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Mak Classic Cars – Development Update

Mak Corp has released a development update on their Classic Cars mod for rFactor 2.

After showing us plenty of great looking Group C car previews of their Mak Classic Cars mod, the team has released an in-depth development update.

You can find the full statement from Petros Mak below as the outlines the future plans for this ambitious projects.

Greetings to all our mod followers. I thought it would be good to update you all on the happenings of this mod and the Group C cars so you have a more clear picture of where we’re at and what we have left to do. We’re pushing hard to get several cars done and released asap as things are dragging on quite a bit. I know its due to real life issues but I’ve been hounding the guys to try and get a move on it so we can complete things faster.

So first off. Lets talk about the Group C cars. The Mazda 787B is the first car that will be completely ready. Right now the car is being placed into rF1 by Steven. Why are we doing this? Well this is being done to check bugs in textures and model as well as finalize various areas and ensure the model has the quality we desire. We can also test alpha’s, bump and spec maps in rF1 to get them to a level we want before placing into rF2.

With rF2 changing with every update and the inability to see the true quality in dev mode and having to always pack everything, we have decided the more quicker route would be to place the cars in rf1, get them done, and then put them in rF2 with all the areas completed. The changes would be minor at that point as most things would be already done and this can help get them out far quicker.

The 787B is now in rF1 and we’ve only got a few things left to do (bear in mind its still in rF2 too but we’re finalizing these things in rF1 to port into rF2 easier). Those things being developed are the working gauges, LCD’s, Motec stuff. Adding the lights for the headlights and brake lights etc and last of all, finalizing physics for open beta release.

Once the LCD’s and Lights are done, the car will be given to our rF2 in-game team, Ales and Ashley to update the rF2 version with the working Motec’s. Once physics are done, they will be ported to rF2’s version and we’ll release the open beta’s. At this stage we think the rF1 open beta might be out first since the stuff will be done firstly there. But the rF2 version won’t be long after.

While this may seem like it will take longer, in actuality, having already started this process, we’ve seen that its taking much less time and its more beneficial for retaining the overall quality of the mod then we first expected.

After the Mazda 787B we’ll be adding other cars while we wait for the Sauber and Porsche to be finished painted. The Sauber and Porsche have been progressing very well with both Doug (painting the Sauber) and Juandi (painting the Porsche) have been working hard to develop a fantastic texture for the two of them. We aim to put those in the very moment they are done and prioritize them for release so we can fill up the Group C cars part of the mod.

We’ll then continue following this process with all our other cars as they are updated (model wise) to fix various bug fixes we have found on them. As each car gets done, we’ll release on a car by car basis so you can get additional content without having to wait a long time for a pack to be completed.

With the open beta’s our hope is that the community will become involved to play, test and provide feedback with their thoughts on each individual car. We are working hard to try and release the first set of cars in June, that is my aim and what I’m pushing the team on at the moment, hopefully real life won’t get in our way and we’ll be able to achieve this.

We may have a sketchy past in the modding, but our aim is to become more united with the community and show that we’ve learned from our mistakes and are looking to develop great content for you all to enjoy. I’ll be providing info on the development of the 787B beta over the coming days and weeks as it progresses. Stay tuned!

Mak Corp has high-flying plans for their classic cars mod as versions for rFactor, rFactor 2, RACE07, Assetto Corsa and GTR3 are planned.

  • mmf1

    So is this a payware or a free mod?

    • Danfilm007


    • Petros Mak

      This is a free mod.

  • Anonymous

    “High flying plans, huh?”. OK…a pie in the sky then? Ha, ha. I just couldn’t resist.
    Seriously though, I hope that all goes well for Mak Corp and that he keeps his feet on the ground and his head out of the clouds, because cars don’t fly! (that is unless you are Mercedes at LeMans!)
    Best of luck.

  • Mick

    So in other words basically nothing has been done other than a few dodgy renders, and we have more hot air and promises. Nothing new. Amazes me this site allows itself to be exploited by these clowns. This mod will never be released just like nothing has since 2007.

    • ADUBZ

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • Petros Mak

      We’re clowns? Wow, thanks for the compliment. Clowns are funny and loved by millions of people. Nice to know we fit in that category! Thanks for the support! 😀 *HONK HONK*

      • F1Racer

        Petros I don’t even know why you give this guy the time of day.

    • F1Racer

      I’m amazed we allow the SAME people with different usernames to whinge and moan time and time again when a MAK topic is posted. You really need to move on with your life. Enjoy your holiday.

  • Jimmy Janga

    2 of the 3 cars (787B and the modern day VW beetle) are in my top 10 most wanted for rfactor2, yes please!!! can hardly wait

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