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More on the NASCAR 09 Demo

More on the NASCAR 09 Demo

Erale has managed to download the XBOX 360 NASCAR 09 demo and submits the following info and photos. The demo of EA’s newest NASCAR game lets you choose between one of four Hendrick Motorsports cars and go Sprint Cup racing.

You can choose to go racing under the lights at Lowe’s Motors Speedway or do some restrictor-plate racing at Daytona. Furthermore, the demo includes advice from Jeff Gordon which will be one of the main features of the full game. NASCAR 09 is scheduled to be released on June 10th, the final version will not only include the Sprint Cup but also the Nationwide and Craftsman Truck series.

  • scca1981

    i’m not a huge nascar fan… but I will say it looks good from the screen shots 🙂

  • Uff

    This is the kind of graphic I’d like too see in a next gen title: looks definitely good, without all those “fake” effects.
    Let’s hope to see something similar on PC too. If Codemasters would do something like this with the next F1 game, they would make me happy, even if it won’t be a true simulation. 🙂

  • c6rfan34

    no doubt it looks good. but man is EA gettin cheap. not ponying up for the manufacturer names and logos? 😕

  • DEIMusgrave

    the eye candy is wonderful, but as a true sim race it is not always about that, unfortunately the game still pits for you, lack of realism. Will never put my MOMO down for this 😉

    But for the fun value of console gaming looks good 🙂

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