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Need for Speed Shift 2 – First Hands-Ons + New Previews

Need for Speed Shift 2 – First Hands-Ons + New Previews

Several gaming websites have just published first hands-on articles on Slightly Mad Studios’ upcoming Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed title.

Though none of the articles are exactly written from a sim racer perspective, all of them praise the new physics engine as a significant step up from the first Shift. Other mentioned features include the new helmet cam, improved graphics & damage as well as the title’s new Autolog social networking feature.

Though no new content is revealed, the articles mention around 130 cars, a number that has first been confirmed by PC Games Magazine. Bathurst, Suzuka & the Shanghai street circuit are named as new addition in terms of tracks.

Follow the links below to check out the articles:


Furthermore, below are lots of new high-resolution previews showing the FIA GT cars and a first glimpse of Mount Panorama Raceway at night.

Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed will include the 2010 FIA GT1 World Championship & GT3 European Championship among lots of other racing content, the second Shift is due to be released in Spring 2011.

  • jimmy

    Nice photoshop. Graphics will be probably totally the same as in SHIFT 1, we can only pray for good physics.

  • Carbonfibre

    All those effects but they just can’t seem to fix their specular aliasing issues that plagued every NFS since they took it to the toilet with underground.

  • KittX

    funny thing that they call the GT5 graphics “bland” comparing to Shift2… for me it looks waaay more CG than realistic, compared to GT5.

  • d2rty

    wait, Shanghai Street Circuit, not an Shanghai International Circuit?

  • Ricoo

    Maybe this game will be the biggest surprise of all time, good physics and sim wise? *DONT_KNOW*

  • Bubb Rubb

    yeah DTM raced there last weekend.

  • Bubb Rubb

    GT1 World Championship? Bathurst? SOLD

  • jimmy

    Rule no1: Never believe the EA promotional BS.

  • jimmy

    So physics does not matter to you?

  • Ricoo

    I don’t know why but I have a good intuition this time. 🙂

  • d2rty

    I know, but it doesn’t look very interesting, though, walls are very close.
    Well, let’s just wait and see.

  • CH

    another hope for sim.. but i’m not putting my hope too high

  • spacekiller

    I don’t know but I don’t.  😀   I hope I am wrong though.

  • F1Racer

    They’re not photoshopped.

  • hhh

    shift = sim? no chance

  • Kramer

    Sim community constantly biting the hand that feeds it ? =  Typical.

    Incredible how many are dissing this and not even giving it a chance as if there is no such thing as improvement.   
    To me it seems the graphics are better than any other racing game or sim out there, the physics will likely be better than any mod of a similar genre in rfactor or at least on par with HistorX.  The engine surely is more advanced.
    Yet the majority as usual is prejudging it in a negative way just because people who are involved in the game are talking it up as you would expect them to do.   

    We have very slim pickings in the sim and racing world so why are we not more embracing of what we do get instead of spitting venom and making rash prejudgements all the time ? 
    Its sickening.

  • Headsoup

    Well said Kramer.  My opinion at the moment is their team has the talent to make it as good as they say, so I really hope they are given the time needed.

  • Daveo555

    Not that it will be that realistic, it looks like 10-15metres wide. lol.

  • esp

    Another interesting article on Shift 2 Unleashed that talks about dynamic weather and wet roads.

  • Michael

    Hmm, you seem to have the relasionship the wrong way.

    People that buy games feed developers. They don’t feed us.

    Although I suspect SMS and EA have no interest in the sim market and couldn’t care less what any of them think. They certainly don’t care about PC sales.

    They had an opportunity with Shift 1 to build a long lasting PC franchise, they clearly weren’t interested in (or capable of) doing that.

    It’s also perfectly clear from the description of the cockpit cameras, blurring and jumping about etc etc that they have no intention of creating a realistic sim experience this time.

    Renaming your arcade driving mode without assists “elite” hasn’t suddenly made the game into a sim. The trouble is they will want to make ‘elite’ mode trivial for any casual gamer to win (otherwise they’ll have the entire fan base of NFS crying and moaning) you see, no gamer will play a game except on the hardest mode, and then when they can’t do it they will moan. Ergo, developers have to make all hardest modes easy enough for everyone to beat.

    So ‘elite’ is just an asinine way of giving false praise to depressed, fat, low self-esteem gamers.

    Other than that, unfortunately the previews were just wannabee novelists waxing lyrical in way that could be talking about any racing game (yet clearly was about no particular racing game at all) They described nothing in the process.

    Given the designer in interview said “This time around we wanted to streamline, innovate and take that core experience to the next level.” which has to be the most BS-laden marketing-speak sentence I’ve ever heard from a supposed game developer. Benefit of doubt : Perhaps he thinks saying that kind of BS he’s heard his bosses speak is worth aspiring too and will score him points with them?

  • Kramer

    People like you are part of the problem Michael. Its like racing game developers are a religion and youre an atheist.  Same relationship.  Cynisism and no belief that anything good can come from it.

    PC sales surely are dwarfed by console sales and if you take the PC sales alone and then get a percentage of how many are sim racers, you will end up with a very small percentage.
    I would bet any of the whingers here who are in control of SMS would not be producing a game just for that small percentage.   They would never be able to pay their staff.  
    Its obvious that the game is going to be geared towards mass market and that is not us.
    So maybe its up to us to understand and accept that and change our attitude. 
    There are complaints here about Shift 2 not being a pure sim.   Why would it be ?  Its ridiculous to expect it will be.
    But that doesnt mean the physics will not be up to par.   Do we think only the sim community can handle advanced physics ?  Do we think that the mass market will not be able to drive cars with accurate handling ?    How egotistical.  
    Id bet Shift 2s physics are an improvement over the first one and Id bet elite mode is a more advanced physics engine that you get in most if not all current sims available.  
    The problem is as its aimed as mass market you presume that it will be dumbed down for noobie console owners and their gamepads.
    What if its not dumbed down as much as you think but it actually works great with a gamepad and a wheel ?  

    My problem is people moaning and prejudging as if they know whats coming and dont believe in improvement or innovation as the guy stated.   Sure he talks the marketing talk as EVERYONE in his position does, but it doesnt mean it cant be true.    
    Im not gullible, being an atheist too, but you cant just label everything as BS just like that.

    People slagged off F1-2010 to high heaven before release, that is also a mass market game.
    Turns out it wasnt so bad.  Bugged to hell yes but since the patch it is not as bad as many had percieved.  
    If you want pure sims you’ll have to make do with NetKar, iRacing LFS and rFactor. 
    The thing with rFactor is the physics are dependant on how good the mod makers did them in their mods and most are pretty innaccurate, yet because rF is sim-based we just accept it and think its brilliant.
    Bring along Shift 2 which has to have more updated physics engine than the ageing rFactor and people whinge about it.   I just dont get it.

    Either learn to enjoy the mass market racers and be thankful that elite physics modes are implemented at all or stick with the sims I mentioned and shut up.    Dont moan that developers are developing for the biggest audience.    
    As you say, we as PC simmers are of probably no interest to SMS or EA but it seems we are at least not totally forgotten.  SMS’s roots are in sims lets not forget that, and that passion is still there and I hope we find glimpses of that in Shift 2 which graphically looks better that has gone before it.

    Man that was longer than I wanted it to be.

  • Dillyracer

    General simracing community showing its best side once again in the comments here I see.

  • qawaza

    Crossing my fingers even though i m not too optimistic 🙂 .

  • Sensekhmet

    Very interested in this. Shift was far from perfect and downright frustrating at times but I find myself playing it again and again… there’s that special something in it, somewhere deep inside.

  • brzl

    The screenshots look really promising. However, as EA messed up with Shift 1 regarding UI (i want to use my mouse to navigate instead of repeatedly navigating through an endless accumulation of menus, submenus, subsubmenus etc. via keyboard!), steering (laggy, imprecise) and multiplayer support (should be up to 30 drivers at one time, longer races should be possible) I didn’t really have much fun with it. Now I won’t take any of their explanations and promises serious any more and will ignore any interviews with the creators.
    To make things clear I’m not hoping for a 100% perfect sim. Shift 2 won’t be anything else but a fun arcade racer (perhaps with some sim details) because 95% of its buyers don’t have a steering wheel. Those players would give up after an hour or so if EA decided to make Shift 2 realistic. So, please, EA at least improve the steering. Give us the feeling of steering a car and NOT an alien spaceship.

  • brzl

    @jimmy: word – after Shift 1 this rule should be filed as “lessons learned”

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