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More on Emerson Fittipaldi’s Game Stock Car Experience

Renato Simioni has shared some new details on Emerson Fittipaldi’s Game Stock Car 2013 experience.

Three days ago, I posted a story on Brazilian racing legend Emerson Fittipaldi giving Game Stock Car 2013 a try.

Many of you demanded more details about his experience and the feedback he gave and Reiza Studios’ Renato Simioni was kind enough to share some more info on the occasion, right here on VirtualR:

For those who are interested, here are a few more details about the occasion:

– The meeting was not in our office but at Emerson´s own home – he got the simulator for himself and for his 7-year old son (who is taking up karting) to practice;

– The pictures were taken while Emerson was sharing the first few laps with his son, who as most kids that age, was very excited with the new “toy” and not willing to share it for very long 🙂 For that reason the simulator was kept adjusted to little Emmo;

– Emerson was straight at home and drove confortably at first while some driving aids were still on – he complained he could feel them interfering and asked for us to switch it off. When we did he had a couple of spins but very quickly got the hang of it – within a few more laps he´d have no problems turning in competitive times;

– He spent a good while marvelling at his replays, to the desperation of little Emmo beside him 🙂 ;

– There is a video but in between the engine noise and his son shouting you can barely hear him;

– Someone mentioned most people specially his age wouldn´t remember details of experiences from a long time ago, and indeed many racing drivers don´t seem to preserve a very long term memory… Emmo however is *very* sharp and remember events from his career in minute detail – worth checking his blog entries in the Mclaren website… Fittipaldi to see the man knows his history – he recalled in detail the engine problems he had in the 1976 brazilian GP which forced him to drop out from his promising 5th grid position.

– I wouldn´t discard seeing him pop online for a multiplayer race on occasion 🙂

  • Traumahound

    Great story; thanks. : )

  • Anonymous

    Good to hear but the most surprising piece of information is that he had a kid at age 60!

    • Adrian Herrera

      I guess that’s one of the perks of being an F1 world champion… getting laid for the rest of your life 😉

  • Adrian Herrera

    Wow.. I thought he just dropped by to check Renato’s sim rig. I never imagined the legend himself would buy his own sim to play at home! Very nice!

    • Anonymous

      IMO I don’t think any Racer ever need retire completely they just need to step away from the RL risks.

  • traind

    Took the advice and went to the blogs… here is a quote from Fittipaldi that might inspire you to go read them too:

    “Even now, at the age of 67, I miss racing. I miss being in the cockpit; I
    miss braking late; I miss getting the car turned in; I miss kissing the
    apex kerb with the inside front tyre; I miss twitching the car ever so
    slightly to get the back end just a little out of line, so as to get it
    lined up for a fast exit; I miss feeding in the power; I miss feeling
    the rear end drift wider; I miss controlling that drift with a dab of
    opposite lock; I miss keeping the power on, holding the slide; I miss
    grabbing the next gear under full throttle and looking up to see that,
    yes, my rival in front of me is a couple of car-lengths closer than he
    was before the corner; I miss working out how and where to overtake; I
    miss it all.”

  • GamingCanuck

    I really need to buy Game Stock car, I just hate not being able to buy games from Steam.

    • Anonymous

      Game Stock Car is not offered on Steam or did I misunderstand your post?

      • o0THX11380o

        You did. He wishes that is WAS on steam 🙂

    • o0THX11380o

      You should buy it anyway it’s great! I am the same way. Wish it was on steam and didn’t want to get it, but a sim like GSC must be bought anyway.

  • Alan Dallas

    So after watching the ISR review of GSC and reading this stuff on Fittipaldi using GSC… I went and bought it. Now my only problem is fitting it into my schedule of testing pCARS and playing Planetside 2. Something’s gotta give!

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