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McLaren 650S GT3 Now Available for R3E

Sector3 Studios have released a new addition to their RaceRoom Racing Experience title as the McLaren 650S GT3 car is now available for purchase.

Sector3 Studios have released a new addition to their RaceRoom Racing Experience title as the McLaren 650S GT3 car is now available for purchase.

McLaren’s newest GT3 weapon has been released as part of a bigger update to the simulation that brings plenty of improvements to the platform.

Changelog 20/04/2017

Added McLaren 650S GT3 which is now available in the store.

Data displays:

  • Fixed wrong color of delta and laptime on some of the new data displays.
  • Fixed an issue where Low Fuel warning on data display screen wasn’t going away.
  • Fixed an issue on cars with new data displays where the compact HUD rev lights had issues when not using cockpit cam.
  • Enabled tire temperature even when tirewear is disabled.
  • Added speed limited revlight blinking to old data displays.
  • Citroen data display had a typo in “Brake balance”
  • Fixed issue with displays sometimes showing data for wrong car when “show opponent cockpits” was enabled.
  • Various other fixes and tweaks to existing displays.

Flag system:

  • Fixed yellow flag appearing during private Qualifying.
  • Fixed White flag appearing in MP Qualifying session that used rolling start.
  • Fixed an issue in a race with additional lap, checkered flag was showing when timer reached zero and at end of additional lap.
  • Fixed an issue where an illegal overtake under yellow followed by a retirement of the overtaken car would result in the impossibility to give the position back
  • Fixed an issue where checkered flag did not appear for final lap in MP server with flag rules enabled.
  • Time allowed to give a position back after an illegal overtake increased from 15 to 30 seconds
  • Yellow flag now triggers for cars at 20% of their predicted speed ( was 10% )
  • White flag trigger now requires a car to be 70 kph under its predicted speed (was 30) The other trigger condition remains at 40% of its predicted speed.
  • Fixed 2 Race Format only saving replay of second race.
  • Fixed Multiple Race format giving overall results that did not count points.
  • Re-enabled allowing turning shadow split off after some potential issues reported with AMD Crossfire.
  • Possible fix for the issue where some players, depending on setup had their input frozen.
  • Added some logging when initializing texture and setting video mode.
  • Added a new startup argument for disabling TrackIR. -disableTrackIR can now be added in Steam Launch Options.
  • Slow down penalty throttle limitation doesn’t get activated immediately anymore, but waits until the player applies some brake. This also fixes occurrences of penalties triggering heavy lift oversteer on FWD cars.


  • Added handling for more JOIN_FAIL messages so error messages are more specific.
  • Fixed so join request timeouts are correctly reported as a timeout instead of generic lost connection message.
  • Added some fixes when on occasion, connections were not dropping when leaving sessions.
  • Changed so client doesn’t respond to ping requests unless connected or trying to join.

Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI:

  • Citroen WTCC 2016 has received a slight increase in engine torque at low to med rpm.


  • Audi TT cup cars have a new display
  • Audi DTM 2016 finally has its new display

Backend & Portal:

  • Fixed top Leaderboard banner in competitions not scaling properly.
  • Fixed a minor alignment issue with VIP drivers description box in Portal.
  • Fixed exit “x” button on partner page section clipping with the page and looking out of place.
  • Fixed facebook section in partner page overlapping with top banner.
  • Some fixes to the redeem popup in portal.
  • Fixed error 13 some players were receiving after exiting wtcc championship round 1.
  • Fixed so players from USA and Canada get USD as default currency instead of the global default EUR.

  • F1Racer

    I find I am racing this more and more. The FFB is strong and feels good, but the AI could to with being a tad more spatially aware.

    • melanieuk1

      It’s a shame it isn’t as popular as it should be.

      • Leeman

        Agreed. Arguably the most underrated sim on the market. This is my “go to” sim, for sure. Love the track and car selection. And I love that there are NO road cars. Race cars only.

      • F1Racer

        RRRE currently is the sim I’m firing up when I want to sim-race. I’m maybe just worn out on AC for now and need a change for a while.
        But then rF2-dx11 could come along an change all of that because, for me, the driving experience and physics in that sim are top drawer.

        I do like these choices I have. 🙂

      • Leeman

        Yes, the physics in rF2 are terrific. The main thing that keeps me from playing that sim more than I do is the abysmal car/track selection. There just aren’t enough of my favorite cars or tracks for that sim. Hopefully this upgrade will inspire more modders to support the title.

      • melanieuk1

        Well everyone has their own taste, me personally I like road cars in a sim. it would be boring if every single sim only had racing cars just like the previous gen of racing titles that only catered for racing cars, maybe its why Assetto corsa and Project cars are selling more than the other titles, because they have something for everyone, so embrace the different titles we have today.

      • TripleJay_X

        Absoluteley, it deserves a lot more attention….

        ….on Humble Bundle!!!! HaHa :-))

        But they refuse to accept their fate!

      • melanieuk1

        What as Humble Bundle got to do with Race Room, your comment doesn’t make sense at all as HB doesn’t sell free to play games.

    • Chillisteak

      Since it’s VR update I’ve been running it more, even purchased several tracks and now this McLaren.
      It’s a great little game, but I think it’s the pay for what you want element that used to put people off it.

    • RossBerg15

      Agree totally, the FFB and audio effects are superb and the VR support is the icing on the cake. One thing that bugs me though is the very clunky controller setup – it still nags me everytime that my pedals are not connected even though they are!

  • melanieuk1

    Certain parts of this video looked real, I highly rate sector 3 studio car and track artist as one of the best in the industry. especially what they do with the engine they have, can’t wait to see what they will do once they switch over to UE4.

    • Chillisteak

      Got a long wait till that happens mind, not considering a switch until SimBin UK finish with GTR 3 are they?

      • melanieuk1

        Doesn’t matter I still cant wait, they’ll sure get my full support, like they currently do, by me purchasing every single content they release.

  • Leper Messiah

    still wish they’d update ALL the steering animations, can’t see why some cars have the extra movement and some don’t.

  • Leynad

    Nice car, but not so much for fast circuits like Bathurst. Just did four races online with this flag-system and in one race i got a drive-through-penalty for a reason i don´t know. Couldn´t be for overtaking under yellow, which happend to many people and doesn´t seem to work as supposed, because i was leading. Probably because i understeered in one corner a bit without any advantage. The flag-system needs a bit more fine-tuning, that´s for sure. But otherwise it´s fun and the steering-correction you have to make to drive at the limit seems very accurate.

  • ImageArtSigns .

    I purchased this car for $4.26 (my countries currency)….and all I got was the car and 1 livery….is this correct?….I thought I would get all the liveries, just an inquiry.
    Will post on Sector 3 Forum as well.

    • Leynad

      That´s correct and you need to pay extra for the over liveries. You can purchase virtual RacePoints packs in the main RR-store and get up to 35% reduction.

      • ImageArtSigns .

        Thank you for taking the time to reply and clearing that up.

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