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NASCAR The Game 08 – Released

NASCAR The Game 08 – Released

2007 is not even over but still there is already the first rFactor mod simulating a 2008 series. NASCAR “The Game” 08 brings next year’s NASCAR Sprint Cup season to rFactor: Dale Earnhardt is already with Hendrick Motorsports, Tony “Smoke” Stewart drives a Toyota and they´re all chasing two-time champion Jimmie Johnson.

So much for the good news, the bad news is that the mod suffers from quite a few quality problems. I only ran two short sessions but some problems are obvious, including low res track textures at some venues and very odd AI behaviour. At Chicagoland and Talladega, the AI cars kept on crashing for no reason – hopefully there will be a fix for this.

True NASCAR fans (like me 😛 ) won’t stop this from trying the mod, even though you need to be patient before you can. 1,1 gigabytes for the mod plus 150 mb for the first patch are hefty in size, the mod does include quite a few cars though. Not only the 2008 Sprint Cup is included, you also get to drive the Nationwide series (former Busch) cars as well as the Craftsman trucks.


SprintCup 2008
NationWide Series
Craftsman Truck Series
32 Tracks from Nascar Schedule in all Series.
New menu and Spinner.
Improved graphics and Performance.
Spotter Plugin 1.1 English Included, The Best Spotter for your races

Download NASCAR The Game 08 Mod Here

Download First Patch Here

  • Tom

    Where can you purchase NASCAR The Game 08?

  • Tom

    I have been waiting for this so where can I buy it?

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