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Need for Speed Shift 2 – First Previews & New Details Revealed

Need for Speed Shift 2 – First Previews & New Details Revealed

Following the first video teaser released earlier today, EA & Slightly Mad Studios have released more previews & info on Need for Speed Shift 2.

The second installment of the Shift franchise comes with an official FIA GT license including the FIA GT1 & GT3 series cars, both series will be part of the title’s career mode.

The title comes with several new features including night racing and the all-new helmet camera, Shift Unleashed 2 is due to be released in Spring 2011.

Below are the first eight preview shots, showing off the FIA GT1 cars as well as some muscle machinery. Furthermore, the previews reveal two new tracks as we get to check out the Shanghai street circuit and the Mount Panorama Raceway, better known as Bathurst.

  • Mark

    Graphics look cool, fingers are crossed some of the other basics are dealt with this time around so I can actually commit to a purchase, namely steering not having a delay for example.

  • ZombieJim

    Very nice looking lighting. I actually really like that slight blurriness to the first two shots: TV coverage-esque.

  • Mr. A

    My wishlist:

    Full race weekends with practice and qualify.
    Proper rules, with pit stops etc.
    Larger grids, offline and online.
    No input lag problems.
    Sane AI.
    More real world tracks (hopefully all tracks from Fia GT1 calendar at least).

  • Carbonfibre

    Oh jeez, I can already feel the needlessly shaky camera of seizure inducing proportions.

    By the way, are these the original screen shots? Why the hell publish pinhole vision previews if everybody already knows how Shift looks.

    I seriously doubt they’ve re-written visuals from scratch and they need to cover up the jaggies. All they needed to do was add more bloom to make Shift perfect right?

  • Ben

    Surely it will just be a new car set, say another 5 tracks or so then a repackage job, rinse and repeat, no?

  • Free2game

    Hopefully the cars wont feel like they’re driving on ice in this.

  • doggod

    If they have the official license does this mean they will have proper racing (like rl gt1 championship)

    including official tracks etc

    how are they going to handle the driver changes mid race,pitstops etc

    or is it just the likeness of the cars on fantasy tracks

  • Azrin Kasman

    the teaser look nice

    gt cars + full damage + 24hr environment = shift 2? i hope it + nice physic + more then just 16 cars off line + more then 12 cars online + dedicated servers – crazy bloom (just my personal opinion) = Grin in my face. Best of luck Slightly mad EA 🙂

  • doggod

    Anyone have any idea what Simbin are doing with GT3,
    or would 2 studios get the GT1 and GT3 licenses.

  • belzebutt

    Is there a real-life Shanghai street race?

  • Azrin Kasman

    I believe so. once during A1GP they race there once. correct me if i m wrong

  • gerrymodo

    Bathurst is a waste here! Let iRacing scan it EA Nazi’s!

  • Gulyo

    Yesss !!!

  • zudthespud

    GT1 World championship = INSTANT PREORDER.

  • caio89

    That surely means that SimBin’s new title will not include the FIA GT1 series 🙁 Anyway, I’m gonna get this!

  • Big Ron

    they didn´t say, that EA has an exclusive license….just a license, so why shouldn´t Simbin have another one?

  • Mark

    The DTM final race this season (28-11), will be raced on the Shanghai track

  • traind

    Looks like some people have already played it (see link below).   I’m looking forward to it and hope that Slightly Mad can tighten the steering feel quite a bit from Shift 1.  We learned that EA apparently asked for some last minute changes with Shift 1 in that department that threw off the handling in the final stretch.  This next title will hopefully get it right.  The graphics on PC were already great and it sounds like they’ve made improvements from the early press release.

  • bob

    I need a tracklist before I buy anymore racing games.

  • Michael

    Heh, if they do “last minute changes” that completely alter the handling, and then lie in interview after interview with sim sites that the game was dumbed down, then there’s absolutely no point at all reading about someone else’s experience playing some code SMS put in front of them.

    I’ve no doubt at all that SMS could sit someone down in front of something resembling “a sim” – I doubt very much (and it’s clear that was the case for Shift 1) that EA will ever release it.

  • Michael

    Plus, of course, there were literally thousands and thousands of minutes since that so-called ‘last’ one during which they could have fixed it. But they didn’t.

  • Der_KHAN

    does it come with physics this time?

  • visitor

    Shanghai street race. Maybe Tokyo’s syotoku circuit to be loved by more?

  • Free2game

    FIA GT 1 + DTM full licenses = me cumming buckets

  • zezão

    why god we cannot have nextgen graphics like this in rfactor 2 ? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ??? :-$

  • RKipker

    Shift franchise comes with an official FIA GT license including the FIA GT1 & GT3 series cars, both series will be part of the title’s career mode.




    Because the rFactor fans don’t seem to see the difference every time we point it out when screenshots are posted.

  • Matheus

    Look there, a XRR from LFS on the sixth picture LOL

  • mf

    I’d rather wait for GTR 3.

  • smokeyplayer

    Have you seen a finished screen of rfactor2 with post FX on?, Keep trolling.

  • Free2game

    The technology is all there. A lot depends on the artists. Those aren’t that great either. Check out that awesome shadow draw distance in that sixth shot.

  • Headsoup

    One word, Bathurst!  That makes it a must buy instantly (I’m assuming the physics will be top notch this time of course).

    I hope they have the Aussie V8s in there 🙂

  • nick


  • wrockert

    will it be dx11?

  • Fokkak Menny

    I’d rather not bother make a comment in the first place.

  • Fokkak Menny

    @smokeyplayer  So you’re saying rFactor 2’s graphics are just as good? Keep trolling.

  • mfxfgr

    Sorry, man. That should be RX-7 or Supra.

  • Fudge factor


  • Fudge factor

    looks beaut!

  • mfxfgr

    Yeah, just like EA F1, GP Series also share the license before.

  • Carbonfibre

    rF2 is sim innovation, Shift 2 is just a sequel. That’s the difference.
    I’ll be voting for the long-term personally.

  • Slimjim

    oh goodie.. more tracks for rF / rF2… =-X

  • Markuz

    No GT2’s?

    Getting my hopes up for this after the utterly boring checklist-type career mode and buggy game of Shift 1.  I hope they get rid of the precise/aggressive nonsense and the arkham asylum inmate-drivers who only know how to ram you instead of beating you out of speed.

  • WinterVegetables

    Good to see that all the circus tents made it back in…. 😛

  • mcmoha

    Nope. DX 12.5. 😀

  • jonelsorel

    These look like the best looking PC shaders ever. Next best were Shift 1.

    @ Slimjim: ripping has never been more exciting, huh?

  • Tom

    no more input lag, PLEASE!

  • Ben

    Nope, console friendly DX9-only.

  • f0xx


  • Nismo

    This is excellent news IMO, i am an avid NetKarPro and rFactor fan and the majority of my racing now is with with NetKar but i still enjoy SHIFT from time to time. I don’t care what the haters say as SHIFT had alot right with it and i think Slightly Mad will go all out this time to really show what they can do. The inclusion of Bathurst right away aswell as the FIA license means it’s an instant buy from me but i would of still bought it anyway because of the promised the first had. Yes, some of the cars in SHIFT acted a little weird but there were also some cars that handled sublime and had great physics! Like most i hope the AI can be worked on and made not so bloody erratic. I have also still to find a car sim/game that immerses you like SHIFT does, remember the first time i drove SHIFT i was just blown away and lets not forget their version of nords which is first clsss

  • Diromo

    Can we get biger screens from same source?, because 606×340_fmv_gt1_02_0.jpg clearly pointing to non-resized picture in same host

  • Craig

    I don’t know… i bought Shift 1 after all the hype, and the statements from Ian Bell about the most advanced physics engine ever produced, saying that they didn’t include rain because they wanted to focus solely on creating perfect physics in the dry etc..

    But the physics were not good.

    They weren’t terrible but they certainly didn’t feel realistic compared to real world cars. The steering was inaccurate and slugish, the cars weight transfer and centre of gravity was badly done and they had too much rear traction on the exit of slow speed corners. On top of everything there was just a general feeling of imprecision with the handling of the cars – in a real car you just ‘know’ how much to turn the wheel for each corner and how much to press the throttle or brake… in Shift this was very difficult to know.

    It was a challenging physics engine but not for the right reasons – it took a lot of guess work to drag the cars around the track accurately and fast. Guessing isn’t particularly fun for me, and it means there is little scope for long term play as the depth of a more accurate and precise physics engine simply isn’t there.

    So that leaves us with Shift 2 ‘Unleashed’ (whatever that means).

    They can tell it to us all again, but i don’t think i’ll be buying it. Not the game, but the false statements from the developer.

    I’ll continue to follow the games progress, with a hint of bitterness, and a lack of willingness to believe anything they say.

  • Mr. A

    FFB issues and input lag aside, this is pretty much how I felt about the physics as well, but I did not know how to explain it in words.

  • Todd

    Can’t you see the 911 GT3 RSR? 

  • Zsolt Jakobey

    I hate the EA. and the [email protected]’ deadline. This is the most important for them. The plan is good but the workmanship is not so good.. Shift was terrible mostly the physics and the laggy gameplay.. i had got 60fps and i felt laggy.. piece of s.. sorry but i not really hope that it will be a good / perfect simulation game.

  • bouncebackability

    it was a different circuit for a1gp. and both were in beijing were they not?

  • NoSila

    LOOL thought the same exact thing =P

  • NoSila

    LFS addicted prvt joke 😉

  • Vmk

    SMS once again providing spetacular and realistic VISUALS, but after the first shift I have my doubts on the physcis department.. if they’re trying to put both a acessible and learning curve handling model they could put a physics system similar of Forza 3 or GT5.It won’t be hardcore sim, but it’ll be fun to play and at least partial realistic. I think its the focus of the game, I guess.

    So please SMS, FOR GOD’S SAKE, no more weird soap-boat-like handling life nfs shift 1. Its more arcadish than lots of arcade racing out there. Find the real balance between arcade and sim if you want, but not 100% arcade like your 2009 game.

  • svizzy

    believe me rf2 will look realer than this

  • pepe

    Hmm I myself don’t really understand the point of Shift-series. We already have real great racing games/sims (how you prefer to call them) with real tracks & cars and with much better physics. The somewhat decent physics in Shift 1 were improvement after all the little-kid racers like Underground etc. but I don’t understand why they had to go for circuit racing. I remember the days of NFS 3 hot pursuit and it was great fun and back in the day the physics it had were considered quite great and challenging and still it was a popular game, even if nowadays the handling might make you laugh. But why nowadays no one is producing great games like that? Simulation physics don’t equal impossible and hard for average human being. At least I myself find driving sims more easy than these weird arcade games because there is logic and feel with how the car is handling.

    They just published the new NFS Hot Pursuit but why suddenly this game has to have annoying weird physics instead of the “somewhat decent” like in Shift series.

    Also I don’t really like the graphics of this series, they’re quite weird looking with all the bloom and unnatural colors + also ie. when you look at the replay it looks like the car is floating and by the looks of it, it has something to do with the graphics engine/whatever graphics related.

    All I’m here is hoping for something between series circuit sim and funny entertaining arcade game.
    Entertaining driving game with windy roads + traffic + cops + sim or sim-like physics = epic game.

  • Ogre

    I hope that they’ll sort out the physics, and a full sim option would also be nice. And I also hope, that road cars will also be included.

  • brzl

    Yes, same for me … In shift I never found the correct settings for my G25. It always was like steering a flying saucer and not a car. Besides the input lag (although I have high-spec hardware) the handling just felt sluggish in reaction and imprecise. If SMS can improve this I am fine with Shift2, because apart from the controller thing everything else is really good. The graphics will be stunning from what we can see here (some screenshots really look like photos). Let’s see and hope for some improvements.

  • scca1981

    Looks interesting.  Will pick it up regardless.

    Just please improve the physics (namely controls) some and loose all the overdone track bullshit(banners/circus).

  • DaOnlineRacer

    Please take a deep look into the netcode, Shift1 was pretty bad

  • Stella Artois

    But it was wicked, when using Tunngle zero lag 😉

  • traind


    I think you are missing a few things. Shift sold very well for EA and was rated quite well by the mainstream gaming sites.  The changes EA asked for from SMS toward the end of development were likely to bring the driving experience away from a more sim like one to what they released.  You and I may not prefer the model that was released but the majority of people (not who read this site of course but ‘regular gamers’) found it to be good. This turned out very good for EA because Shift sold something like 4 million copies.

    The recent interview that discussed this was with the EA head for the game (Soderlund is his name, I think) who is also a race car driver. He seemed to accept the feedback from the interviewer that they tried to simplify the handling model a bit at the end and that hurt the experience for the hardcore sim racer.  His comments made me think that he understands they have to appeal more to our audience–even though it is the smaller minority by far.

    In the end, companies need to make money and most have to cater to the casual gamer. I think they can do better with the handling model (really the steering accuracy for me) for sim racers in this next edition given another almost two year cycle to work out the kinks from the first game.  Of course, I am speculating when I say this but we know SMS can do correct physics and steering and it seems like EA may have gotten the message that their input last time didn’t work out for all parties. 

    Check out this youtube interview  from about the 5.30 min mark until about 7:30.  This is where Soderlund discusses the handling change to Shift 1 and what the future will look like:

  • traind

    I posted this below in my comments but wanted to give this link it’s own post.  This interview gives me hope that Shift 2’s handling model will be improved from Shift 1.  So much about Shift 1 was great–if they can do what Soderlund says in this interview, the whole game will be great.

    Check out this youtube interview  from about the 5.30 min mark until about 7:30.  This is where Soderlund discusses the handling change to Shift 1 that was made late in the process and what the future will look like (we hope):    

  • sommergemuese

    Believe I dont care.

    Rfactor 2 will look old and I dont believe it changes. Shift 2 will look a lot better.

    But I dont care because I will play both and GTR 3 of course too

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