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Montreal 2008 for rFactor 2 – Released

Coutie has converted The Lonely and SLN’s Montreal 2008 for rFactor to rFactor 2.

Coutie has converted The Lonely and SLN’s Montreal 2008 for rFactor to rFactor 2, equipping it with ISI’s latest technology.

Released back in August 2008, Montreal 2008 is a heavily reworked version of ISI’s original Montreal for rFactor and now it has made it’s way into the titles’s successor.

You can download a first version of the conversion below, it still has some bugs like flashing fences. Coutie is also thinking about releasing an updated 2012 version of the Canadian F1 venue later on.

Below is a video of a full lap around the track, courtesy of MrInfrared.

[boxdownload]Download Montreal 2008 for rFactor 2 Here[/boxdownload]
  • Márcio Oliveira

    meh quick conversions…

    • Anonymous

      I haven’t tried it but I think except for the trees, it looks good

  • kai modmate

    everything for rf2 coming up seems to be BETA`S all the way like rf2 itself.
    If they would reinvent the return policies so that also 6 month members and more can get a refund i swear to you 70% will do that immediately.
    Sad sad sad , rf2.

    • Anonymous

      yeh u cud b right but i would estimate you and 90% others would end up re buying it so whats the point.

      • kai modmate

        Im pretty sure i wont mate, there are defo other nice and interesting sims coming up, Asetto Corsa—GTR3 and well, just maybe CARS as the new physic and tyremodell goes in the right direction finally, even if its not perfect they are on the right track and also all the above sims got wayyy better gfx then rf2 will ever have. They got a limited engine and thats a fact, sure its looking good and it will be better if they get gold somewhen in the next decade but at the end if its gold its gfx wise a joke compared to the other sims.

        Also the isiforums are just boring the last time , even after the update its all the same all the time.

  • Tomas Beha

    “Up Normals” for the trees, please… and major conflict in the fences, how can someone NOT notice that before release ?

    Edit: even worse, they did and released anyway :S

    • ___ ɥqp ___

      I have to say that although I am grateful to people for making and converting tracks for all racing sims, some of these rushed track releases for rFactor2 are doing the reputation of the sim no favours at all.
      ISI need to get the gold version released and then the modders can do their stuff with all the tools and get these tracks released in a more complete state.

      I am another rFactor2 customer that thinks ISI need to get their finger out and get it out quick sharpish and start giving its customers some content.
      Thank god for “feel’s” tracks because they are what have saved rFactor 2 from the scrapheap and obscurity for me so far.

      • Anonymous

        To be honest, I am starting to agree with this view. ISI need to focus and get out a powerful update (maybe a full on graphics update where rain, visual bugs, textures and some new models come that really impress) in the next month or two, or i can see a lot of negative vibe coming there way…

        Nismo made a post in the ISI forum that conveys a lot of points pretty well, where some others chimed in and made some pretty good points, too.

  • GamerMuscle

    Nice work on the track !

    RF2 does have some aspects that are amazing the old cars can be good to drive , the old tracks are well realized and people like Feels 3 are doing an incredible job with there tracks.

    But overall I think its a huge disappointment , the sounds and graphics are lacklustre and the physics in many of the cars just are not convincing to me.

    ISI are again leaning almost entirely on mod teams to make the game desirable. However It seams to me that allot of mod teams and leagues are holding on to see what AC delivers.

    If AC can deliver physics on par with NKP but with better graphics , sound , net code and supports modding , as they say it will then I think RF2 might find itself getting dumped by the majority of people that own it.

    The yearly fee or large upfront fee for RF2 is even more reason to simply not bother with it , Its not necessarily bad value , just other than the old cars I cannot see myself playing it much. That is unless the on-line users pick up drastically or some mod team comes along with something awesome.

    • Philip Antonia

      I’m inclined to agree with your statement. RFactor 2 much like rf1 is relying heavily on modding and this would have been fine if AC wasn’t on the horizon. I’m worried that ISI may have dropped the ball this time 🙁

    • Di Gital Blend

      Why so many poeple are judging this game like it would be final version. Compare how much FR 3.5 has been improved since first release… Seat tight and wait until final release.

      • hoodge1

        Feel the same Gital Blend. Foretellers of the future does not make anything FACT.

      • GamerMuscle

        You can only evaluate thing as they are now.

        Most games on pc are a service now rather than a defined product in the end they are selling something now they can call it what they like alpha ,beta, banana If the developer alows people to pay a fee and play the game then they are selling something and its fair for people to comment on that something.

        I’m sure all the software will get better in the future that’s the case with anything but the point is you can only really comment on what you have now , that commentary does not mean you don’t see that it might or might not get better or worse.

    • Anonymous

      the large upfront fee OMG your joking right? yearly fee play iracing or xbox now thats LARGE fees. and most of there ( games xbox ) and dlcs will work out to be more expensive than RF2 ever will be.. and as for RF2 it has more content from ISI now than RF1 did at this stage, as for physics you can have your opinion but a lot will disagree with you on that. graphics will improve and loved that they were more worried about other issues 1st than just giving us something that just looked PRETTY.

    • hoodge1

      One word. Patience. I’m thinking rF2 is gonna be more then a year away from release. Like Pcars, don’t judge the final product till its installed on your rig and running. Way to early to piss on WIP’s that got lots of distance to travel to gold.. If that’s how some wanna be, then I say so be it. I know the graphics and sounds are not on the agenda list for now. It’s always been about the physics engine and tire models. I say enjoy it for what it is now and don’t be so quick to say what it WILL be in the end. Could look back and say, “Boy was I wrong”.

      • GamerMuscle

        All games are constant WIP now so you can only ever evaluate how they are right now or any given point in time.

        A company can call it alpha beta pre alpha happy go lucky edition , in the end if they offer the product for sale to users and its available Its not unfair to be critical of the aspects that are pore.

        “It’s always been about the physics engine and tire models”

        The physics at this point in time simply don’t blow me away with RF2 Allot of the issues from RF1 persist , pore low speed grip , weird situations where you sometimes get into a locked in slide.

        “don’t be so quick to say what it WILL be in the end”

        I didn’t I just said how it is now , and that If AC releases in a more finished state then allot of the mod teams and leagues will likely switch to that putting RF2 in a bit of a weird position.

    • Roger

      I partially agree and disagree 🙂

      They do rely very heavily on the mod community and that is where we will see the best content evolve during 2013, but even the base content is very good IMO, especially the physics and 3D support.

      The first official cars did not sound very good, in fact quite poor. Though the sounds on the newer cars are very good, the F2 and especially the Clio sounds great! Really hope they improve all the car sounds to the same level as the Clio.

      To me rF2 feels like the most realistic race car simulation i have driven. The force feedback is close to perfect and you can really feel the over and understeer transitions in a very accurate manner.

      2D graphics are OK and even good but not great. The recent tracks like Croft and Putznam (by Feels 3) looks great! The classic Spa is one of the most amazing tracks in sim racing. Menu’s and mod interfaces are very crude but does the job, I assume they will tweak this for the final release. Car models are OK but not great, cockpits are OK as well.

      3D graphics (rFactor 2 is 3D Vision ready) makes rFactor 2 look better and more immersive than any other car simulation to date! It looks and makes you feel like you are really in the cockpit! This makes it look better than pCars which is stunning in 2D but does not support 3D without major artifacts.

      With mods coming up like HistorX and some great tracks rF2 will remain one of my top sim titles for sure during 2013.

  • Anonymous

    I want to see what will be iRacing’s reaction to this release as they got the rights for this track. I’m not saying this or that is right. Let’s wait and see…

    • Eric Zehnder

      No game has exclusive rights to a track. Some do for car brands, though.

      There are always enough discrepancies with unlicensed tracks that they would never be successfully sued. rFactor 1 relied on this as well as netKar Pro community tracks and the majority of Project CARS.

      • Daniel Neil Marr

        *ahem* Automaniax and porsche ruining the Enduracers mod *ahem*

      • Ole Marius Myrvold

        “Some do for car brands, though”

      • Daniel Neil Marr

        I know, i was adding to the statement with an example

  • MR. Boombastic

    This track isnt that bad, apart trees and fences. I wonder why people didnt complain about tracks which were made with BTB for rF, majority of them were crappy at least…

    • Richard Hessels

      Thats not BTB’s fault..

  • Theroro29

    Rfactor 2 is a huge mess. It will probably be the last product from ISI company before bankrupt. This simulator is based on modding community: any modding team is actually developping something. New modding system is completely missed. Unfortunately, everyone are now waiting Assetto Corsa and following Pcars development..

    • hoodge1

      Really?…Hmmm.. Love these comments..

  • hoodge1

    What a beautiful track conversion.. Looks great.. Another welcome edition and an epic track in the real..

  • Realkman666

    Has this been fixed?

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