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Luccaring Street Circuit 0.5a for AC – Released

ir Sindaco has released a new version of his Luccaring street circuit for Assetto Corsa.

ir Sindaco has released a new version of his Luccaring street circuit for Assetto Corsa.

The fictional track is located in his hometown of Lucca, featuring a roughly five kilometers long layout.

The Italian city of Lucca is located in Tuscany, the city’s history goes back all the way to being a Roman colony in 180 BC.


Version 0.5a
• Fine-tuned T2 chicane entry & exit (moved and removed some barriers)
• Slightly moved away inside tyres on T9 (AI and some humans were hitting them too often)
• Fixed Hotlap mode teleporting in space
• Fixed (AIs were teleporting to pitbox)
• (possibly) Improved
• Fine tuned most shader (first pass) for slightly brighter / contrasty look
• Fine tuned grooves placement and tuned grooves.ini + added a couple more grooves
• Many fixes to collision meshes
• Fixed many assets and building meshes with small UV errors, discovered thanks to the new cameras
• Started fixing textures not in the power of 2; still 20 textures to fix
• Added 2 new villas + 1 big buildings block to S/F area
• Added bus stop posts / phone posts all over the track (bus stops need refinement / more detail)
• Fixed some UV misalignments and improved a couple of tree textures
• Updated logo + added tarmac logo on SF line and partial sectors
• Added a couple of marshals
• Replaced 6 trees with better textures
• Added size / rotation randomness to trees in the tree nursery area
• Fixed Esselunga bump (was too hard after 1.02 AC update)
• Slighty improved lodding and textures size; optimized grass for better performance
• Lower filesize (almost 200mb saved from texture optimization + poly optimization) and hopefully faster load times / performance

[boxdownload]Download Luccaring for Assetto Corsa 0.5a Here[/boxdownload]
  • Mario Strada

    I love what you have done with this track. I am usually not a fan of “Fantasy” tracks. I like the real thing because deep inside I simrace to make believe I am really chasing Phil Hill or Clay Regazzoni on the real track in the actual race. I know….

    But this one is an impressive tour the force made by an artist that clearly loves the town and the culture. So, why not a racetrack outside the city walls (that’s what it is, isn’t it?).

    I haven’t been to lucca in 30 years, but I remember it well and even on my first lap of the first release I could tell this was a labor of love.

  • Blatant Abuse

    IT HAS BUMPS! You win!

  • Sim Antics

    this track is stunning!

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