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Mazda 787B 1.4 for Assetto Corsa – Released

Patrik Sander, David Dominguez & elMariachi90 have released a new version of the Mazda 787B for Assetto Corsa.

Patrik Sander, David Dominguez & elMariachi90 have released a new version of the Mazda 787B for Assetto Corsa.

The Mazda is arguably one of the very best mods for Assetto Corsa and the new version comes with improved graphical effects such as glowing brake discs:


  • Improved blur rims
  • Improved chrome effects
  • Improved mirrors
  • Added glowing brake discs
  • Windscreen with wiper effect

The 787B is one of the most famous Le Mans cars of all time, being the first rotary-powered as well as the first and only Japanese car to win the event in 1991, driven by Johnny Herbert, Volker Weidler & Bertrand Gachot.

[boxdownload]Download Mazda 787B for AC 1.4 Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download Mazda 787B for AC 1.2 Headlight Paint Templates Here[/boxdownload]
  • HammerX

    Anyone else having issues getting the car on the track?

    • QUF

      Is a bit odd, since the car has lod b c d. Delete the car and install fresh files.

      • HammerX

        I had to subtract one 787B then add it back to get to load. Strange.

  • IceT

    How does this work ? “Windscreen with wiper effect”

    • noneofyourbusiness

      You have to get the car dirty

      • IceT

        Thank you, it’s what I thought.

  • F1Racer

    Hmmm, got no sound with this car.

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