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Montreal 1988 1.0 – Released

Montreal 1988 1.0 – Released

Back in 2008, carrera4 released his Formula One 1988 mod and a bunch of matching tracks for rFactor. Now, he’s back and brings us a brand new track from the 1988 Formula One season – Montreal.

Located on the man-made Île Notre-Dame that is part of the city of Montreal, the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is a 4.3 kilometer race track incorporating 13 turns. The track has been hosting the Canadian Formula One Grand Prix since 1978 and is most famous for it’s final corner that has ended the race of many famous drivers, earning it the nickname wall of champions.

You can download the single track below, make sure to also check out the matching F1 1988 mod and the 1988 track pack.

Download Montreal 1988 1.0 Here

  • M-tec

    Carrera’s tracks are always a treat for the eye, thanks!

  • JGoenR

    Now this is what I call a complete mod. Know just 3 tracks are missing: Imola, Hockenheim and Suzuka. And I’m pretty sure we’ll see those tracks one day. Thank you very much for this track carrera4.

  • Rich1701

    Thank you carrera for your amazing 88 mod and your tracks. I think the only bad thing is the camera angles which are a bit generic and not that realistic.

  • jimmy

    Carrera makes one of the best tracks for rFactor ever. Maybe not so visually stunning as Virtua Le Mans’ but what a joy to drive they are! And if they’re really made by just only one man… wow! There is just only one little issue – would be it possible to make also version without spectators for practising (hotlapping) purpose? It’s strange to run private practice in front of full stands… Otherwise everything is top notch!

  • dknine

    i can only agree with the people below, fantastic tracks & mods carrera4 makes 😎 .

    thanks for all your work carrera4, it is much appreciated!

  • Rhys Gardiner

    Yes, I’ve been waiting for this one. Thanks Carrera.4, I love the 1988 mod and this is a welcome addition to it. 😀

  • 6e66o

    Nice! Thanks carrera4.

  • Team DTO

    3 more tracks and this will be the best mod ever.

  • JGoenR


  • Emir

    I hate megaupload..

  • Dale

    At least it’s better than rapidshare

  • Aritra Kimi Majumdar

    new download link?
    megaupload is dead.

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