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More on the HDR Plugin

More on the HDR Plugin

Plenty of people have tried the HDR plugin I posted some hours ago and some came up with interesting results. Husky42 has tried it on GTR2 and it works exactly the same way there as it does in rFactor. He posted some shots you can find below. Seeing that this plugin works in two gMotor games, it’s likely it will work in RACE07 too.

Others have started tweaking the plugin, the “enbseries.ini” file in the rFactor dir seems to be the key. Xenon360 points out that the “quality” subfolder in the archive has pre-tweaked ini files for high/mid/ and low quality settings. Also, according to Xenon360, motion blur should be switched off for a more realistic look and less FPS-load.

Edit: GeraArg proves that the plugin really works in about every gMotor sim by submitting the following beautiful shots of Turismo Carretera enhanced by HDR.

Get the HDR Plugin Here

  • GeraArg

    I leave a few screens of the game “ACTC Turismo Carretera” is this wonderful plugin pity that this exterminated my 8800GT 😛


  • Montoya

    Thanks for leaving those, excellent screens.

    Will add them in to show that this plug-in really works in all ISI-sims 🙂

  • steve

    and where can we download the plugin ? or is it wip ?

  • Anonymous

    anyone tried this with RACE07?

  • Jesper

    Did anyone give out an enbseries.ini configured for gmotor yet?
    can someone send it to me? 😀

  • audir8fan

    Husky42 has uploaded a custom enb series.ini on NoGrip.

  • Husky42

    This is not really “configured” for Gmotor2 but it is the settings that i use. I toned them down a bit more from the screen shots as i was going for more realistic using HDR. It will still hit performance, i lost about 50 fps on most tracks with it, on some i lose over 100 fps but i get anywhere from 250-500 fps on tracks so it is negligible performance loss IMO as it looks a ton better.

    My post on the second page of that thread has my INI.

  • F1Racer

    yeah well its nice but its not really HDR is it ?
    HDR requires a proper HDR image to process off and this doesn’t supply one nor does rFactor.
    What we have here is a set of post-process filters such as bloom. With the right settings its a pretty cool enhancement.
    But HDR it isnt.

  • Mike

    Thanks Husky42! Your ini looks nice and performance hit is not so big as the ones coming with the plugin 😉
    Tried the extreme quality setting that comes with the plugin, but fps drop big time. the lq ini from the plugin works but has some odd glitches.
    But again yours working OK.


  • Kill4Food

    For anyone trying to run a Geforce 7900 GTX at 1680×1050 resolution, in the enbseries.ini set these parameters…

  • Kill4Food

    Nevermind it froze again. This plugin really needs vetter hires support. the highest it goes is 1280×1024. I don’t even get any fps drop from it either,but when it goes to 1680×1050 the game locks up.

  • speedy

    Here no probs with high res (16×10). Best enbseries.ini for me ist the lq_enbseries.ini from the quality folder. The NoGrip file is too much toned down.

    Also with the lq_enbseries.ini you get higher fps. With some aditional settings decreased it looks brilliant.

  • Fan

    one video demo of hdr plug in :

  • xilix

    Works great here at 1680×1050 using any ini I want, but I have a killer water cooled 3.9Ghz quad core with an 8800 as well.. I do enjoy husky’s ini file, as it looks fantastic and doesn’t take a perf hit. It’s just the right amount and isn’t so glowy.

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