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NASCAR Heat – Platinum G2 Daytona Prototypes

NASCAR Heat – Platinum G2 Daytona Prototypes

The guys over at The Mod Squad keep on putting fresh content into NASCAR Heat, having just released a Daytona Prototype addon to their Platinum G2 mod that contains the 2009 NASCAR Sprint Cup and NASCAR Nationwide seasons.

The Daytona Prototype addon includes matching tracks, including famous American road courses like Mid Ohio & Laguna Seca.

Released in 2000, NASCAR Heat is still being kept alive by a very active modding community that adds new content and other improvements such as widescreen support to the simulation. Both the mods and the base version of NASCAR Heat are free to be downloaded on the Mod Squad website, sim racers who love American racing should definitely give this classic a try.

Download Daytona Prototypes for NASCAR Heat Here

  • scca1981

    Nice…. Gonna pick it up right now and fire up the game for the first time in a long time.

  • Richie61

    Blaxman and crew out did them self’s on this release 😮

  • lukasz

    I’ll give this a try. To play mods you only need to download NASCAR Heat Essentials and then download the mods. No demo nor full version needed. FREE!!

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