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Meet Simfunding – A Sim Racing Crowd-Funding Platform

A brand new sim racing-centric crowd funding platform is about to be launched – Simfunding.

Crowdfunding has become one of the biggest tech-trends in recent years with platforms such as Kickstarter having become very popular for big & small entrepreneurs to gather financing for their ideas.

While the sim racing world is no stranger to crowd-funding either thanks to Slightly Mad Studios’s World of Mass Development portal that allowed the studio to develop an AAA racing title without involving a big publisher, there’s a new platform on the horizon, aiming to help sim racers fund their projects – Simfunding.

The soon-to-be-launched platform wants to help fund every sim-racing related endeavor, be it hardware or software

While the website currently does not hold much info until it is fully launched, the creators have published an interesting interview with Mak Corp’s Petros Mak.

The idea behind the portal holds a lot of promise as there are plenty of sim racers out there who could make good use of funding to get their ideas of the ground, especially the many innovative DIY hardware builders.

What do you think of the idea? Share your view in the comments below!

  • Sim Antics

    I’ll stick with WMD as they have already been put under the microscope and made to adjust the structure of their platform. However WMD wants to focus on AAA and Kickstarter has a time frame dollar amount restriction. If this helps the little guy get the ball rolling I am not against it.

  • GamerMuscle

    This has the potential to be good for content creators, specifically people that have the skills to build tracks or cars but don’t because they cannot afford to spend the time doing it without the income.

    However the work required to build a track from scratch is quite significant and then on the car side there are multiple legal hurdles so if a person was to ask for a fair amount it would likely be in the $2,000-$15,000 price range which would be hard to raise from such a small community.

    Public development seems to work better with games that have 500K + active users for example games like DOTA2 or CSGO and then in infrastructure like steam workshop to support them.

    In the case of workshop people are buying a already created work at a low price en-mass so that its low risk to the consumer with a high reward potential for the seller to justify the initial time investment.

    As for hardware projects, hardware is very risky and hard to get off the ground as a business. It’s very easy for the consumer to lose out as many people jumping into the hardware space often underestimate the difficulties of bringing a product to market even in small batches.

    • EZehnder

      Look at ProtoSimTech! They (he) is still fine tuning his setup and although I do have every faith given what I’ve seen he has shown how a simple pedal set can be a massive time, energy and money investment.

      I won’t be funding anything through this new kickstarter alternative until I see what the ratio of success to failure is.

  • pocketrocket

    I’ll made my own sim with blackjack and hookers

    • Sim Antics


    • eracerhead

      On second thought, forget the blackjack…

  • Sim Antics

    So what happens if the project does not make it to the next phase will the contributors get refunded? What types of perks for the Investors?

  • Charles Sami Amyouni

    Finally – this will keep the modding community more alive than ever. Hope everything goes well.

  • noroardanto

    I have this in my head for quite sometime. A design idea of a small and simple motorcycle sim controller that should be able to mimic all motorcycle movements. Too bad I don’t have any experience in coding and electronics, just some experience in product design.

  • Kev

    How is this different than other options?

    • Alan Dallas

      Exactly my thoughts. Other more well established crowd funding options out there.

  • Empire

    Wow as soon as i saw the headline, I thought to myself I bet this a petros mak scam and sure enough I see his interview and he is clearly behind it. I knew he would be involved in something like this after he saw the money WMD gained from investors. The big difference is they are a legit company and this is just a dodgy website which will steal every dollar invested.

    This is quite dangerous and of course if it happens is a serious crime, and I hope this great website will not be exploited and part of the upcoming scam.

    You have been warned.

    • A Lex Ander

      who is petros mak? Should we know him?

  • Wesley Modderkolk

    No thank you

  • Roy Rki

    AAA belongs to established sim devs. I doubt one guy in a garage can go against Kunos and SMS, who are already indie…

    • F1Racer

      Apple begun with 2 guys in a garage.

      • Francesco Kasta

        True That. But those were different times.

      • F1Racer

        Maybe so but everyone has to start somewhere, even today.

    • ftrracingtv

      PiBoSo is just one guy and he is making 3 games GP Bikes, Kart Racing Pro & World Racing Series

      • Sim Antics

        And will still be making the same 3 games 10 years from now. Has nothing to do with talent but everything to do with manpower.

      • Matthew Arnold

        Hes making 4, the ones you listed but also MXBikes.

      • Sim Antics

        Maybe with some crowd funding Piboso can hire some people to possibly finalize some of these long running beta projects. This is where a platform like this may appeal to my interests.

      • Matthew Arnold

        i agree

  • Lars

    Don’t see any point besides making a full blown rally sim (at last).

  • Chris Wright

    Put simply, I don’t think this is realistic.

  • Wim

    This is just another attempt to make “Pay mods” look sexy.

  • WazzaX

    Sounds like another Mak Corp dream

    • Liquid4653

      Mak-Corp are not involved with this at all. It’s merely an interview they wanted to do, and there are more interviews coming from other developers etc

  • Guest

    “Playability wise. I think Assetto Corsa hits the nail in the coffin
    there. They have done a superb job to provide a title that is easy to
    get into no matter what controller you are using and still have a lot of
    fun playing. While I don’t really feel the physics to be of simulation
    value, the game does provide a lot of fun.”

    Wat? It is really intriguing me why he thinks the physics in assetto corsa are not simulated the way they are in real life related to cars driving/racing.

    • QUF

      (post was made by me, but deleted as I thought was the wrong article page).

      Adding to that… are the car mods developed by mak corp in AC fake?

    • Liquid4653

      Petros is saying the physics are not as good in ac compared to rF2.

      I do not see where he mentions “the physics in Assetto Corsa are not simulated the way they are in real life related to cars driving/racing”

      • QUF

        he doesn’t seem to compare ac and rf2 physics, but directly says assetto physics have no simulation value.. what other option is there to ‘no simulation value’.. made-up, arcade etc.?

        then I have to ask, in what does he base and use data for his mods in assetto? If not the real data and characteristics, which when put in the game engine, “magic happens”.

      • Liquid4653

        It’s simple to understand, he is asked what’s your favourite sim right now and why?

        the answer is broken down from his 3 perspectives – modding, simulation and playability.

        He pick’s rF1 for modding, rF2 as best simulation and Ac as best playability.

        In that company(rF1, rF2, AC) as far as physics goes AC has a lot less simulation value.

        Also, “no simulation value does” not mean “the physics in Assetto Corsa are not simulated the way they are in real life related to cars driving/racing”.

        As usual some people still bait because it’s Mak-Corp, and try to make controversy out of nothing.

      • QUF

        I don’t know any back history from mak corp, I only used his open wheeler car (similar to F3) some months ago.

        When you said “as far as physics goes AC has a lot less simulation value.”, mak corp said “While I don’t really feel the physics to be of simulation value, the game does provide a lot of fun.”

        Look, I know the game I’m playing, I’m not that concerned if someone thinks less of it, but just want to know why he thinks Assetto’s physics aren’t of simulation value. Then are they, semi-simulation, no-simulation? If they are semi why are they semi.. he thinks Kunos put half fake half real physics in the game engine? …

      • MAKCorp

        I think the meaning of what I said is being misrepresented and misunderstood. When I said I don’t really feel the physics in AC to be of simulation value, I was comparing it to the way a racing driver and racing team and even vehicle manufacturers can use rF1 and rF2’s physics to develop their cars and their drivers in a way that provides accurate data which they can rely on to use at races.

        To give you an example. All our race team clients and even our series clients, they don’t only use rFactor for track familiarization. They also use it to test setup data before they go to an event, they use it to test potential new part data, by developing new brakes or new engine performances and testing it in the game before they actually commit to building it in real life. rF1 and rF2 provide far higher accuracy for those things than any other simulation on the market. When it comes to AC, their game is marketed for a set audience which covers not only the Simulation side, but the Semi-Arcade side. When I drive rF1 or rF2, I’m always in a serious state of mind, I can’t just go out on the track and run a few laps. It is too simulation based and I treat it as such. I work on my setups, I push to find every tenth I can throughout a lap. I analyze too much. When I play AC, I can easily go in, pick a car and track, chill back and drive using my Xbox360 controller and not give a care. The physics seem very much like Forza Motorsport 5, a console game physics HOWEVER, Kunos has done a great job to mix the two styles of physics to provide more sense of simulation for the simulation fans, but cut down to the wire, rFactor 2’s physics engine is by far the most simulation based physics engine using real life aero and physical data that no other title has come close to. I am in no way putting down AC, so don’t take it that way. Like Lukasz stated, I was giving my own opinion on the games I liked in the three sections I split them up in. I felt answering that question and picking one game was not fair since all three of them have their great points.

        In regards to my controller comment. Again, I am speaking through my experiences. I’ve only just recently been able to get rFactor 2 to work with my Xbox360 controller and even then it’s not as refined as the AC controller system for the same controller. I’ve always had to rely on my G25 for rFactor platforms so it’s refreshing for me to have a game on the PC that I can enjoy with my gamepad. I don’t always get time to play so sometimes I like to go in and do a few laps here and there and AC allows me to do that without having to setup my wheel all the time.

        Please understand, my answers are my own opinions about how I feel, not generalizing on how anyone else feels. If you love AC, great for you. If you love rF2 great for you too. Play what you enjoy and respect what others enjoy. Everyone has their own choice after all. 🙂

      • Sim Antics

        Whole thing is in rF1 and rF2 the hardcore players don’t want to use the car assists that were intended to be used and have developed a mindset that it is reality and there is no tire grip in real life. I mentioned in another thread that I felt your team compensated quite well with your F3 with the understanding that our ego’s don’t allow us to use assists

      • Matthew Arnold


      • Associat0r

        You might find the following link useful for setting up your controller in rF2

      • Associat0r
      • Sim Antics

        His F3 has more realistic grip to me then ISI’s F2 and is comparable to Assetto’s Formula Master as far as overall feel behind the wheel IMO. Can Assetto be used to generate data that can be used in RL IDK and this is what he may be talking about but really likes the way the cars in AC drive?

    • Associat0r

      It contains misinformation about how rFactor1/2 are only playable with a steering wheel, which is certainly not true.

      Now I respect him a lot, but seeing misinformation like this being spread makes me sad, especially since I’ve seen a few people longing for a steering assist type thing in AC which it lacks.

      rFactor1/2 can be played very well with just a keyboard.

      I also know that rF1/2 have good support for analog gamepads with settings in Contoller.JSON, which sadly aren’t exposed in the option menus. Things like ”Analog Control Filter” and “Filter Samples” and rF2 even added an extra setting for gamepads called “Use Keyboard Rates For Analog#”:”use keyboard/digital driving input rates to intentionally delay analog inputs (may be useful for gamepads)” and of course there is the nice steering assist which can also be used in conjunction with analog controllers.

    • Associat0r

      Keep in mind that rFactor’s physics model is designed so that real engineer data can consistently be used to feed the model without fudging numbers, so that it’s properly suitable in a professional environment. It’s still WIP and verified to be already closest to the real thing.

      Here is another quote from an interview with Mak Corp

      “As of this moment, For a modding group that largely works in the
      commercial sector, there is more appeal in Assetto Corsa’s graphics.
      However, race teams are still more inclined towards rFactor and rF2′s
      more advanced physics. I’d say it’s a 50/50 split in my view: neither is
      a clear cut better choice. If ISI can get their graphics to a more
      solid state, then it could just overshadow Assetto Corsa. Remember
      though, graphics aren’t everything.””

    • Sim Antics

      I 100% believe that rF2 physics engine was built on as much collected data as possible. However ISI will claim that car handling and behavior is of a setup based nature and even had suggested that car assists be used to match the RL scenarios that exist to be accurate the way it was intended to be. However my ego will not allow me to consider using assists so I engage myself into a situation with somewhat raw values. However I am just a hater who is totally wrong. Hmmm I wish I still had the emails from ISI stating that what I wrote above is based on their exact words

  • Big Tex

    Note carefully salient point #4. It states:

    4 – Receive Money: When the campaign ends successfully, the money will be sent to your account…

    Ok, who is entrusted with the funds prior to disbursement? This is a critical question, dear friends. In addition to that, what’s their cut of the take?

    I don’t see this getting traction for lack of a competitive advantage over indigogo or kickstarter unless their fees are bare minimum. However, even if their fees are minimal, paypal is still taking 4% of that and anyone who’s doing mods and asking for donations are already using paypal; or know of kickstarter and indigogo.

    Could it be used as a platform for potentially new things in sim racing? Sure, but why not use Kickstarter or the other one. Besides, even if their fees are next to nothing and the people behind the idea are scrupled and of good repute, why would anyone put this into an unknown, never-heard-of-before crowdfunding site when, as you would think, they could just use Kickstarter or the other one.

    WMD successfully launched their program for the reason that we all knew who they were, with the players having an extensive sim development track record. This is also true for Kunos Simulations.

    Is the market going to rush in every time some guy wants to create some new thingamajig with that guy being someone no one knows? Compound that with the reality that there are many more pie-in-the-sky ideas out there than real ones with real potential and there’s little success for the site itself to actually make some money, minimal fees notwithstanding; if no one gets paid unless that fancy combustible cockpit idea is a success then these folks lose too.

    I’m not convinced. I am going to list my exploding sim rig on Kickstarter.

    • punkfest2000

      I think with a financial transaction like this you would need a lawyer to go over it for you and perhaps an accountant as well. If you are putting $50 or in that range who cares really, but if you are putting in thousands clearly you need to know the details and the pitfalls.

  • Kev

    Has anyone ever used anything by Kunos to simulate anything? The problem is that people are so egocentric they get it backwards. Simulation is used to predict what WILL happen in real life NOT reproduce it. rF1 and rF2 have been used many times for planning real life, testing setups, testing vehicle designs and even designing real life track add-ons. So it goes like this…Data in data out. See? That wasn’t so bad was it? One more time…trust me it gets easier…ready? OK…data in data out…there all done good job and be sure to grab a piece of candy on the way out. Next week we’ll discuss vehicle dynamics and driving techniques…lol ah hell…nevermind just bring on the graphics and let’s binge on mods….

    • David Wright

      BRD used Kunos NetKar Pro for their Formula BMW team.

      • Kev


    • Michael Hornbuckle

      Ferrari currently uses Assetto Corsa for development of their road cars. I also know that Kunos does work for Dallara but I’m not sure what exactly they do for them.

  • blahhh

    As expected my post was deleted by the moderator F1racer who is MMG
    protection officer who simply exists here to protect petros mak and
    allow him to use this site for his scams over and over. So sad this is
    allowed but this gettign dangerous now as he is taking it to the next
    level and will take thousands of innocent gullible people. F1racer you are a disgrace and utterly unprofessional. Your a con artist scum bag like petros.

    Wow as
    soon as i saw the headline, I thought to myself I bet this a petros mak
    scam and sure enough I see his interview and he is clearly behind it. I
    knew he would be involved in something like this after he saw the money
    WMD gained from investors. The big difference is they are a legit
    company and this is just a dodgy website which will steal every dollar

    This is quite dangerous and of course if it happens is a
    serious crime, and I hope this great website will not be exploited and
    part of the upcoming scam.

    • WazzaX

      without getting involved in most of your post..i will agree as soon as I read the headline I thought this has Mak Corp written all over it… and then the very 1st interview is about Mak Corp…Petros has tried something like this before…DO NOT BE FOOLED PEOPLE

      • Guest

        I have nothing to do with this site and this site plans to interview a number of people. To my knowledge the same questions were sent out to a number of places and I’m flattered they decided to use my answers first, maybe I sent it back to them sooner, I don’t know, but I have NOTHING to do with simfunding. It would be nice if the usual trolls stopped trolling around for a change.

      • blahhh

        How stupid do you think people are when an interview with you is linked in the first ever press release for this concept? You really that important? Plus the overall website and outlines just screams zany petros mak . It sounds very dodgy and messy and shallow.

    • MAKCorp

      I have nothing to do with this website and this site plans to interview a number of people. To my knowledge the same questions were sent out to a number of places and I’m flattered they decided to use my answers first, maybe I sent it back to them sooner, I don’t know, but I have NOTHING to do with simfunding. It would be nice if the usual trolls stopped trolling around for a change.

  • Pablo Coronel

    I give my money to ISI!! How much!!

  • Klaas van Houten

    I love it how Petros says rF1 is the best for modding since rF2 and AC are more advanced in graphics and physics. Following this line of thought, maybe we should all go back to modding F1 Challenge or Sports Car GT.

  • Mark

    What’s wrong with Kickstarter or Indiegogo? I don’t see the point of Simfunding. How is it different to the established crowd funding websites other than it being sim racing centric? Also, the website gives no indication of who is behind it which gives very little confidence.

    • QUF

      I’m not experienced with this, but for example does kickstarter and indiegogo allow anyone to create a project to fund one modded car or track for a racing game?

  • Alex Ventura

    I actually thought about this some months ago, but decided to drop the idea because it was too hard to find any sort of legal advice on this matter.
    Anyway, Paypal has different fees for crowdfunding platforms but they need to get approved first.

    About Kickstarter/Indiegogo, I guess they’re too big for small projects and thus would never get noticed but I’d open the crowdfunding to all racing games/mods because it would have a slightly bigger influx of fans.

    Bottom line, I’d like this to work as it would probably allow us to finish at least 2 mods with increased/pro quality (Vila do Conde ’88 city racetrack) for example.

    • QUF

      Small projects in kickstarter and such would only need to be advertised within the simracers/game community. For other type of gamers which don’t play sim racing games with modded content, wouldn’t matter much if it doesn’t get the attention needed.

      • Alex Ventura

        Probably right, but that may be only valid for licensed material. Mods would most likely be rejected.

  • Matthew Arnold

    Good to hear Mak Corps opinions on some things 🙂

  • Professional Operator

    What about crofunding mods for a sim or multiple sims instead?

    I want a semi fictional GT1 mod with all the GT1 cars from 97 98 and 99
    Some cars from 2k like the MC12, Ford GT1, Lamborghini Murcielago, Aston, Corvette, Saleen.
    Some cool wild cards like semi fictional GT1 spec Zonda R, Ferrari FXXK, McLaren P1 GTR and other gems..

    -model quality to Assetto Corsa standards
    -realistic physics
    -great ffb
    -at least 20 quality skins for each model

    I want this mod to be available for GTR2 rFactor rFactor 2 and Assetto Corsa.

    Problem is my skills are limited to 2d painting and some physics experiments in Gmotor 2, I work and have little free time. But with the money raised by crowdfunding I can employ 3d/2d artists and physics guru in order to make the job done.

    Is there any chance this can technically happen? 🙂

    • Sim Antics

      Well a question is if you help to fund the labor of a project are you actually buying a product and could that product be seen as being marketed rather then just giving access to the final result of what work was performed and not considered a purchase? Paying for licenses is a major deal for the small guy to consider

      • Professional Operator

        Licensing can be easily circumnavigated as URD do, and of course founders will have access to the mod, early access, betas, release candidates etc.
        When it’s finished Normal users can purchase the mod for 10 euro. Sounds a decent price to me.

      • Sim Antics

        However there are those that would have more interest in a Rolls Royce then a Rolls Canardly

      • Professional Operator

        Unofficial skin pack right there, released by a random guy on his random blog. 🙂

        Founders can provide feedback and eventually being paid to work for the mod if I recognize useful talent among them.

        Scenario 1, a “new Niels Huskenvield” is rising among the founders and he upload his version of the physics for one car.

        If other founders think the car is good enough he can being paid to work on other cars. This thing would be cool imho.

        The point of all of this is having a quality product that we are all going to use and at the same time rise enough money to pay the bills of all the people involved with development. Which is a different goal than EA industry business.

      • Sim Antics

        Yes if there is a platform that operates like a pooling service bringing talented people together to work on project A or Project B or something that has been popular demanded and enough backing to scramble enough people together to make it happen. So an ability to sell an idea is an interesting concept as well.

      • Professional Operator

        Yes would be really cool to have crowfunded sim racing mods
        How many time we heard modders “I do this in my free time, I don’t have enough free time, the project is delayed / cancelled”.
        I would like to make the mod itself the “real life work” of the modder.
        Of course with a strict deadline and founders able to test alpha beta versions and report useful feedback.

      • Alex Ventura

        I might be up to do it since I also thought about this.

  • devotid

    Being someone who has personally built and launched a Kickstarter campaign for my own game/sim title (D Series Simulation), I think this is a small step in the right direction and I will try to explain why.

    I spent over three months on my own Kickstarter campaign and still came up way short. I was overwhelmed with the size of the site and had to push EVERY SINGLE PERSON there on my own through advertising and cold calling news outlets. Which was very hard to do as a one man band in 30 days without a marketing budget and not be annoying as hell. I learned a lot and may try it again on my next project…. but I will look into this new site as well. It seems the smaller “venue” could make it easier to find things as Kickstarters “browsing” capabilities are horrendous and in my opinion a popularity contest. I can also see the sim news outlets having to do less footwork to find the next big Mod or Sim title and that is good thing for everyone involved. I have also found that video games are not very successful on Kickstarter unless they are hugely popular or marketed heavily.


    After seeing the comments like “This is just another attempt to make “Pay mods” look sexy. ( in my humble opinion)”

    What is wrong with people getting paid for creating mods that are fantastic and have a hundreds of hours into producing them? Why is this taboo? If the mod is worth it, adds value and extends the function of the title, why is that wrong for having to pay for the value it adds? I mean, If you bought a coffee maker and wanted better coffee than the crap samples that comes in the box, you would have to pay for it. But if better coffee is not your thing and you enjoy the free samples in the original box… Why beat up on the people trying to create better coffee with their valuable time? Just don’t buy it. In my opinion, we should be encouraging the basement part time coders to put their best foot forward and attempt to create the next big thing while charging a fair price. Not bashing them for going for it. The negativity and the taboo surrounding the pay mod movement is getting stale and doesn’t really fit among todays sims. Example: Lets say some nobody creates a mod and it gets put on VR as news. Its not as good as AC, iRacing or PCARS so dude gets flamed and his work is compared and rated next to “todays Top Sim Company” where all the employees are fairly paid (sometimes…lol) for their time invested. How is that fair? Why is the companies time as a whole so much more important than an individual?

    Im rambling now…but Im sure there are lots of guys and gals in the sim racing community that could step up to the plate and be the next Dave K, Kunos or PIBOSO if they knew that they would be “compensated fairly” for putting in the hard work and taking the risk. And trust me…it is HARD WORK. I don’t think some folks realize the time and energy that building a modern era mod or sim title involves. Sitting in a chair for 15 hours a day starring at multiple screens, digging through hundreds of files, editing lines of code and jumping in and out of a sim cockpit 25 times a day testing FFB.….. isn’t cake work. Most of our Mods and content of todays sims are created a lot differently then they were even five years ago. Great content for todays highly detailed sims CANNOT be made on a normal persons “free time” budget as many folks think. The amount of data and modeling time on todays highly detailed visuals is mind bending. (ie; damage and moveable part animations, dynamic shaders, driver hand animations, 38 different cam views, interior/exterior sounds AI, etc, etc, etc ). A nicely planned thought out mod can be close to the same amount of work that coding a simple “base engine” can be. Especially if there is 20 liveries, 20 different sounds, AI, Different tracks and a supporting website and community to go along with it.

    It’s very hard to create good content only working on something “part time” and with virtually no budget. I bet there are 1000’s of AMAZING UN-released mods out there that are wasting away on peoples hard drives that could change the game if they new they could make a little compensation back for the time they have invested if they were to “take a little time off work” to finish it up. This idea that someone is sitting in a room trying to get rich off of you while just barfing out thoughtless content is kind of sad. They are just looking to make a trade for the time and energy invested…. Thats it. Nothing more. Just because sims/games are entertainment to some folks doesn’t mean that they cant be a way to pay bills and make a living for others.

    I could have released a few “pay mods” back in the day but just simply never finished them because of the daunting work left to complete them and knowing I would be missing “my real paying job” to make them happen. I was scared by the community and what they thought of “pay mods” so I went full bore and created my own titles from scratch. (bad Idea) Due to lack of man power and investment budget this made my titles lack barebones features that were “must haves” on most current sims. Now if I could have spent that time on say AC or RFactor and sunk all of my time into the visuals and physics, they would be WAY better but I thought “why do all that and not get paid a dollar? I simply wont be able to eat” The fact that I had to remake simple things like lap timing systems, simple menu and GUI logic for EVERYTHING, Input controllers for the MANY controllers of today killed my “creation” time. I have been pondering and tinkering with porting my Off Road truck sim over to AC and charging a small fee. It would be free to all current customers to be fair and my trucks would have a WAY better physics platform under it. But again….. How do I make a living without pissing half the community off? Round and Round I go again…..:/

    Also, If I knew that I could have shared the content that I had finished and let the community decide if I should keep going….. I def would have at least tried it. At the time of me discovering Kickstarter I had pretty much finished the game… So I was already all in. This new sim racing funding site could help ease the pain of getting into indie development for the ones willing to take the risk. Me, I simply took the red pill and went for it because I needed a big life change. One day I just quit my job and spent a year in my home office by myself. That was 3 years ago. Have I made a great living? Not really. Am I installing remote starts on crappy Buick Regals anymore? No. Do I wish I would have stayed doing something else? HELL NO. I love doing it. Thats why I do it. Not to get rich. Simply to wake up and try to enjoy what I do for a living. Thats not an evil thing.

    In the end with pay mods… we are all just getting a little more content. Aren’t we? The choice is yours to support it or not. I would hope that when a “game engine” creator builds a mod-able platform that when he or she sees the work created from their original idea…. they are excited and maybe even a little flattered. Hell, thats probably the way they got started in the first place.



    • Sim Antics

      I think one of the things the community worries about is when charging money for mods they think the eyes of the big boys will open and get bent on the idea a penny is being made without them having any involvement and not getting a cut even if the content modders create is well within the legal confines as to where copyright violations are concerned. These Big Boys also know they have enough power to make the little guy fold in any kind of legal battle that may arise. So I think the community puts more trust in companies that deal with the Big Boys first hand and don’t seek work arounds to get over having to license content. The player worries if the content he has paid for at some point be seen as illegal?
      Before any one jumps to conclusions as to where my mindset is I am for the little guy which I see as the AAA game developer all the way down to the modder and wish the Big Boys would be more willing to work with the industry and less worried if they are gonna make a buck on it or not because the exposure is beneficial in the long run and they may in fact make money from just being in the game.
      Sorry for my strung out way of writing but I write what comes to mind with little worry of grammar.

    • RKipker

      Hello Kevin, the only issue I have is when the project dies…. I invested in your effort, and I appreicate it, but it died right after your kickstarter campaign died. Game never did really function very well and all investors lost. I’m not trying to accuse you of any wrong doing, I’m sure it was very frustrating on your end…. but forfolks that invested, nothing came to past.

      So my point being, as you had a very good effort, and I really wanted a Trophy Truck Game, how many folks will put up even less effort and collect the money? That’s my concern.

      Before anyone jumps me, let it be known I’ve supported many many websites and modders with donations, I’ve always did my share…. and I think many folks can back me up on that.

      • devotid

        Thanks, I appreciate your reply and your support. As I say, Im learning as I go. 😉

        In the end….. Im taking all things considered and moving forward on some AC ideas and finishing up the “Long Track” for D Series. Which TBH, Im pretty excited to try out AC Live axle and AWD dev stuff.

        And yes, anybody that purchases or purchased D Series will def get first access and a free copy of the AC Mod. (If and When I do it.)


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