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Mazda Miata for Assetto Corsa 1.0 – Released

Team Pure has released the first version of their much-anticipated Mazda Miata mod for Assetto Corsa.

Team Pure has released the first version of their much-anticipated Mazda Miata mod for Assetto Corsa.

The mod brings the 1995 version of the popular Japanese roadster to Assetto Corsa, featuring the 1.8i model.

The quality mod has been crafted using laser-scan data, ensuring a quality that makes the car fit in with Assetto Corsa’s stock content.

Outside of the United States, the Miata is better known as the MX-5 in Europe and as Eunos Roadster in Japan. Since February 1989, almost a million Miatas have been sold around the world, making it the most popular roadster in automotive history.

[boxdownload]Download Mazda Miata for Assetto Corsa 1.0 Here[/boxdownload]
  • Patrik Marek

    omg really? πŸ™‚ great news, can’t wait to test it out ! thank you guys for the release

    looks great from the video

  • Dentykaffalatta

    Oooh, Miata!!

  • Matt Orr

    Yay, it’s finally trackday!

    • RapidRefund

      Yeah just go to the Empty Box on pit lane!

  • Kabonfaiba

    Is there such a thing as the perfect mod? I say these guys have certainly been striving towards it.

  • F1Racer

    Ah, the much anticipated Mazda MX-5 (that’s what the makers call it) is finally here !

  • F1Racer

    If anyone is having sound issues with this mod, you`ll need this:-

    • Franklin Silva

      someone told me this sound fix call back old fmod, if kunos release new version with improved fmod we need to still have the old one for use car mods… πŸ™

      • F1Racer

        Very likely. Which is why you keep a backup πŸ™‚

  • Michael Hornbuckle

    Drives like a dream! TEAM PURE did a great job, this is already a must-have mod for AC.

    • F1Racer

      I took the purple one out too πŸ™‚

      Yes it’s a superb mod. Top shelf stuff. Potential ‘official content’ quality πŸ™‚

      Nice work Team Pure and many thanks !

      • Dentykaffalatta

        Good to know. I won’t get a chance for a few days. (been real busy in RL and too tired because of my heart by the time I get home.) I look forward to giving this one a whirl! Cheers!

    • Smiggie

      It looks like driving on a snow track tbh.

      • F1Racer

        It’s called a drift. A snow drift perhaps πŸ™‚
        A nicely controlled one too I might add.

    • Blatant Abuse

      Make a .gif outta that!

  • Nicolas Grignon

    at last! πŸ™‚

  • RapidRefund

    Then if there is sound issues I will skip it for now

    • QUF

      There aren’t, the cockpit sounds are fine. See Michael’s 2nd video below.
      But you’ll need the soundfix, which is just a general fix for all car mods, so not specific to this one. The sound fix is above in the featured comment by f1racer.

      • Patrik Marek

        I don’t understnad that sound fix for all mod cars ?? it’s replacing sound in kunos folder, not in actual car?
        also our car doesn’t have sound issue? so what’s this fix suppose to be fixing ?? I personaly keep my hands away from it

        my sound were’nt working, but I haven’t check cockpit sounds, so I use alfa sounds in the mean time,
        I was told that sound fix is coming tommorow

      • F1Racer

        All the sounds are the same. They are re-formatted in a way that doesn’t stop AC from playing them.
        It’s no hardship to back up your sfx folder, use these fixed ones, then go back to originals before applying the soundfix that you say is coming tomorrow..

      • RapidRefund

        I can wait as the amount of frustration with broken mods has warranted it. Hopefully in time Kunos will be happy and stop tweaking things to the extent of breaking add-on content.

      • Patrik Marek

        that’s true, but I still rather wait πŸ™‚
        hopefully AC gets more stable now so that updates won’t keep breaking sounds again

  • BigMillerTime

    Great stuff! Can we get the Spec Miata variant next? πŸ˜€

  • Jorge Azcoitia

    Probably the best out-of-the-box mod for AC I’ve ever seen. 787b inclusive. Great job to the devs for a great car.

    Maybe adjusting rear toe in a bit more, so that the car is a bit more predictable when the rear steps out. Now it’s really easy to get it into a drift, but it’s not necessarily quick, IMO.

    I believe dialing in a bit of rear toe would make it resemble more like the real car that I know, which in stock form can have a mild oversteer, but only when you really provoke it. Otherwise, it’s a really balanced package, and fun to drive, just like the real one. Congrats!

    • QUF

      To me is hard to make it slide, unless I use the handbrake, then it really loses traction and goes sideways. But in normal driving, this car is way harder to put it angled sideways, compared to other street cars in the game.

      • Jorge Azcoitia

        Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I don’t know if it’s something about your control config or your driving, but are you sure you’re not overdriving it (coming in too fast to the corners, or turning the wheel more than you should)? I seem to have a lot of oversteer as soon as I turn in or lift off mid corner

      • QUF

        Yes from the few casual laps I did I think I drove that way, like you described. Maybe that’s how this car is naturally. But I guess I need to enter the corner more abruptly, for example compared with the bmw 1m, the miata for me is harder to initiate a slide. Might be because has lower center of gravity and more body roll. So it kinda gives until a farther point. I tested quickly with the gamepad and seemed to go in a sideways angle more easily when I gave more abrupt steering in the corner, like in the way you said “I seem to have a lot of oversteer as soon as I turn in or lift off mid corner”. I’ll also try later with the wheel, I guess I’ll now get the result you’ve talked about.

      • Jorge Azcoitia

        Actually I meant the contrary, small, smooth inputs is what gave me that tendency to oversteer. I guess you can’t really compare a G25 to a gamepad, but if you just try to drive the car fast within its limits, the oversteer is really quite noticeable by default πŸ™‚

      • QUF

        Just found a video from track day, posted by a user in the ac forums, and the car angle on his drifts seem similar to what I also experience in game when using the Miata. (those parts start from min 1:02, but you can watch all from the start).

      • Mister_Q

        The easiest way I found to get the back end out in my real MX5 was to lift off the throttle mid-corner. It really doesn’t have the power for full-throttle oversteer.

  • cepafaux

    thank you to the team

  • Charles Sami Amyouni

    Its really nice to have more scratch made car mod contents on AC – especially from the Japanese Manufacturer’s side. Not like those who rips from another game where it drives and sounds like Sh…. lmao.

  • Pe11e

    This mod is an absolute perfection! First mod that includes different engine sounds on various cameras, even default AC cars doesn’t have that. Physics are top notch, pure joy to drive. Maybe a bit sensitive steering, but that’s probably because Miata’s wheel rotation is well over 900 degrees., and I don’t know how to decrease that in game?

    • EZehn

      If the Miata has such a large rotation wouldn’t that make it *less* sensitive?

      • Pe11e

        Probably, yes, but with this car you can turn in medium curves with pretty low steering wheel inputs, and from my real world driving experience that is very close to reality. I’m using G25 with 900 degrees.

    • QUF

      Other cars in the game also have higher than 900, like the f40, ruf yellowbird, and some other lotus street car, I think elise sc.
      But what matters is to have matching steering degrees in wheel software and game controls (under steering axis).

      This will give you the right steering locks.

      But if your wheel can just do 900, that means the car steering wheel animation will be higher, they won’t match after a certain point. To fix that you need to go to video options, view tab, and at the bottom of that page put 450ΒΊ virtual steering degrees. This will limit all cars to max 900ΒΊ full rotation for the car animation. Even without this, the driving is the same, because what matters is matching steering degrees in wheel software and game controls (under steering axis).

  • MC

    Simply amazing! Wouldn’t be at all surprised if this makes it into the game. Just drove it up Kegety’s Joux-Plane, and it was wonderful, but could do with some more power πŸ™‚ Maybe do a BBR turbo version?

    • Jos

      maybe go downhill joux plane? πŸ™‚

      • MC

        I did πŸ˜€ Gravity does help πŸ˜‰

  • Johnny Penso

    Excellent, congratulations to the whole team that put this together. Can’t wait to try it out!

  • Silvio

    No sound, even with SFX fix.

    • MC

      Really? The fix worked for me. Make sure you rename/move the old folder.

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