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More on the HDR Plugin

More on the HDR Plugin

Plenty of people have tried the HDR plugin I posted some hours ago and some came up with interesting results. Husky42 has tried it on GTR2 and it works exactly the same way there as it does in rFactor. He posted some shots you can find below. Seeing that this plugin works in two gMotor games, it’s likely it will work in RACE07 too.

Others have started tweaking the plugin, the “enbseries.ini” file in the rFactor dir seems to be the key. Xenon360 points out that the “quality” subfolder in the archive has pre-tweaked ini files for high/mid/ and low quality settings. Also, according to Xenon360, motion blur should be switched off for a more realistic look and less FPS-load.

Edit: GeraArg proves that the plugin really works in about every gMotor sim by submitting the following beautiful shots of Turismo Carretera enhanced by HDR.

Get the HDR Plugin Here