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Lotus 98T – Three-Way Comparison Video

FTRRacingTv has released an interesting new video comparison, showing the Lotus 98T Formula One car in three different titles.

FTRRacingTv has released an interesting new video comparison, showing the Lotus 98T Formula One car in three different titles.

The legendary Turbo-powered F1 car was added to Assetto Corsa yesterday, making Kunos’ title the latest racing game to feature Ayrton Senna’s legendary car.

The video below shows a lap around Monza in the 98T in Project CARS, F1 2013 and Assetto Corsa – Which title does the famous car justice the most? You decide!

  • Roberto Ramponi
    • Sonny Kanchinatham


      • Hugo Stiglitz


      • Sonny Kanchinatham


    • myvracelog

      my eyes prefer the f1 version. i watched on sharp 60 inch Aquos. All good but surprises me that my eyes kept going back to the F1 box. (own all 3 games)

    • RKipker

      Sounds of the Turbo in GT are just incredible…. incredibly horrible!

    • Jaimy Mewe

      You are joking right?

    • Roger Wallentin

      GT6 version:
      1. Sounds better than any of the others in my ears!
      2. Visuals is also one of if not the best as well

      3. Physics, not sure I havent driven it yet in GT6. I would expect AC to have the most high fidelity physics and handling based on other similar cars I’ve driven (havent tried 98T yet in AC). In general GT physics are quite good although not as high fidelity as some of the PC sims

      • Jaimy Mewe

        I suggest a visit to the doctor to get your eyes & ears checked out…

      • Roger Wallentin

        Have you actually driven this or any cars properly in GT6?

        I drive all four of these sims/games a lot and visually GT6 is a top performer dispite being on ancient hardware.

        Sounds in GT5/6 are horrible on most cars but with this they have really stepped it up!

      • Hugo Stiglitz

        Completely agreed once again mate.

        PC sim racers are just unwilling to admit that a console game could be on par with their PC sims. Especially because it’s 100 times more popular than their sims

      • Jaimy Mewe

        rhm, i played GT for a very long time. I know exactly how it handles and for a console with a gamepad it`s ok. But not even in the same league as the big sims on the PC. And yes i`ve also played GT & Forza with a wheel, and although enjoyable, they are definantly not “on par” with sims like RF2, AC & iRacing

        The sound is a personal taste, but i like my sounds to resemble something at least close to the real thing, and not like the exhaust of that car is recorded with a 5 dollar Toy`s R us microphone played trough a Beats headset.

        And what is your point about popularity about? That`s really something that counts for console guys i guess, as for me it`s about enjoying every racing sim and game when possible, why should i really care if a console game is more popular if i don`t even play it and can drive the other games of my choice whenever i want to? Should it affect me in any way? Bit silly if you ask me…

      • Jaimy Mewe

        Yes i`ve driven it, and no i don`t think it`s very good.

        I agree that GT in general has a very beautiful natural look to it, but when it comes to textures, lighting, shadows, etc the ps3 is really falling behind and that`s whats holding GT back.

        We`ll see what they can do with a new version on the PS4, they will have to come up with something new as imo the whole GT car collecting idea is getting old aswell..but that`s that my opinion.

      • Hugo Stiglitz

        I suggest you stop being a fanboy and actual drive the thing before judging it.

        And you can’t deny the sounds, the GT6 97t sounds far better than the other 3 games 98t

      • Hugo Stiglitz

        It drives amazingly in GT6. Better than F1, or pCars.

        But GT6 has the 97t, not the 98

  • Arkadiusz Wawrzyniak

    Pro comparison… He is driving it in AC at 60% turbo boost…. change it for 100% !!!

    • Al P.

      It’s a death trap in 100%. 🙂 but I love it! Especially with the default gear ratio.

  • Kabonfaiba

    AC’s Lotus 98T does sound a bit low-fi next to pCars – good thing Kunos is working on FMOD I suppose. Graphically they all look okay but feel rather bland imo, being at mid-day with no clouds. F1 2013 has that yellow colour filter which helps a bit but I’d like to see some more atmosphere in general, like pCars did with Brands Hatch – that looked incredible.

    • Roy Rki

      Really? I find AC sound much better than Pcars

      • Kabonfaiba

        I’m listening on studio monitors though, I found pCars sound more enveloping and spatial, whereas most of AC sounds center panned.

      • Roy Rki

        Pcars sounds very clean and modern, I prefer more rough sound of AC. Especially the downshifts are like with a sequential shifter.

      • Roger Wallentin

        The sound of the real car is amazing, love it! Especially the shifts, both up and down sound raw and aggressive! Gives me goosebumps!

        Hope AC will nail the sound with the FMOD update for this car!

  • EZehnder

    I expected to be floored by this car but I just wasn’t. There was some really odd behavior. The wheel was crazy heavy and jerky and reducing FFB quite a bit didn’t seem to change that much. The car has absolutely insane understeer at low to mid speed corners and turn-in better than a modern F1 car at high speed.

    • F1Racer

      I found hight speed corners in the Lotus98T to be very strange.
      This is most prominent on Monza66. I have steering sensitivity set to 0.0 because anything above that and you need armfuls of steering just to turn the front wheels.
      So on the lap into turn 1 if I turn my wheel more than 1cm it oversteers.
      Doing a lap of Monza66 is a case of barely turning the wheel at all until you reach the Lesmo’s where you can turn it more because you’re in a braking zone. But again at Ascari its a case of barely turning the steering to flick the car in.
      It’s all a bit strange.

      • Chris Wright

        Have a listen to what James Hunt says in the Johnny Dumfries video on this thread.

    • Chris Wright

      Just shows how different opinions can be. I think it’s one of the very best sim cars I’ve ever driven. Evokes the glorious insanity of the turbo era. Great job KS.

      • EZehnder

        Insanity? yes. Realistic insanity? I’m not sure. The low/mid understeer is absolutely horrendous and given the onboards I’ve seen that doesn’t seem realistic.

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    Sound 1. pCars 2. F1 3. AC Graphics 1. pCars 2. F1 3. AC Physics 1. AC 2. pCars 3. F1

    Winner: AC

    Physics > graphics > sound

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