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Mak Corp Formula E Car Unveiled

Mak Corp has unveiled their newest commercial project, the 2014 FIA Formula E car.

Mak Corp has unveiled their newest commercial project, the 2014 FIA Formula E car.

Starting in 2014, Formula E is a brand new racing series using fully electric-powered open wheelers that will predominantly race on street circuits around the world.

The series’ maiden season will kick off in Beijing this September and consist of 9 different tracks.

Visitors of the Formula E races will be able to drive the virtual Formula E car onΒ Excape Entertainment’s Formula E branded Hyperstimulator Simulators, giving everyone the chance to experience this new form of motorsport.

While Mak Corp has confirmed that the software base for these simulators is indeed ISI’s trusted rFactor, a public mod release of the car has not yet been mentioned.

  • Marco Hooghuis

    Good for them. It’s nice to see modding teams being used for these kinds of jobs instead of the usual big game studios.

  • Matthew Arnold

    thats amazing πŸ™‚

  • Stuart Phillips

    Congrats to Mak Corp and good luck, hope we still get drive their mods.

  • Leeman

    Looks good but hard to get excited without knowing if it’s ever even going to be released.

    • Marco Hooghuis

      Just think of this: a lot of people will come in contact with simracing this way. Things like this make simracing more popular. That’s something to get excited about.

      • Leeman

        Hard to imagine that an electric car is going to be pulling a significant number of people into sim racing who previously had no interest. This is a very cool looking car, for sure, but the sound? Yikes. People complain about the sound of the new F1’s, this thing sounds like a pod racer from Star Wars. Still, I hope it gets released for rF2 and/or AC. The more mods the better. And MAKcorp does top notch work.

  • GamerMuscle

    Fantastic 3D model !

    • Olivier Prenten

      Indeed amazing result!

  • MAKCorp

    Hey guys, I see a lot of interest around the web and have received many emails asking if this will be released. I am in the process of starting discussions with Formula E to find out if there is a possibility to release this car publicly on rFactor 2 and Assetto Corsa. The amount of exposure would be great for Formula E though it is entirely up to them and we will respect their decision. I will keep you all informed as it develops.

    • Mario Strada

      I think it would really complement their promotion to let you release the car and maybe even the tracks it’s going to race on. In fact, even better they could partner with an established outfit like RD and have a sim championship to market it even further. They are going to need all the help they can get.

    • Olivier Prenten

      That’s very good news!

    • GamerMuscle

      Thanks for trying !

  • ftrracingtv

    Oh this looks amazing any chance we can see some in game footage even if you don’t release it for public

  • Me

    Being fully electric, I wonder what they sound like? Fairly quiet I assume?

  • Chris Wright

    Very simply here’s golden PR potential for a brand new race series to win some friends and influence people in our community. If that happens, it will contrast with the chintzy attitude of other organizations I could, but won’t, mention, who wouldn’t know a golden online marketing opportunity if it crashed into them on the second lap…

  • Iain

    Im not trolling here. I just think these guys need to release something instead of announcing new games all the time.

    • Olivier Prenten

      Absolutely agree!

    • The Dark

      it doesnt read to me that they are announcing a new game. this looks like a commercial add-on for rf1 so that people who go to Formula E races can race it on the simulator.
      no news if it will public but they are going to find out if they can do it.
      apart from that with announcements like this they dont “need” to release anything. luckily though it looks like they do have stuff coming.

      • Iain

        Fixed the wording should have said Mod not game sorry about that.

    • MAKCorp

      Um, not sure where you have been mate but we have released plenty. CART 94/95 for Race07, Champcar 05-08 for RACE07, International Formula Series 3 for rF2, Mazda 787B for rF2, Williams FW26 for rF2, Mclaren MP4/8 and MP4/9 for rF2. All in the last 12 months. That not enough releases for you?

      • Iain

        Hi Yanden. Did I mention what you have released? No I am talking about all the mods you guys have announced but have yet to release.

      • MAKCorp

        Like what? the only one we have announced and yet to release is the F1 2008 Mod

      • e_r_n_i_e

        Oooh, you’ve said that thing with “F”.
        Now ….. RUN! πŸ˜‰

      • MAKCorp

        LOL πŸ˜€

      • Professional Operator

        You mean: “Bernie and Todt F U! F U big times!” ? πŸ™‚

      • PistonBroke

        Actually since MMG or Mak Corp first appeared this is a list (as far as my searching could find) of the mods announced over the years….

        Every season in F1 from 1950 to 2006

        F1 2006

        F1 2007 (released)

        Initial D

        F1 1991

        F1 1994

        F1 2008

        BTCC 1998

        1982 – 1990 Group C Mod

        World Racing Challenge

        Renault Megane Trophy (Beta released 2011)

        Porsche Supercup 2010

        F3 2010

        Audi A5 Cup

        Custom JTCC mod

        Classic Muscle Mod

        Classic Cars Mod (beta released)

        2003 Renault Clio Sport Challenge

        World Racing Simulation (scratch made game)

        CART 1994/1995 (Race 07 released)

        Champ Car 05-08 (Race 07 released)

        International Formula Series 3 (released)

        F1 Classics

        Touring Car Classics

      • MAKCorp

        Ok so let’s go through those since people seem to not read when announcements are made.

        F1 2006: We officially cancelled and went onto 2007 Season because CTDP was making the same season and the conflict made us decide to move onto 2007.

        Initial D: The mod was cancelled because those who came in to develop it had quit. MMG tried for a long time to bring interested parties in but for all the big mouths everyone had, no one committed anything to it.

        F1 1994: Part of the F1 Classics mod many of the 1994 cars are being done to be released there as the MP4/9 was. With only two modelers the mod was put on hold in favor of the 2007 season.

        BTCC 1998: Several cars were made which were shown, but modelers disappeared along with the models and we were left to pick up the pieces. Again, people with big mouths talking their abilities big and disappearing. BTCC cars are being done currently, one is nearing release.

        1982 – 1990 Group C Mod: Again the failure for people to read announcements and only read titles. That mod was brought into MMG by another group. MMG offered to help but when we found out they were using assets taken from other groups without permission, we cancelled our participation with that group and that mod. Instead we’ve made our own cars of which the 787B is released on rF2.

        World Racing Challenge: World Racing Challenge project was announced in 2006 as having been cancelled as a mod as it has changed to the World Racing Simulation project WHICH is NOT a mod. Our desire was to license rFactor and do it on that game but the extent of what we wanted to do was not possible and we decided to go a different and more commercial route with that.

        Renault Megane Trophy was released, maybe not updated but released nonetheless.

        Porsche Supercup 2010 was a commercial job and the mod was cancelled when the permission to release it as a mod was revoked.

        F3 2010 is the IFS3 mod that was released for rF2. Again we changed it due to conflicts arising between the commercial work and the mod.

        Audi A5 Cup: The original modeler disappeared and we don’t have the resources in the modding side to put someone to complete it just yet.

        Custom JTCC Mod: I don’t even know where that is from. We have some JTCC cars which will go in the classic cars mod.

        Classic Muscle Mod was announced as having changed to Classic Cars Mod of which has been released and more updates are coming soon.

        Renault Clio Cup was released on RACE07 as intended, we never announced it for rF or any other platform. After the issues that arose with Gunthar trying to release it under his name, it was pulled from the net.

        WRS is still in development and the ones listed below that are released in a form or another. Touring Car Classics is in game in rF2 and is a more recent announcement which has quite a number of cars being done for it from ATCC, BTCC, JTCC etc.

        The problem is people don’t read when announcements are made from the source. They catch a whiff here or there from some tosser (not meaning you or anyone specific here) who posts crap and then come out of the woodwork to blame us when something is not done.

        Even with the Formula E announcement, you won’t believe how many people around the net began calling it a mod announcement. People don’t read and that’s the problem, and most people don’t see the announcements and hear rumors and go off those. I am the source of all things MAK-Corp. If I don’t say it is one way or another, don’t believe it!

        We are working on cars and right now we’re finalizing more content to go out in the next few weeks. We have a lot out there, people need to stop complaining about the past of which they have not understood or gotten the right info on to begin with and look at what has come and what is coming. We work hard to produce a lot of things and in the last 12 months we’ve produced more releases than any other mod group, I think it is fair to say that we’re not just sitting there bullshitting everyone.

        The biggest problem back in those days is that I was younger, more trusting to people, I wanted to help and unite modders around the world into one home. I often took in mods from other groups to help get them out and they would quit and MMG would be blamed for it. Through those years I learnt to say no and focus only on our stuff.

      • PistonBroke

        regardless of reasons/excuses my comment was in direct response to yours

        “Like what? the only one we have announced and yet to release is the F1 2008 Mod”

        that list shows you have announced many mods and not released, not just F1 2008

      • MAKCorp

        So have others, do you go barraging them too?

      • PistonBroke

        if they were to deny having done so I would, but I don’t know of any others…point them out to me and I’ll “barrage” them too

      • F1Racer

        Haven’t we already had the Spanish Inquisition ?

      • PistonBroke

        helpful comment from a moderator who should know better

      • F1Racer

        Maybe you should know better than to post something like that.
        Why are you giving MAK hassle anyway ? Taking the time to list all their announced mods like they owe you something.

        Lets get one thing straight right now. I value expressing my opinions over being a moderator any day of the week.
        If I thought being a moderator meant I could not express my opinions I would quit the post straight away.
        So I will express those opinions, moderator or not.

        Being a moderator doesn’t mean I have to be totally unbiased or sitting on the sidelines. I’m not an F1 commentator.
        It just means I am a normal member who happens to have the added duty of making sure the posting rules are adhered to. If you think I have broken one of those rules then let me know or the admin.

        In future any more posts like that, calling me on my moderator status, will be removed. You have a problem with me in a moderating capacity, take it to the admin.

        If you have a problem with something I say as a member of this board then call me out on it but don’t use my moderator status as an excuse to stifle my opinions because that won’t work.

        I hope we’re clear now.

      • PistonBroke

        ok, why is posting a list of announced but unreleased mods equivalent to the spanish inquisition? and why are you concerned if I decide to take issue with something that Mak posts?
        I don’t think Mak owes me anything, in fact I never install their mods as I choose not to, I posted a reply to a comment that was very misleading with a factual list (most of which can be found announced here on VirtualR) which as far as I can tell didn’t affect you in any way, only for you to comment in an way that you would probably frown upon if a “normal” member posted it.
        Wether you like it or not, as a moderator you are expected to set the standards that others are judged by.
        and that is my opinion that I value expressing
        I hope we’re clear now too.

      • F1Racer

        Why ? Because you take the time out to search for all their announced mods and it looks like you’re trying to stick it to them after someone earlier had called them out on all their supposed unreleased mods. Why do they deserve you listing everything out like that as if it’s some forensic investigation into their entire past ? What’s that all about ?
        It may just be a list but the sentiment behind it follows the usual pattern of MAKCorp being harrassed when something is announced but not released. Patterns like that, with whoever, concern me as it looks like some kind of targetting going on.
        Why even post the list ? To what end ?

        I commented on it because I’m seeing that same pattern that we’ve seen so often so I called you out on it. If someone else had posted my comment, I would not have frowned on it. I would have probably ‘liked’ the post actually.
        What you expect of me as a moderator is totally irrelevant.
        I don’t go around judging others either. Like I said I make sure the posting rules are adhered to and I hope that I stick to those as well but if I don’t then I don’t mind being called out on it. I`ll be the first to acknowledge it if I’m in the wrong. Other than that, I will post as I see fit.
        But don’t come that ‘you’re a moderator and you should know better’ crap because it won’t wash with me.

      • PistonBroke

        so you can post as you see fit but I’m not allowed to?


      • F1Racer

        Yes you can post what you want. But you can also expect to be replied to.

        It’s that saying where you have the right to your opinion, but you also have the right to have that opinion ignored, ridiculed or questioned.

        For someone who claims they avoid MAK mods you certainly go out of your way to have your opinion on their history. Not only that but you admitted you would do the same to other mod groups if they did the same thing, yet you don’t think they owe you something.
        So then it’s just out of meanness ?

      • PistonBroke

        no nothing to do with meanness, it’s because I’ve been reading the same things from MMG/Mak Corp for years and bitten my tongue… that list was originally made many months ago when there was one of these “discussions” about mods announced but not released and to satisfy my own personal curiosity I briefly researched the subject… now we have another announcement….and in the future there will be more announcements and any flak that heads Maks way is self inflicted.
        There is no other mod group that behaves the same way as Mak Corp but if there were then yes, I’d happily call them out if they did the same things.
        I visit VirtualR regularly and have done for years, their history is readily available just by using the search box at the top of the page.

      • F1Racer

        But a couple of things I would mention.
        To say that any flak they get is self-inflicted is quite a distortion imo. I find a lot of the flak they get is because of the drama built up in the past and a few people are still riding that wave.
        They certainly haven’t deserved anything based on this article because this is a commercial add-on, not a public one, and it’s real.
        They’ve come through for their client by the looks of it.

        I would just say don’t be one of those people who get caught up in all the drama because you can’t believe all your read, especially when a lot of it is drummed up by a few guys with a grudge. Maybe concentrate on the now, cut them some slack and let them get on with it. You’ve had an explanation from MAK on every mod in that list which they didn’t need to give you.

        But please do carry on forming your own opinions.
        At least you do so without it descending into a YouTube style commentary so I have to give you that.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        I’ve got a bunch of converted tracks that are for personal use only but I guess I could make videos for you to show everybody what they can’t have…not sure why a project that currently has no plans to be released on any platform is somehow considered news…

      • F1Racer

        Well I suppose it’s news to show what known mod groups are up to and it lets those that need to know, know why a mod their expecting may not have arrived yet. πŸ™‚
        Also I’m not sure that ‘no plans’ is correct as it’s been stated that they will look into getting permission to release it to the public.
        So that’s better than nothing.

      • HammerX

        HERE HERE F1Racer!!!
        100% agree with you!

      • HammerX


    • Professional Operator

      Yes you are trolling.

  • PistonBroke

    never said you promised, never said you owed me anything, and as far as I know the people on rfactor central don’t deny that they announced mods that were never released.

    • Raymond Schram

      This Formula E car is one that I modelled and am proud off. But to respond to your sub-tread:

      Everything in a mod team relies on people spending their free time working on creating content, wheather that is model, mapping, paint, sound, ingame proces, or whatever.

      It’s very easy to make a suggestion to start a mod, but very difficult to find enough people who stick with it long enough for it to be finished. And that is not taking into account that motivation can run out or move onto other interests, on top of real life throwing things at you that causes people to drop out or be away for long periods of time.

      If the person who thought to create a mod drops away, there isn’t always someone who shares that idea and wants to continue that mod.

      I personally worked on the 1994 mod, but after working on it for sometime (finished 6 car models) we found ourselves in a shift from F1C to rFactor 1, and polycounts climbing, making our finished cars already outdated. On top of that I was very much new to modelling, and my own quality wasn’t the level I wanted it to be either. So after a while with little to no progress I called it quits to start a 2007 mod for which I had a vision of what I wanted (sounds cheesy, but only way I can describe it).

      Turns out that it was much easier to do a 2007 mod as more people are motivated for a new season then an historic one. And we took that mod to completion, which I’m still proud off.

      After that we needed to decide if we would revisit 1994 or do 2008. Since we had more people interested in 2008 and not enough to make good progress on 1994, we decided to official drop 1994 and do 2008. All 2008 cars and driver were finished (model, mapping, paint all done by end of 2009). But we then spent a long time with season upgrades, making it way to difficult for ourselves. On top of that our main painter and ingame guy quit during that proces, also delaying the proces. Eventually we also came to a period where rF2 came into the picture and commercial work occiasionally interfered, as well as our own interest pulling us in other directions.

      To finish this up, everything I said above is just one example of how a mod can derail, even with the best of intentions. There are tons of other reasons. It doesn’t mean we aren’t still trying hard to create stuff for people to enjoy in rF2 / AC.

      • PistonBroke

        Raymond, I have always considered you to be a fine modeller and actually can’t believe that you haven’t gone on to much bigger and better things, I have been involved in modding for many years and I now make a living from it. I fully understand and appreciate the trials and pitfalls of creating something, however I try and wait until I have something that can be released (even if it’s a beta) before I tell the world about it, if I announced everything I started working on and then stopped I’d have more announcements on here than Mak Corp.

      • Raymond Schram

        I am not interested in any career in 3d modelling. As far as I’m concerned it’s a hobby and needs to remain that way. The occasional commercial gig gets me a nice extra penny, but I wouldn’t even want to considder doing this day in, day out. My real life full time job is plenty fullfilling and I’ve never had a day where I go to work without excitement.
        MMG / Mak Corp is ideal for me as I get free reign on what cars I do and no deadlines (unless it’s on the occasional commercial stuff) and I get on very well with everyone there (Petros, Koen Calleyl, Juandi Sanchez, Stephen Young, etc)
        I’ll be the first to admit that in the past mods have been announced way too soon. Some by Petros, some by enthousiastic member who posted way before you realistically should. But there comes a point where you need to cut your losses and write them off so you have a clean slate to work from again. Dragging the old mods around with the people who initiated them no longer around is a drag on motivation, I can tell you that much (I tried on 1994).
        All the stuff announced in the last year is being worked on or is released as far as I can tell (though I mainly focus on open wheel stuff). Main problem is a bottleneck as we only have 1 person on physics and 1 for ingame who really know their stuff. There are more coming in, but they are still learning and not quite up to par yet.
        Anything further back with the exception of MMG 2008 is probably canned long ago. MMG 2008 I still very much want to see happen, as I created 5 cars for it. But I’m also realistic that we have other projects that have more priority right now, Formula E among them.
        Anyway, to cut myself short from rambling on. Why not simply leave the past exactly there (in the past). Those cancelled mods won’t ever happen (unless one of the guys wants to redo them properly), so perhaps it’s time to judge MMG / Mak Corp on how it is now instead of judging it on the rookie mistakes made in the past.

      • DougP

        [Quote]Main problem is a bottleneck as we only have 1 person on physics and 1
        for ingame who really know their stuff. There are more coming in, but
        they are still learning and not quite up to par yet.[Quote]
        Just to make note on this, rF2 and AC (Assetto Corsa) are new and are both unique in the way their game engine works. Physics for both are different in the way they react to real world numbers. FFB for both are different. Graphic are chalk and cheese between the two then their being updates for both formats all the time. So to say we’re still learning is a understatement in reality.

        To read all these bagging MAK-Corp is a motivation killer for sure, specially when it comes from people that admit they haven’t tried or experienced the mods we have released.

  • Anthony Birch

    [quote]While Mak Corp has confirmed that the software base for these simulators
    is indeed ISI’s trusted rFactor, a public mod release of the car has
    not yet been mentioned.[unquote]

    all the comments about announcing mods and releasing nothing. it would appear that this is NOT a mod that is planned for release anyway. for what its worth i think this style of car design (open-wheel) is heading in a direction that is turning me away from it.

  • kahel grahf

    …I guess PistonBroke position doesn’t come from nothing…on another end…
    …MAKCorp convinced me, at least, that the impression of announcing and not delivering was either misunderstandings or lack of experience (focus and trust)… Which is more than enough to forgive those little ‘mistake’…Plus He did released lot of contents…

    Still… It did not end up with PistonBroke acknowledging that, at all…
    So…… It may just be a matter of ‘EGO’… which can be bypass with experience… And without F1racer pushing it to much…

  • ftrracingtv

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