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NASCAR The Game 2013 Coming to PC

Eutechnyx is bringing the newest chapter of their NASCAR The Game franchise to the PC

Eutechnyx is bringing the newest chapter of their NASCAR The Game franchise to the PC, making NASCAR: The Game 2013 the first licensed NASCAR title to make it to the PC since NASCAR Thunder 2004.

iRacing aside, official NASCAR titles had been confined to consoles for a long time, this changes now as NASCAR The Game 2013 will be released for the PC on July 24.


  •  Battle your way to the top of the official NASCAR Sprint Cup Series against competitive and aggressive AI
  • Stunning visuals and handling deliver the most authentic NASCAR experience ever
  • Design and race your own Gen 6 car model with an all-new and sophisticated paint booth toolkit
  • Relive and Rewrite iconic moments from recent NASCAR history include the 2013 season as it happens!
  • Immerse yourself in full race weekends, including practice, qualifying and race sessions
  • Challenge or race as all 43 official NASCAR drivers, on all of the official 2013 tracks
  • Relive and rewrite NASCAR history with additional Inside Line Highlights packages

The title can now be pre-ordered on Steam, selling for 33,29€, including beta access to the game. More info can be found here.

  • Wesley Modderkolk

    Dont know if I’ll buy this, but to me it is a good sight to finally see this coming for the PC market

  • Anonymous

    Never really been a fan of NASCAR but I’ll be giving this a go for sure.

    • Anonymous

      I could care less about the Nascar branding but do like good oval racing

      • Anonymous

        Briefly done some oval racing on Forza when I first got my wheel and had a club to race with. Turned out to be more enjoyable than I ever expected, and challenging. So I’m game for giving it a go poorly for that reason.

      • Anonymous

        iRacing and ARCA sim offer great Oval action. AFM I want to see a more complete Oval sim title that includes all levels of dirt and paved oval series grass roots to professional top level. Things like Mini Cup 1/2 scale stock car or Allison Legacy 3/4 scale Stock Cars. USAC midgets. 600 club legends and bandoleros . What ever is being raced or has been raced on Ovals. 1950’s dirt oval stock cars or the 70 Superbird. There is tons of content to develop an expansive Oval Sim

    • Anonymous

      This is my feeling… although I do have their Ferrari Games… and Supercar challenge! Neither fantastic but proves they’re better than Code masters Grid 2.

      I’m not into a NASCAR SIm anyway… just want to jump in and run laps/races. Need to be good physics. Also, someone will develop a mod patch if they are not, I’m sure of our Mod Community!

  • Jim. C

    Glad it’s coming to the PC but I really don’t find NASCAR appealing.

    • Realkman666

      Glad it’s coming to the PC but I really don’t find Steam appealing.

  • Mazda Mps

    Acceleration sounds are nice, but do the downshifts sound a bit odd to anyone else?

  • myvracelog

    I bought there last version for the ps3 and use a wheel.

    Negative comments first:

    It was as bad as the old Nascar EA pc game. Just horrid.
    Reasons why I did not like it…
    Car felt weird
    Hard to set car up

    multi-player set up poorly could not choose who you could race with.

    drafting screwy. To much broken stuff to list. I hope this game could make it in the future though as this market is empty for pc. But the above makes me not want to buy another newer copy. Maybe try it out when it is like 10 bucks.

    Unless one of there people want to refund my 1st purchase in place of the new one I will skip this title.

    Nascar 2003 is still king of ALL oval race games and has ALL the newest car models.

    Positive: If for some crazy reason they figure out the Physics this game could be a hit. They need to open it to modding people. More people working on it may give them a fix.

    Graphics are tremendous, excellent eye candy, tracks are fantastic and great looking models and dash boards. A+ on everything to do with looks of the game.
    If you want an Arcade NASCAR experience then this is a winner I think.

    • Realkman666

      Well, their ACR game is alright for an approachable kind of game, so if NASCAR is decent enough, this could be cool. Won’t be a simulation, but as long as it’s not garbage, why not?

      • myvracelog

        I’ll buy it when i is like $7.99 on steam. Already got burned on the 1st release for $50.00. It was horrible and played it less then 30 minutes.

  • Chris Wright

    I simply couldn’t resist taking the plunge when I discovered this news yesterday. Owned the PS3 version of their first Nascar game, which certainly had its share of issues, with outrageously poor patch support, and vowed never to touch a Eutechnyx title ever again, unless they came out with a PC Nascar game, which really ought to be supported, if only to encourage other developers that there is still demand out there for such a thing. Also it’s reasonably priced too, especially compared with the console versions of the current game, so worth a go, all in all.

    Please bear in mind all the following comments are based on the current beta, so let’s not judge the thing completely until it’s officially released: –

    It is what it is – a game, not a sim, with a scintilla of “simcade” in there.

    The AI, even on the toughest setting suggested that it is still not tough enough over, say, 60 laps, and I easily won the two restrictor plate races I ran at Talladega and Daytona. That said, I was not running any damage or wear, so maybe my car was gaining an unfair advantage as the race wore on, compared with how the AI may be setup? Certainly it was tough in the early stages of the race to even keep in the pack, so I’ll need to try this again with full damage etc.

    Zero yellow flag and pit lane driving control will, for some, be a complete deal-breaker. On the other hand, it does give focus to the competitive driving element. Although it is more authentic, I’ve never enjoyed tooling around for lap after lap in a queue of under caution traffic in NR2003. The pitlane thing is more annoying, but you do have great control over your strategy, so that’s a plus.

    Another annoyance is that you can be in practice and have the most gigantic pile-up in race history and there will be no flags whatsoever and the AI just carries on like nothing happened, even though half the field is on its way to hospital.

    With those caveats in mind, it’s still a pretty enjoyable game. Not something that’s going to be hauled out all the time, but fun now and again.

    What’s so frustrating is that, with a little tweaking and a nod and wink towards the Papyrus School of Sim Racing, this could be an awesome, no compromise title.

    Let’s support Eutechnyx, because the more successful this PC version is, the better the chance we have of getting future versions more sim-oriented.

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    My main concern is that there won’t be enough players online for multiplayer. I think I may just get it on PS3.

    Although that means dealing with hilarious trollers like weregonnalose and Gomez from youtube. They make funny videos but I’m sure it’s tough dealing with wreckers in that game

  • Joe Stalans

    Has anyone tried the Beta version? What about it?

    • Chris Wright

      Yes I have it. Basically a port over from the consoles, but better looking of course. Fun, but not perfect by any means.

  • Arie Beuker, de

    Haven’t played nascar since the old windows 95 period. I do have an interest in it, but only if it is realistic. I mean, with emphasis on realism instead of pure fun.

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