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MAK Classic Cars Mod – Mazda 787B Preview

Mak Corp has unveiled a new edition to their growing Classic Cars mod as the Mazda 787B joins the pack.

Mak Corp has unveiled a new edition  to their growing Classic Cars mod as the Mazda 787B joins the pack.

The 787B is one of the most famous Le Mans cars of all time, being the first rotary-powered as well as the first and only Japanese car to win the event in 1991, driven by Johnny Herbert, Volker Weidler & Bertrand Gachot.

Mak Corp has high-flying plans for their classic cars mod as versions for rFactor, rFactor 2, RACE07, Assetto Corsa and GTR3 are planned.

  • Anonymous

    Looking good! can’t wait to see this ingame ^^

  • Anonymous

    Oh man, Assetto Corsa with this… I’ll be in a heaven when they come out!

  • Anonymous

    most importantly, can’t wait to HEAR this in game….that will make or break it for me.

    • Lemming77

      Agreed. The sound of a rotary engine really distinguishes this car from others of its kind. It’s a unique characteristic it capitalized on after all! 🙂

  • F1Racer

    Nice model. Even screw-holes around the door are modelled in.

  • Chris Wright

    Any decent Group C mod is as welcome as the flowers in May.

  • Petros Mak

    Be sure to post what cars you’d like to see in the mod from any genre from 1950 – 1990 on our request a car thread on our forums at

    You can also see what we’re working on, whats completed and what has been requested. Bear in mind that the requested list is what the community has requested, it does not mean we will model all those cars or most of those cars. It allows us to see what is desired by the community and then our modelers select what they want to model along with their own list of cars they wish to model. Sometimes we choose some requested by the community and dedicate the specific model to the person who requested it. So be sure to take part and post if you want to see a specific model in the mod. 🙂

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