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MAK Classic Cars Mod – New Mazda 787B Previews

Mak Corp has released new previews of their Classic Cars mod as we get to check out the Mazda 787B in its iconic Le Mans colors.

Mak Corp has released new previews of their Classic Cars mod as we get to check out the Mazda 787B in its iconic Le Mans colors.

The 787B is one of the most famous Le Mans cars of all time, being the first rotary-powered as well as the first and only Japanese car to win the event in 1991, driven by Johnny Herbert, Volker Weidler & Bertrand Gachot.

Mak Corp has high-flying plans for their classic cars mod as versions for rFactor, rFactor 2, RACE07, Assetto Corsa and GTR3 are planned.

  • Guilherme Cramer

    Despite having my reservations I really want this to be a successful release, I’m excited for it.

    • Eric Zehnder

      It’s all about the rotary sound with this mod – or at least it should be. 😉

  • Roger

    Model looks very nice and detailed! Looking forward to this for rFactor 2 and AC!

  • Pablo Coronel

    I wager 400 quatloos on the newcomer… i mind to AC

  • Petros Mak

    Bear in mind guys that GTR3 and AC versions are planned but it depends on the modability of those two games. If we can mod them effectively like we can rFactor and rFactor 2 and RACE07, then we will most definitely mod those games too, but as we don’t yet know how moddable and the ease of modability we’re just saying that the desire to have the mod in those two games too is also there.

    • Ross Siggers

      I think you used the word mod too many times 😛

      • Petros Mak

        LOL Indeed 😛

  • Anonymous

    great to see a modding team thats out there and willing to share there work between diff sims. but i guess you have no intention of releasing these to rf2 b4 gold?

  • Petros Mak

    @coops17:disqus We plan on releasing the 787B as soon as it is ready. We’re hoping that will be quite soon actually with not a lot remaining to finalize it though the remaining things to do can often be the longest too hehe. Sounds is the most important thing for this mod along with physics so I want to ensure that we release a version of this mod which pays true tribute to the car, not some half assed work, and then once its out, we can see what the community thinks and adjust accordingly. 🙂

    • hoodge1

      Well Petros, you do create amazing cars and look forward to having this on rF2, but I can wait as long as it takes if you guys aren’t satisfied with the release time. Perfection is what you and your team put into your mods. I’m excited. Great news and great work.

      • Petros Mak

        Well of course we don’t want to push the release further and further but at the same token, I don’t want to release it prematurely either. Although I place the same emphasis on all cars, the 1991 Mazda 787B is an iconic car, one that sim-racers always want to drive in any game. We try to pay the same respects to every manufacturer and every car by ensuring we make them as perfect as we possibly can, we don’t want to release half assed work when it could be better. But there comes a point to that too. At some point we will say, ok we might as well release it now and keep updating in accordance to community feedback. I guess I’m just overly picky myself and want to release things which are not rushed.

    • Anonymous

      ty petros willing to wait

  • hoodge1

    Gorgous model.. And one of my favorites.. Mak Corp are a top class modding team and I’m excited to hear the possibilities of them even modding for AC. Loving rF2 and this will be a beauty in my garage..

  • devotid

    i was at this race in 1991 le mans……. this was the loudest thing i have ever heard to this day…….. can t wait to drive it…….:)

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