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Need for Speed Shift 2 Coming 2011!

Need for Speed Shift 2 Coming 2011!

EA has just confirmed that Need for Speed Shift 2 is in development, the title is due to be released in the fourth quater of 2011.

VirtualR has learned that the sequel is again being developed by Sligthly Mad Studios whose roots go back to the GTR simulation series for the PC. Released in September 2009, Need for Speed Shift aimed to bring the franchise back to a more simulation-oriented audience, selling almost five million copies for the PC and gaming consoles.

A month ago, a first rumor regarding a successor to Slightly Mad Studio’s highly-popular Need for Speed Shift title surfaced after a former SMS employee mentioned Need for Speed Shift 2 in his LinkedIn profile. Back then, the rumor had been denied as being caused by a mere typo and even now, Slightly Mad Studio’s won’t officially confirm their involvement.

When asked for confirmation, Slightly Mad Studio’s Ian Bell seemed surprised the game had been mentioned. While stating that he can’t discuss details of projects that haven’t been released by a publisher, Ian said there will be a project released by them soon that will raise the bar for racers in many areas.

Stay tuned for much more on Need for Speed Shift 2!

  • Gaiajohan

    Currently I’m enjoying NFS World. Yea, it’s arcade, but it’s actually pretty good arcade game. Where NFS Shift as base game sucks ass.. It’s not sim, not pure arcade either. It’s a mix that didn’t feel right. So we needed mods to make it feel right.

    I hope SMS has learned from that huge mistake..

  • drowsy

    Hopefully they can fix the shakycam and tire physics… Oh right, people loved that stuff. Nevermind.

  • Ernie

    SMS should go with Reiza Studios (SMS for graphics and Reiza for physics). This would be a great combination 😎 .

    Sorry ….. i was dreaming. 😀

  • Uff

    I think they have everything they need in order to produce a realistic physic (do I have to mention “Arnao” and “Pitulainen” 😉 ), it just depends on what EA will ask them to realize.

  • jonelsorel

    Marketing and real product are two very distinct and sometimes opposing things. I’m glad Ian Belll is earning a living doing what he does best.

  • Carbonfibre

    Alright lol, lets have another shot at this.
    I’ll be really surprised if they don’t re-use most of the content from the first though including all the models, sounds and tracks.

  • Turkey

    Someone needs to stop this from happening…

  • f0xx

    Good news, always good to drive other racing games besides simulation, hope this one to be less buggy, to have better PC support and less EA/more SMS 🙂

  • David Wright

    4 million copies sold clearly indicates a huge mistake.  Shift physics always felt right to me, it was just the AI which drove me crazy.

  • Der_KHAN

    lol, ian bell says they will raise the bar in many areas… i’ve heard that one before.  😀

    but i have to say that i’m pleasantly surprised that they’ve sold so many copies with shift 1. this shows publishers that there is demand for more realism in racing games and who knows, maybe some day there will be an nfs title with realistic physics.

  • David Wright

    EA publish their “roadmap” of games in their financial reports.  A NFS title was included for financial Q4 in the 2009/10 report.  I’m guessing this is the same – so release could well be Q1 2011 in calendar quarters.

    It is good news.  Shift was a brand new engine with waht appeared to be little time for testing.  the next version can only be better though I did enjoy the first edition, even with the bugs and idiotic AI.  It will be interesting to see of they can take the franchise closer to a traditional sim.

  • Jack

    As a owner of a VW mkV GTi, i would say GT5’s physics is 10 times more realistic then Shift when i compare the mk5 GTi on both game

    but i have to admit that Shift is fun and is a really good game for time killing.

  • Dave

    Is the Eas 4th quarter in 2011 or 2012,A companies quarters dont necessarily correspond to calender quarters.

  • Stu

    Shift was 80% great and I’m sure SMS will improve the sequal in many areas.

  • z-man

    i know, an underground 3 or mw 2 will compete way better in sales and such.

  • Matthias

    Another one “not a sim and not an arcade”?

  • Fuzzi0n

    World Tour.

    Might be interested if they don’t promise a sim this time.

  • Gaiajohan

    Just ask a lot of PS3 buyers who feel like they were ripped off cause the game doesn’t run so well on that system.
    Or.. How many PC users have installed a physics mod? How many PC players and PS3 players don’t like the fact the X360 gets all cool DLC?
    A lot of NFS lovers didn’t like the setting and I’m pretty sure most of that group will like NFS World. However for me #1 NFS are still NFS Porsche and NFS3 Hot Pursuit..

  • traind

    No surprise here, as the first Shift sold so well a sequel was guaranteed.  Also no surprise all the people who didn’t like Shift posted so quickly in these comments. 

    I thought Shift was a fun ride with a great car selection and excellent graphics–at least on PC.  I liked the physics although the wheel settings never quite got dialed in perfect for me so that hurt a bit. The AI wasn’t the best but the other elements made for a nice title that will no doubt be improved in Shift 2.  It takes quite a lot of work for a title to get started like Shift was. Give SMS two years to do the sequel and people should be pretty excited. Particularly PC racers who don’t have a console title like GT5 to play.

  • Captain Underpants

    Well, since the arcade racing fans are getting their Hot Pursuit, I hope they gear this one more to the sim market. I liked the game overall, but the things that bug me about it are enough to discourage me from putting the disc in, most notably the 2 lap races, loony AI and being able to drive UNDER other cars.

    I’m not sure how much repeat business they’ll get though. It wasn’t ‘simmy’ enough for the simracers, and I’ve heard arcade fans refer to the handling as ‘broken’, which I took to mean ‘too hard’, and they don’t like track racing, so I’m not sure how well they’ll repeat the success of the first one without doing something very special, which is probably unlikely.

    Still, I’m interested to see what they do do with it.

  • Gaiajohan

    Dude.. Look further for comments I made in SHIFT topics on Virtualr.
    I’ve always defended SHIFT and esp SMS, since they must have made it till the deadline EA told them. But why am I not allowed to say it should be better this time?
    Especially the PS3-version of the game is flawed. That’s not because SMS didn’t do a good job, but it’s because EA puts too much pressure behind it.
    But it’s a truth that ian Bell always said it was pure sim, but in the end it wasn’t fully. I liked SHIFT, but I needed mods for it to change AI behaviour and physics a bit.

  • Turkey :D

    Just some advice so people don’t feel burned…

  • Gaiajohan

    [quote]I’m not sure how much repeat business they’ll get though. It wasn’t ‘simmy’ enough for the simracers, and I’ve heard arcade fans refer to the handling as ‘broken’, which I took to mean ‘too hard’, and they don’t like track racing, so I’m not sure how well they’ll repeat the success of the first one without doing something very special, which is probably unlikely.  [/quote]
    Exactly, that’s also what I was saying. Because it’s a mix, arcade fans don’t like it. But sim-fans don’t like it as well. SMS and EA should try to have one goal. Or going for the arcade fan, or they should aim at the sim-fan.

    I like both arcades as sims. I got everything Simbin ever produced. I got a full license of LFS and some other games. But I also liked most arcade style NFS’s, Burnout, Blur etc. But something inbetween jst sucks for me. GRID for example. A gamepad didn’t satisfy me, but a wheel didn’t react like it should. Only Gran Turismo and Forza master the class between those two types of racing.

    And yep, arcade fans will get Hot Pursuit 3 and they already have NFS World.

  • Gaiajohan

    I will pre-order. like I do with most racing games.. I just want most racing games.. And well, if the base game is flawed again I’m sure the community will change it.

  • Hobbs77

     Personally I think they need to fix all the problems with the 1st one before even talking about a possible sequel.

  • Skillcoill

    So finally its real and a sequel and a brand new game.

    I’ll start from number 1 mistakes/things they did wrong and hopefully fix in Shift 2.

    1- Inappropriate UI for a simulation racing game.

    2- Slow and fat UI font.

    3- No options to adjust other sounds (Tire noise, wind noise, or just like in Race Pro)

    4- Some players didn’t like the controls layout for the console versions. Why not just give us an option to edit in our own ?

    5- (Controller) Controls MUST be smooth like Forza and GT.

    6- Ability to modify gear ratio without limitation.

    7- The stars are [email protected]#$. I wasted a lot of time mastering a corner due to silly mistake made by the physics engine.

    8- The blur which occurs when you are in high speed is crap. It makes the game look awful as well as the crash effects, just remove em. I know we can do that with mods but why not the game itself?

    9- V1.03 They almost fixed the physics bugs but still it feels fake.

    10- It makes no difference for me using “Pro” or “Normal” or w/e handling mode. When they first announced this I thought “Oh, so when I choose “Pro” the game loads a bit and then everything changes”

    11- Old Shift had I think 70 cars ? I’m not sure. But we want 70 more. 

    12- And most importantly, MAKE IT A PROPER SIMULATION . The hell with the kids. Don’t worry about them they’ll be playing NFS: HP hopefully.

    Just my 2 cents

  • MadCat360

    The biggest problem with Shift’s physics was the steering. As long as you used full lock, you got full rotation. There was no delicacy to balancing the brake and the steeing on corner entry – just give it full lock and the car will corner like a champ as long as you’re not going too fast. It was almost like it was pivoting about the center.

    If they fix that, I will be satisfied with the game, because it was fun in spite of it.

  • Kody

    Install Shift 2 demo > play > uninstall  > back to GTR3/rFactor 2 (?)

  • Ben

    They need to get rid of all the MTV-Junk in the game.

  • MatzeLoCal

    As my gaming PC is currently not available I bought NFS:Shift for PS3 few days ago. What a crap! It feels like driving on oil… 

    My hopes: 
    1. My next flat will have enough room for my gaming PC
    2. The rf2/GTR3 will come to the mac.. then I can leave the gaming PC where it currently is


  • David Wright

    Hardly any PC users installed physics mods.  NoGrip is down at the moment but check the download numbers.  A few months ago when the sharp mod was all the rage, downloads for each version were around the 1000 mark.  Shift sold over 4 million copies.  If we assume 10% of these were on PC thats 400,000 copies.  Then add in a proportion of the 2 million pirated PC copies and its obvious that those using physics mods are in a tiny minority.

  • Uff

    Considering that Shift has sold around 4 millions copies I don’t think sales are a problem. 😉 Yes, a MW2 or an Underground 3 would probably sell even better, but I honestly prefer to see a Shift 2 with all the problems from Shift fixed rather than another game.

  • David Wright

    EA have published their Q1 financial results.  As I posted earlier, this includes a roadmap of releases.  In the last report it just referred to a NFS title, but the latest report says NFS Shift 2.  As I speculated, quarter 4 release is a financial quarter.  Shift 2 is sheduled for release in Q1 2011 in calendar terms.

  • sommergemuese

    Installed the Patches?

    Shift had many problems with 1.0 which has been fixed

  • sommergemuese

    What I want from Shift 2? 


    Training like in GTR 2
    Night Races
    Snow (I tell this only because I have seen some things with Snow in Shift Files)
    24h Races
    Nordschleife + GP (Including VLN, ADAC 24h, GP and NS Tourism Layout)
    No more “Wrecking” and Annoying AI
    Modding Tools/SDK
    More Tracks
    Maybe Karts, Racingtrucks, Formel Cars…
    Concentration on Arcade OR Simulation (I prefer last) So no more Hybrid anymore. You can add steering helpers for Gamepad Drivers like on GTR 2 – And forget the “Crash 1000 AIs”
    Dedicated Online Servers with min 25 Drivers
    No DLCs or DLCs for all platforms

  • Disposable_Hero

    Well, this time i´ll wait on the review here on virtualr.
    I was a victim of the sim-hype and preordered NFS Shift before reading a single review.
    Hopefully, they take all those complaints serious and give us a proper simulation mode.

  • MatzeLoCal

    “No more “Wrecking” and Annoying AI”

    That is the second point where NFS:Shift sucks. The AI drivers are extreme aggressive and behave very stupid in traffic.

  • fRITZ48

    hopefully It will what the first one should have been??????????

  • Dave

    +1 on all points

  • Michael

    “raised the bar” I think he just means they’ll be drinking a lot at the launch party.

    As for all these “I hope they fix this and that” They are unlikely to fix anything given

    (a) Several SMS staff, including Bell and a couple of guys who worked on the physics stated quite categorically they were perfectly happy with the handling / steering and physics in the original game

    (b) They (allegedly) sold around 4 million copies of the first game.
    (c) But not on the PC.

    So they basically couldn’t give a chuff what you think was good or bad about the game, especially if it relates to the PC version.

    So they won’t fix what isn’t broken (where “isn’t broken” means thinking about (b) above not sim blather about realism et al)

  • RKip

    Yes, I agree… it was a blast IMHO but needs a lot of improvement for it to be the new standard!

  • RKip

    Hello Folks:  Read between the lines; maybe the NFS Shift Title allowed SMS to finish their own pet project!   Look for something soon…. an independent move by SMS!

    When asked for confirmation, Slightly Mad Studio’s Ian Bell seemed surprised the game had been mentioned. While stating that he can’t discuss details of projects that haven’t been released by a publisher, Ian said there will be a project released by them soon that will raise the bar for racers in many areas.

    As far NFS Shift 2, I’ll pre-order today, SMS made a Fantastic game for a first release, though I hope as many here they correct the issues they left in Shift.  However, still a Blast to play!

  • racedriver

    The first one had good gfx and nice cars, tracks but the game was horrible IMO. I am not sure what different will this one be ?

  • David Wright

    I agree it can be interpretted that way.  Maybe the Ferrari title?

  • sommergemuese

    And what was horrible?

  • racedriver

    gameplay/physics was horrible.

  • scca1981

    My wish list:

    1) No more crackhead AI.
    2) More real race cars w/real perfomance.
    3) Better physics and controller support.
    4) Few more tracks..  Its starting to get kinda boring.

  • Empty

    No Laser Scanned tracks, no care.

  • Dale

    Yawn… another Gran Turismo clone.

    Wake me up when the rfactor 2 release date is confirmed.

  • sommergemuese

    Yawn another stupid flamer

  • LesiU

    Sommergemuese, then buy GTR2 😛

    Seriously, NFS will never be a proper sim. That space is already reserved for iRacing, ISI, SBT etc.
    They should really go to the roots (NFS 1 or NFS Porsche) and allow racing also on open public roads (rally from point A to B, like in NFS 1) in road spec. hi-end cars, with good physics and FF. Something like Test Drive Unlimited, but not as open world (let that for TDU 🙂 ).
    EA have good starting point – their physics engine is from ISI (yes, physics files are exactly the same 🙂 ). I guess, the only thing they messed up is tyre model and steering. Everything else (in therms of physics) is looking very good.

  • m0nty

    You don’t want SHIFT at all then. All too often I see people with requests like this which transfer the game from everything it is. You just want a game with those things, not neccessarily an NFS Shift title.

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