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NASCAR The Game 2011 – Richmond Preview Video

NASCAR The Game 2011 – Richmond Preview Video

Eutechnyx has released a new gameplay video of their upcoming NASCAR The Game 2011 title, showing us a lap around Richmond in Kevin Harvick’s #29 Richard Childress Chevrolet Impala.

As usual, the driving is done by iRacing NASCAR World Champion Richard Towler.

Developed by Eutechnyx & published by Activision, NASCAR The Game 2011 will include the 2010 & 2011 (post-release download) NASCAR Sprint Cup seasons. Features include a very detailed damage model, career mode & 16-player multiplayer mode. The title will be available for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 & Nintendo Wii starting March 29.

  • moppenheimer

    There’s your cockpit view Biff.

  • Mark

    Yup, good to see they were able to keep it πŸ™‚

  • GTEvo

    Tell me please..wich individuell Talent and wich Profi DrivingLicence is needed to be a NascarChamp?
    Nothing else.

    Every Monkey can be NascarChamp, every untalented could be a Nascar WorldChamp..sit him in the right Car, teach him the Secret of “Windshaddow ” the secret of the Slipstream and he has got Everthing to be a NS Champ.
     Nascar Racing Mentality is the the same as Olympic  4-Man Bobracing

    Nascar is Modern Gladiatorism on Wheels..but for sure no Motorsport.


  • The Biff


  • The Biff

    I’m still ticked off that there is no pc version though.  πŸ˜‰

  • Montoya

    Do me a favor Holger, don’t talk about things you don’t have the slightest idea about.

    NASCAR is the most competitive form of racing in the world. Unlike Formula One, there aren’t just 4-5 drivers who can win but 10-15…every weekend.

    NASCAR drivers race a schedule that’s twice as long as F1’s with the races being at least twice as long in distance. 

    Many NASCAR drivers have proved time and time again that they´re very good in other disciplines as well. In 2003, Jeff Gordon and Juan Pablo Montoya traded cars with Gordon driving the Williams F1 car. Despite the fact that these cars are a world apart, Gordon was instantly quick.

    Five-time NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson is an extreme versatile race driver who has started his career on motorbikes and in off-road racing before moving to ovals. He’s regularly racing sports cars as well, being up to speed with the best sports car drivers.

    It get’s even more impressive if you look at it the other way around. The list of road racers who failed to make it in NASCAR reaches around the block. Christian Fittipaldi, Dario Franchitti, Jacques Villeneuve (a F1 world champion) proved that it’s extremely difficult to establish themselves in NASCAR and they failed because they weren’t quick enough. Another driver you surely know, Matias Ekström, recently raced on an oval as well, finishing at the bottom end of the field..

    Go read what Montoya has to say about driving a stock car, how heavy and powerful these cars much they move arround and then come back and tell me it does not require individual talent. Montoya has won the Monaco Grand Prix and no one would argue that he’s an extremely talented driver… but he’s miles away from being as good as Jimmie Johnson who’s a monkey in your book.

    It just annoys to me to no end that F1/road racing fans feel the need to crap all over NASCAR every chance they get while many NASCAR fans follow other racing and never feel the need to badmouth the other sports. I guess you hate what you don’t understand…

  • The Biff

    He’s right.  It always seems like the roadies are crapping on oval guys.  I like both but I know guys who are only interested in oval racing and they never crap on the roadies.  πŸ˜‰

    Look at how good Marcos Ambrose is at road racing and how well he does at the Glen and Infinion but on the ovals he’s done nothing. 

  • Big Ron

    That is the biggest bulldhit I´ve ever have read.

    NASCAR racing isn´t as easy as it looks. Just try out Nascar Racing Season 2003 and you will see.

  • Big Ron

    That is bullshit. Nascar racing isn´t as easy as it looks. Just try out NASCAR Racing Season 2003 and you will see.

  • Independent Nigerian car maker

    Holger, try witout blinders

  • Bakkster

    Of course, I mean just look at Juan Pablo Montoya! He’s better than a monkey, having won international events, and he’s a NASCAR champion, right?

  • KastaRules

    I want a proper NASCAR sim like Papyrus used to do back in the days! They were so good that just watching the replay of an accident was pure joy!  😎

  • GTEvo

    hi Montoya..
    i didnt say that a professional Nascar Driver is a bad Racer or has got less Talent as an F1 Driver or Cart Driver, or Rally Driver, or a TaxiDriver, or as you, me and our Children.
     I just say, that it isnt needed, to have an Racer Talent, to need an Racer Licence, to be an Nascar World Champ or a good Nascar Driver.

    Im pretty sure that an 8 Years old Cartdriver Children with 1-2 Years Cart Experience bring enough Talent and individull Skills, to race save and fast a Nascar.

    Nascarracing has nothing to do with normal Cardriving..Nascar is “Ski-Jumping on Wheels”..first you need Courage and the Slipstream Experience, but no Driving Expierence any kind of Art.

    Nascardriving is an natural Procedere, every Monkey and every unathletic, massive overwight, untrained SumoFighter can be a NascarChamp, but they never could be a TaxiDriver, Cart, F1, GT, Cup Champion. 😎

    Whatever you all want to teach or tell be an Nascarchamp, it doenst ned an RacingLicence or an RacerTalent.

    cheersGuys..dont worry^^
    This NascarGame looks cool and my Meaning isnt an Attack to an Nascar Fan, that wasnt my Message^^

  • Montoya

    Okay, there’s two options here:

    A) You want to wind me up… okay, whatever floats your boat..

    B) You actually believe what you say… that would be worse because your statement is nothing short of retarded. 

    If it is that easy, why aren’t Montoya and other F1 and road racing drivers driving circles around Jimmie Johnson, Kyle Busch etc. Please do explain..

  • Turkey :D

    I was just playing Nascar 1999 Edition yesterday. It’s such a great game that I can stand the dated graphics.
    <img src=”” alt=”” title=”Hosted by” />

  • Turkey :D

    I was just playing Nascar Racing 1999 Edition yesterday. Overall, it’s such a well made game that I can live with the dated graphics.

  • Turkey :D

    That looks even better than the cockpits from GT5.

  • Turkey :D

    It’s because they don’t want us to mod it and add cool new cars and seasons. They want t obe able to sell nascar 2012-2013

  • GTEvo

    If it is that easy, why aren’t Montoya and other F1 and road racing drivers driving circles around Jimmie Johnson, Kyle Busch etc. Please do explain..
    you can answer it i said..its not needed to be an F1 Champ to get Nascar Champ.
     Nascar has nothing to to with driving..Nascar is 99% Downhill Gliding Mentality.

    Nascar is 100% “Motorsailing”, not Motorsport, not any Cart of Racedriving as we known.

    “Monty”, you should me..i believe anything what i say and i mean it so^^
    I think your Idol JuanPablo is one of the most spectaculriest Racer of the World..110% “AgressiveLeader” Mentality, but that isnt really needed to be a NascarChamp.
    To be a Nascar Champ the most important thing is to have the best tactical Strategy, to find the ideal Balance.
    A Nascar Racer doesnt learn the Secret of the perfect Brakepoint, he doesnt learn the Secret on the Edge, this Holy Gral of Motorsport, he need something total different, he must be sensual and sensivity, he only need an Instinct.

    Nobody needs learing Cardriving, nobody need a CarLicence, you need an natural talent to feel the Wind, you need the “Six Sense”.
    And this just a Gen, nobody can learn this, you have it ,or you not have it.

    In this “Sense”


  • GTEvo

    Nascar is 100% “Motorsailing”, not Motorsport, not any kind of Racedriving as we known. 

    so its right^^

  • moppenheimer

    This is Holger’s best rant yet. Comedy gold.

  • Montoya

    Nothing of what you say makes any sense..

    I can tell you´ve never bothered watching a NASCAR race or tried racing one in any simulation so having a discussion with you is pointles.

    You always talk about “slipstreaming”, you are aware that the only two races where drafting has a huge effect are Daytona and Talladega, right? That’s 4 out of 36 races…

    On short tracks such as Bristol or Martinsville, it’s all about braking and cornering to be fast, aero is playing a very minor part there. A driver who dosen’t know a thing about braking and finding the limit wouldn’t be able to handle a F1 car or a Daytona Prototype or something similar and yet that’s what many NASCAR drivers have successfully driven as I´ve explained to you above.

    You have an extremely narrow-minded view of the motorsports world..please educate yourself before making ridiculous claims that are based on hearsay and misinterpreting. 

  • GTEvo

    No Monty..i only “talk” from an Instinct.

    Nascar is Sailing not driving.
    Nascar is an autodidacted Sport, wich doesnt needed an professional Racer Licence and for sure not any normal Cardriving License.

    Everbody could be a NC Champ without learn to drive a normal car, thats what i said^^.


  • Novum

    Im gonna buy this!!

  • Mane

    Please go and learn some English.

  • GTEvo

    and you, how to learn to live free, to form your Individualität to get an own, uncheatable Personality.


    Believe me my little Twitterristi and german Language, i tell you something from a Horse and you think your a Hippopotamus^^

  • Ole Marius Myrvold

    However, you cannot compare it. I don’t think you would see NASCAR drivers going instantly to the top in F1 either. They are so completely different…

  • Chad

    I dont see whats fun about driving in a circle… To each there own i guess

  • homerfreak

    GTEvo, learn English. Seriously. What you say makes no sense at all, Nascar is indeed very challenging and you have to be an excellent driver to drive such a car properly. And please… take a look which words are written with a capital letter. Und das sag ich dir als Deutscher!

  • holy_sword

    GTEvo  you are the best commentor i have witness on this blog, no one here is close to as clear as you are in the point they are trying to make, keep up the good work.

  • Ross Siggers

    I’m trying to decide if Holgers broken english is making him seem more retarded, or if it’s hiding the worst parts from us…

  • RhysΒ Gardiner

    A league I run in uses modified versions of SimBin’s WTCC cars. One of the marquee events of our season is a oval event, at a track that is pretty much flat out the whole way round except for one lift off the throttle for the final corner.

    Now, the whole field uses the BMW 320si for this event – 300hp and 1100kg – a pretty easy car to drive if you ask me. But believe me when I say that the oval event is the most difficult event I have ever competed in in my time sim racing. One little tap and you’re spun around, one centimeter off line and you run too wide, maybe into the wall. It’s harder than it looks, and nerve-wracking as hell, and that’s in a piddly little Super 2000 Touring Car.

    Think of real life NASCAR drivers racing on ovals. You’re driving cars that only have 4-speed H-boxes, but over 800hp at the rear wheels, and the car doesn’t want to turn because it’s so heavy. You have to hit all your marks just right, in the middle of a field of 30 or more cars, while keeping up with the guy in front and defending from the guy behind, who could make one tiny mistake and send you right around. And you’re running inches away from walls.

    I don’t find oval racing particularly exciting on face value, but when I think about just what the drivers are actually doing it gives me a whole new appreciation and respect for the drivers.

  • RKipker


  • RKipker

    Hmmm~  I will say this, its sounds better than any other NASCAR Racing game I’ve heard/played and yes, I have iracing!

  • GTEvo

    You are correct Monty. I am just big SimDouche with TwitteristaMentalitie. I suck VeryMuch. I LoveNascarMentalitie. KevinConway is my fovorite nascarracer, he has good RacerTalent, and LargePenis from Extenze. YUM!!!!


  • The Biff

    lol…iracing is not known for its sound engine.  πŸ˜‰

  • Bob

    I can’t play nascar games, they make me sleepy just like the real thing.

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