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MMG Presents The SimRDisp7X

MMG Presents The SimRDisp7X

MMG is a household name in the rFactor community, most notably for having released the Formula One 2007 mod.

Now, the group expands their activities to sim racing hardware by unveiling the SimRDisp7X data display. The external display delivers all kinds of information including revs, speed, gears, fuel, pit limiter, safety car periods, engine overheating and traction loss. It features three segment displays and a bar of LED’s, giving it a realistic racecar look.

The display is connected via USB and is completely compatible to rFactor and it’s upcoming successor. MMG plans to make the display compatible to other titles such as the Simbin simulations, iRacing and ARCA Sim Racing in due time.

The SimRDisp7X sells for €75/$106, 100 units are available for pre-order until January 7th, orders will be shipped by January 29th. The display can be attached to your screen, a mount for the Logitech G25 will be following shortly.

Below are two images and a video, showing the display in action. If you like what you see, you can become one of the first 100 pre-orderes by visiting the MMG website.

[youtube A96XmWEtYvE nolink]

  • stabiz

    Props to MMG for doing something new. 😀 The name needs work (sounds like a file one might find in a hidden Windows folder) but it looks cool.

    PS: I dont think its wise to use copyrighted music in adds for a commercial product. That might piss somebody off.

  • Bjorn

    Very much agree with you stabiz.

    Very good doing something new (and complete)

    But the music (over-hyping) choice was failure…

  • Bjorn

    was a failure*

  • LuisNabais

    Is it just me, or is there a delay between rfactor and this product? I’ve seen the rpm’s and gear change much sooner in rfactor…

    And rpm viewer needs to get much more updates of information per second.

    But anyway, fantastic idea, great product, when it gets some updates, it will be also a fantastic product.

  • aj_1986

    Strikes me as a bit of a waste of time seen as the display is already there on-screen, but I’m sure others will like it.

  • Yanden

    LuisNabais: The rev lights can be adjusted by the user through the software supplied with the unit. You have scrollers in the program that allow you to set the sequence the lights come on and in what % they come on at. So you can customise the sequence to your liking.

    Also note, the led below the gear is also user changeable to indicate one of four things. Traction Loss, Low Fuel, Engine Overheating or Safety Car Period (flashing light). The user can also select to change the speed from KPH to MPH and can change the fuel from Liters to Gallons, depending if the game supports Gallons. So the unit is quite customizable and will have new features added to it in the near future. Hope that answers your question. 🙂

  • LuisNabais

    Nice, nice 🙂

    And the delay, is something that can be solved? That’s the only disadvantage that I can see right now… And I know that can be solved, because if there’s software which shows everything in real time, so can it show, without any delay.

    Yes, I know it’s just some cents of a second, but it exists…..

  • Yanden

    The delay is because the person in the video has set the rev lights to that timeline. You can set each individual led to light up as fast or as delayed as you wish. So yes its all set by the user themselves. The unit comes with preset led lights but you can adjust them using the bars for each led on the software. So you can make it be 100% exact as in game, its fully customizable. Different race cars have a timeframe for each led to light up so we wanted to allow the user to be able to set the rev lights any way they wanted. Our second product will be a bit more advanced in this area allowing the player to also select the colour they want each led to light up. But for now this is our first product and they’re going faster then we expected.

  • LuisNabais

    Ok, then 🙂

    The customization, will it be done by software, right? So, will it have profiles, on the software? That would be awesome.

  • F1Racer

    This is actually better than the CXC one which is far more limited (and more boxy). I think once a G25 mount is available, Im having one of these.

  • Yanden

    Yes the software update will allow for profiles and will have tabs and profile allowance for every game it will be compatible for. All the customization is done through the software and we do have planned some extra add ons for future updates to the software. I’d also like to say thanks to CXC who were nice enough to give us some helpful info and ideas that has helped us a lot.

  • Yanden

    One more thing the name does stand for something.

    SimRDisp7X = SimRacing Display 7X (7X being for 7 led data units)

  • ScHiRoCk

    I think this is superB!

    BUT, i think the price is way too high for what you get…

    If the price drops and it will be compatible with all simbin sim’s i will consider it.

  • superapex

    this looks amazing! what other games will be supported? What about rFactor2 or other future games?

  • Yanden

    Games that this unit will be supported with within the next month or two will be…

    Live for Speed
    Arca Simracing
    Grand Turismo Catera

    We’re also wanting to make it compatible with all simbin titles from GTR to GTR Evolution and beyond however at the moment Simbin haven’t been supplying the information.

    We also aim to make it compatible with the Codemasters F1 2009 game and it WILL be compatible with rFactor 2.

    We’re also looking at making it compatible with some older games also such as Nascar 2003 and Richard Burns Rally, GP4 and more. So stay tuned.

    The unit software will constantly be updated to be compatible with as many games as we can acquire the information for. Even after we have released new products, we will continue to update this unit’s software also for those who still own this product. We wish to cater to our buyers demands and ensure they get a product they can enjoy for many years to come with many new race sims too.

  • maxs

    very cool gadget :happyevil: not to expensive like other hardware this kind :ooo: but i am pissed off again by the comments

  • stabiz

    What is wrong with the comments? This has to be the friendliest MMG-thread ever?

  • maxs

    i mean only that there are 2 ways for me :
    i like it
    i dont like it
    and people here always write :
    i like it but the price is to high
    i like it but it has not got any options which i want
    my answer :
    so f… built it yourself :]

  • ScHiRoCk

    Hey maxs: i cant build it myself, BUT however i see that this dash is quite simple producing, so i think the price could drop with 20€…
    BUT this is just MY opinion.

    Do not think im bashing this into the ground, because i love the initiative they took, very cool gadget for simracing!

  • LuisNabais

    maxs, if people just tell “I like it” or “I don’t like it”, how could the people developing the product to know the good things and things that can be improved on the product?

    That’s a completely wrong way to see things, just look at them, express your liking and, if you see problems on it, not helping the developers… If everybody helps with opinions of things that can be better, if they can make those things happen, wouldn’t the product be better than expected? Think about that 😉

  • joe2112

    Is it possible to get some measurements? LxWxD Thx!

  • renovatio

    @ joe2112

    Here you can download a first datasheet release with a “Dimension and Weight” section. New release with full info for February.

    New video sooner, so stay tuned !

    PS: Fully agree with LuisNabais.

  • Nye

    While I do agree it looks great as a finished product and the price is not that high, I don’t agree it’s a new thing…

    There’s a DIY one that has been around for years which is almost the same thing. The old one is a RS232 device while this one connects to USB, that’s the main difference.
    (Spanish link)

    FYI: Also.. there’s a new one in the works as a DIY project that will include many more fetaures and will be USB native.
    (Again Spanish link)

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