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Mallory Park for Assetto Corsa – First Previews

RobJames has released first previews of Mallory Park for Assetto Corsa.

Just yesterday, the first addon-track for Assetto Corsa was released. And while Joux Plane was a conversion from another game, the first scratch-made addon tracks for Kunos’ new simulation are starting to shape up as well.

Below are first previews of RobJames Mallory Park track that is being created for Assetto Corsa.

Mallory Park is Rob’s first ever track created, the British venue is a great choice for his first attempt given that the 2.1 track is one of Great Britain’s shortest race tracks, coming with a fun and straightforward layout.

  • F1Racer

    Great to see the modding starting on AC. Looks like we’re getting some quality stuff already.

    • jax

      So far Kegetys Joux Plane conversion from RBR is good quality. Looking at this simple track, i have doubts. It better be good quality too. (foliage, debris,entities, at least have some 2d people, similar stuff you would see in the real life project. Because i dont want to drive a simple and bland track as in add the tarmac, add the texture to it. Track done.

      Kegetys conversion is the best atm and i absolutely love Joux Plane. It looks splendid. I saw some haters saying conversions suck. Better not dissapoint us Rob James.Good luck!

      • GamerMuscle

        “Better not dissapoint us Rob James”

        What are you talking about, he can do whatever he likes , why would you say “Better not disappoint us” as if he has to meet your standard ?

      • jax

        im saying that if you cant beat Kegetys conversion, im sorry to say this but you are wasting your time. Id take a good conversion over a crappy made from scratch track anytime. And im pretty sure that alot of people like quality conversions instead of crappy original tracks. So i hope Rob James would do a great job.

      • GamerMuscle

        “if you cant beat Kegetys conversion, im sorry to say this but you are wasting your time.”

        Maybe the person making the track is learning how to 3D model and developing skills to help them get into the game industry ?

        Maybe this is just there first go at things and they don’t expect lots of people to download it but the skills they learn from this project will make the next they do better ?

        You know you don’t have to download a track someone makes ?

        The way you are saying things is as if you are assuming moders are making tracks for you.

        You are not really in the position to make the demands you are making.

        What you said is like you coming to one of my awesome house parties that are full of naked women and then saying ,


        I’d just say , go make your own party then its not like you paid to come in , sure the girls smell of roast ham but they were the only ones available at this time.

        Regardless of if my party chicks are sexy or not point is you decided to come through the door and it didn’t cost you anything.

      • F1Racer

        jax, I don’t think you are quite getting GamerMuscle’s point.
        Basically, this attitude you have towards the modders isn’t really a good one nor an encouraging one.
        They don’t have to meet your requirements and or be ‘better’ than anyone elses efforts.

        Just the time and effort to create a scratch made track should be appreciated regardless of it’s end result.
        As GM said, the guy might be learning to model tracks and want to share it or he may be a seasoned modder bringing us a new piece of work.
        I, like GM, think a little bit of respect is in order. The track will be free and optional.
        I know if I was making a track from scratch (something I don’t know how to do), I would make it to MY standards and do the best I could. Then if I decide to share it I would hope that others would like it to and any comments or criticism would help me improve for the next time along with the experience I gathered making the first one.
        Everyone starts somewhere.

        For me I’m appreciative that this guy is making a scratch track and sharing it with us. If the quality makes it undriveable then I won’t bother with it. I could then either some constructive criticism and maybe he can improve it in a patch or just keep quiet. I wouldn’t slag him off because that’s not how I normally operate.

        Track making or modding itself is not a competition and satisfying the crowd should be at least 2nd priority on a modders list next to satisfying themselves imo.

      • jax

        Well english is not my main language. And after reading your post i agree with it. But my overall point is that ive see some hate posts about Kegetys work (it is for free and it was not easy) and as ive already said. If someone is going hate a good conversion such as Joux Plane, then i expect him instead to make a better one. I didnt specifically said that to Rob James since i havent seen him hating and crying about conversions stuff. Im sorry and aplogize if ive been misunderstood. Thus i say again good luck to Rob James in making a good track.

        My stance against conversion haters remains.

      • Jim. C

        The sense of entitlement is strong with this one.

      • Realkman666

        What’s so weird about your comment is that most new race tracks being built are much better than all these weird conversions from old stuff.

  • Damo

    Not exactly the most complex circuit, but I live only a couple of miles away and saw my very first racing here as a child so I’m eager to see this in AC.

    Best of luck mate.

  • Chris Wright

    Not the usual obvious choice track and all the more welcome for it.

    • Rhys Gardiner

      Indeed… I’ve never driven Mallory in a sim, but I’m interested to see what it’s like and how good for racing it is.

      Plus we might not see it active in real life for much longer, as the circuit is being threatened by local communities who decided it was a good idea to move in next to a bloody racetrack. So there’s that too… 🙁

      • Anonymous

        Mallory was not a case of people moving in next to a race track then complaining about the noise. Check the reports, most on the town council have been there for decades, they just began enforcing the same noise limits in effect since 1985.

        Mallory actually had a very lenient noise policy. 92 noisy days a year at 105dB. The circuit was just negligent about sticking to it, and the parent company was bleeding money out of the circuit so fast the operators felt they needed to do more track days to stay afloat.

        tl;dr, don’t blame the residents on this one. Radio Le Mans has some great analysis of you’re interested.

      • Rhys Gardiner

        Hmmm, I see…

      • Anonymous

        Actually, that isn’t quite completely true – the majority of complaints came largely from 2 households.
        The people in one of these houses moved in just 2 or 3 years ago.

        So it is rather a “oh no i moved next door to an airport that has been there for 60 years and now i will campaign in order to get the airport shut down” situation.
        Of course an airport would never be threatened to be shut down.

        Yes they have been breaking the rules, but that does not excuse that someone should not be able to move in next to a circuit that has been their for years and try and get it shut down just to suit themselves.

  • Dinca Andrei

    The Mini`s will fit just great in there 🙂

  • LeSunTzu

    I hope this project will be completed. This is a nice track for production cars.

  • Rob James

    Thanks for the feedback, It’s going to take a little time as it is my first track but I’m going to see it through. If you had not spotted i’ve started with the modeling of the objects such as bridge, guardrails etc.

    The Track will contain multiple layouts, well as many as i can find reference to being used. It will also include the classic layout of which will have classic pit buildings and the like (for cars like L49). Lastly it will have the rallycross layout which should be great fun for something like the BMW E30 M3 with Tarmac & Dirt sections.

    This specific track was picked for a few reasons, 1. yes it’s quite small. Perfect to take on my first build rather than attempt something massive. 2. I have alot of reference photography and will be visiting in the new year to take further notes and pictures for texturing etc. 3. With the various layouts it suits a wider audience.

    Also to the notes of “It better be good”, I hope so too and more importantly i’m not scared of asking for help should I get stuck or think something can be done better. This is a learning exercise that I hope will allow me to build more complex tracks in the future, not some quick fix for a track.



    • Rob James

      Just noticed there is no link to the thread, which is located:

      Here is the guardrails:

      and the start of the bridge which has actually had a second going over so slightly updated:

    • Ole Marius Myrvold

      Rallycross layout? Rallycross this early! That sounds good! 🙂 It would be amazing to get some good rallycross action again! 😀

      • Rob James

        Yep, but will have to see how it works out. There is no confirmed word about support for it or how I would set it up for the game but i’m confident that it’s possible. I’ll be keeping the thread up to date with all of my findings as I plod along as I want this to also serve as a call out to others sitting on the fence about having a go to just try it. I’m having a ball getting creative with this!

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        Stefano tweeted yesterday that “loose surface model” is on his wish list of things to get done in 2014 but he has to make AWD work first. With GTR imminent AWD will be a project this year…Rallycross is certainly looking like a possibility in a year or two.

      • Rob James

        Awesome news, well i’m on track to hopefully have a few layouts ready for as soon as the tools are made available.

    • Anonymous

      What program is in use in the screenshots?

      • Rob James

        3DS Max 2014 🙂

      • Anonymous

        With a google earth image?

      • Rob James

        Correct, the data is from Google Earth using a Terrain plugin for 3DS Max

    • Alexandre Martini

      nice to hear, Rob! good luck with this project.. can’t wait to drive on it! 🙂

      • Rob James

        Thank you!

    • Anonymous

      That’s cool that you are making a historical version!

      For reference, you can find some footage on youtube, such as:

      Haha omg there was a playground behind the old grandstand :O

      Also, there is the race of the year 1970 footage that i know of, though i think maybe they had started to change it by then (i could be wrong).

      Mallory is a really good little circuit though, it’s nice you’re doing something more interesting like this!

      Good luck.
      It is certainly worth the research.

    • Anonymous

      Also, as you say you are visiting the circuit sometime, it might be worth having a look at this topic (if you have pcars).

      It is about using multiple normal cameras (or a stereo camera – though from what i read, normal ones are better, as you can have a larger “separation” between viewpoints) as an alternative to laser scanning to get a point-cloud of data.

      If you can’t access that topic then he has a youtube account, i am sure if you messaged him he could help.

      Thanks 🙂

  • Christien Hoogveld

    Good Luck Rob! Looking forward to giving your version of Mallroy Park a good drive.

  • Marcus Reynolds

    Mallory Park is closing soon isn’t it ? I did my Motorcycle licence training there 😀

    • Rob James

      As I understand it, there has been an agreement as to it’s future. I think autosport also reported that they are looking at a possible track extension at some point to replace the hairpin section and build out on the other direction away from the local housing to stop the complaints.

      • Marcus Reynolds

        I hope this is the case, be sad to lose yet another iconic historical facility to morons who buy a house nearby, not as if the track suddenly just appeared eh !!

        Where you from btw Rob ?

      • Rob James

        I am from just outside of Reading, Berkshire. So Mallory is a few hours away. 🙂

  • Rob Stewart

    Good luck Rob. As others have said, this track is in a precarious position atm and your hard work will either be important in documenting the track from a historical perspective should it be closed down, or in supporting the track in it’s future by raising awareness to some who may never have heard of it.

    Main thing is – enjoy making it and I’ll enjoy driving it when it’s ready!

  • Nathan Hoyle

    Rob did you ever finish this? I got Eximo’s unfinished track 0.5, but the previews of yours looked a bit more complete – anywhere I can download this I’m desperate for a version of this track for A.C. my parent’s live 10 mins away from the track and I’ll be doing a track day there soon…..

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