality racing vehicles like the C6R and the Aston Martin DB9 as the Chaparral Legend cars are all Standard models… but they are many many Premium Toyota’s, Nissan’s, and Daihatsi’s.

    IMHO GT5 offers less than 100 “Cockpit – I want to Drive Cars” cause I don’t want to drive a car from the roof or on the bumper!  A few of these I wwnat to drive are 20 million credits so I’ll never drive them. 

    I’m looking forward to watching the progression of this one!

  • RKipker


  • RKipker

    I like GT5 and some cars..  like the Stealth Cars.. the F1, SLS, and the GT-R are really great to drive on the Ring and the physics are great!  But when I race these cars against so many awesome race cars… it sucks all the other cars are Standard cars, so I’ll never enjoy driving them, even if I could obtain them!  GT5 is a lot like Avatar… it possess a lot of Unobtainium

    Wix… did you notice GT5 Does Not Offer a Premium Model Porsche… Not a Single One!  WTF is that! 

    Like I said, I don’t want to Drive a VW Samba Bus and/or a Kubelwagon… on a race circuit… LOL! Maybe some folks do!  I like GT5 not trying to Bash It… just being Honest… I would have forgone the 1000 cars for 200 Quality Race Cars in Premium Models

  • SMS

    We only show untouched in-game graphics. 

  • Markuz

    Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is a blessing because it will let EA give us a sim-oriented game made by SMS. Elite physics sound interesting. Hopefully they give us a day 1 major-bug free game. The first one still has the annoying brake-balance and collision stutter bugs after the patches. Shift 1 is also a game neither arcade or sim gamers will love without mods.

  • Markuz

    SMS were previously SBDT who made the original FIA GT mod for ISI’s F1 2002. Then they made GTR and GTR 2, split up with SimBin and made Shift.

  • Markuz

    Hype is hype but as long as they deliver their promises I’ll buy it… after reading reviews from this site first though.

  • Nismo

    Exactly and that is how i took it, i’m quite looking forward to this and i am a Iracing/NetKar player atm but i think it’s good for the PC for somebody like SMS to come along and really shake up the big boys and tbh i have been killing for a game like Forza/GT on the PC and think they should be applauded and not crapped on with some of these silly comments. Ok, the first was a little funky but man it had alot right and showed promise. I have been after something that’s different from the usual suspects that i can just whack on and chill, F12010 didn’t really grab me as F1 i find boring but this well FIA and night racing, yes please!

  • Mr. A

    They also made GT Legends in between the two GTR games.

  • Tensor

    I don’t even expect Shift 2 to compete with iRacing when it comes to physics. Look how many people “play” iRacing. Thats’s not profitable if you don’t build up your whole company around that sim topic.  
    Still i want more than 16 cars max on the track. there must be 32 for the PC, so the “sim” becomes attractive to the sim community. and deticated servers.

    Oh…and DLCs for the PC as well.

  • Ternauwies

    I want NFS Shift 2 Released!

  • vik15

    Show pictures please where it would be possible to see somthing more than just big smeared color spots.  It’s a kind of disapointment when after you see all those promos and ecpect to enjoy  great “nextgen” realistic visuals it turns out that there is nothing beyond those blurry things. Only something very simple and low detailed.

  • SMS

    Anything you want Vik.

  • O-ZERO_Racing

    What’s wrong with a VW Polo? *DONT_KNOW*
    If they can reproduce the cars from the cup or cars that drive around at the Nordschleife, I would be happy to have it in the game. But I think he means the low powered cars that are included in GT5, no problem with that either.

  • grave2000ca

    Well, when you have a Toyota Prius in a racing simulator instead of a properly modelled Bugatti Veyron, Koenigsseg or Zonda F – it makes me twitch 🙂

  • doggod

    Garnett Lee from shacknews also had a hands on
    Doesn’t mention what he used ,eg wheel or controller
    makes a few interesting point on the head movement though

  • doggod
  • doggod

    And Eurogamer lets us know that we can earn xp while we drive
    Funny i assumed the only winner in a race is the winner

  • Sensekhmet

    Exactly, a Polo GTi  would be OK with me.

  • geoGT

    Exectly! if you gone have standard and premium cars? at least concentrate on making exotic premium cars.

    I think this one gone be like the first but with more cars and tracks.

  • Blacker

    ISI and Electronics Arts did SCGT, not sure with ISI but I do know EA did F1 99-02. But those were both years ago. SCGT is one of the best sims I’ve ever raced, way ahead of its time.

    And I apologize for my mistype — You are correct, EA is a publisher, not a producer. I always mix those up when it comes to gaming durrh.

    To Markuz — You are correct about that. That doesn’t mean they’re making a true simulation.

    P.S. I hate trying to type over my G25 wheel -.-

  • Valves Of Houston

    Let’s not forget Eero of RBR who did the tyre model for the first Shift.  They used to have resumes for everyone at SMS up on their site, lots of people who’ve worked on lots of other games – modelers who worked on Forza, coders who worked on Test Drive, designers who worked on Wheelman, etc.  If you can think of a software developer who ever made a racing game the chances are SMS were able to skim off some of their staff at some point.

  • Blacker

    Haha very, very, very good point!

  • Captain Underpants

    All the promotional stuff I’ve seen so far doesn’t give me much hope that they’ve gotten rid of the wrecking AI drivers. Doesn’t matter how good your physics are if you can’t trust the other drivers.

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