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NASCAR Heat – Indycar 2009 Mod Released

NASCAR Heat – Indycar 2009 Mod Released

The Mod Squad has released their Platinum Grand Prix mod for NASCAR Heat, bringing the Indycar Series to the now-free racing simulation. Originally created by Michael Peters for rFactor, the mod includes the 2009 season of the United States’ premier open-wheel racing series.

Also available are IRL track packs that bring both the road courses and oval tracks of the series to the simulation, including tweaked AI files to suit the powerful open-wheelers.

Released in 2000, NASCAR Heat is still being kept alive by a very active modding community that adds new content and other improvements such as widescreen support to the simulation. Both the mods and the base version of NASCAR Heat are free to be downloaded on the Mod Squad website, sim racers who love American racing should definitely give this classic a try.

Download Indycar 2009 Mod for NASCAR Heat Here

Download Indycar 2009 Track Packs for NASCAR Heat Here

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