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More Hints on Fanatec’s Upcoming Xbox 360 Wheel

More Hints on Fanatec’s Upcoming Xbox 360 Wheel

Three days ago, I posted a first story about an upcoming new Xbox 360 compatible Fanatec wheel that would soon be unveiled.

Fanatec’s Thomas Jackermeier had already given us some clues about the new wheel, revealing that it would be a new top of the line product at Fanatec and will once again by licensed by a German sports car maker (Porsche).

Now, a few new hints have been made available, narrowing down the Porsche models the new wheel could be based on:

Hint 5: It will have illuminated buttons and that means…?

Hint 6: The logo of the car shows a black horse

Hint 7: One component of the wheel can only be made in Italy and another one we get directly from the UK

Hint 8: The colour of the base is named after something which is 1000 times faster than the car itself

Hint 9: The car model is no longer in production but will never look old or lame

You do have an idea what Porsche model the new wheel is based on? Then head over to Fanatec’s blog and post a picture of the Porsche model in the comments, the first three posters to correctly name the model will win the new wheel!

  • Dan

    I think it’s already established that its an electric green Carrera GT wheel. I’m almost positive the car part is right.

  • cpd

    Pleeease for the love of god have analouge paddles so us disabled sim racers have a wheel to use, And be PC compatable also of course

  • felipe

    this is pointless! MS has stated in its latest financial report that it won’t continue to support the Xbox brand and with almost Zero hardcore simracers having the 360 as their simracing platform this is more an advertisiment than anything else!


    F1 clutch analog paddles!

  • Vince

    Whats the price and will it be PC compatible?

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