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Marcos Ambrose Teaches How To Drive

RutgersKev has shared a great video on Youtube, featuring a driving lesson from former pro race car driver Marcos Ambrose.

A native of Australia, Marcos Ambrose used to race in the Australian V8 Supercars series and later made the switch to the North American NASCAR circuit where he competed from 2008 until 2014.

Due to his extensive background in road racing, Ambrose became a road track specialist in NASCAR, winning two Sprint Cup races at Watkins Glen.

Watch below as the pro driver takes 90 minutes to teach us some vital driving skills using iRacing.

Even though the video above has been made using iRacing, the wisdom shared by Marcos is mostly universal (including advice on cornering, racing lines etc.) so every sim racer should take a look and get some professional advice!

  • Sean_S36

    great ,thank you

  • mooves

    Yes – what a privilege for us sim-racers. He’s also former 2 x Australian V8 Supercar champion. IMHO the man is one of the most under-appreciated drivers Australia has produced.

  • Nigel TrackNutz

    Just close the site. Kind of repetitive logging on each day to find nothing has been updated.

  • Sam

    Instead of doing months and months absolutely zero just give it over to someone who is somewhat more passionate and enthusiastic about the whole thing or just close the site.

  • JamoZ

    C`mon, just close this trainwreck…

  • SwordandKeyboard

    Maybe if you did not act like a egotistical wanker as well as treat your viewers that came to this site as if you where a gestapo comment police the site would be still busy.

    Reading this site for years I did… until one day you stepped over bounds sending me a personal note laced with judgement of person you dont even know
    It left such distaste in my mouth i never returned… i’m a firm believe in what goes around comes around. I don’t wish bad on anyone its my nature… but this site being a ghost town is because of way you treated your fans of the site.

  • Jeff Mattel

    Montoya is a prick.

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